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  1.  sickk


    This game is so cool man blood,gore,everything. If yu buy this make sure yu get a gun (recomended sega official house of dead gun) but yu have minigames and everything :d house of dead on the dreamcast was amazing and so iz this get it and yu will neva regret it trust me!!! :D

  2.  reallyyy goooood game


    First bad points the story- not that great thats why 4 stars - but the graphics make up for it plus the game play aint that bad either so if your like me who doesnt really like off road games this is the one for you a great sequel (even-though its not connected) and u get monster trucks for some road-wreckin'-racin'-derby add me jilaniz786 :d

  3.  coooooooooooooooool


    This is the game. If your lookin' for a game a recamend this one still it is the best yet while callof duty are makin' another one -call of duty 6 modern warfare 2 the guns are good the mp40 or the type 100 are the best anyway its a good game good gameplay good story good everything (btw if you buy this game or any add me jilaniz786 :d

  4.  alright


    Its alright but races get a bit boring and play cod5 (btw good game) as the 2 player mode has been taken out :( as thats why i hav givin it 4 stars insted of 5 apar from that its a good game gameplay is good but the story line is a bit iffy and u dont feel that same feeling unlike in prostreet u can tell that you are going fast or not i advise u to get it

  5.  blew my socks off :D


    Basically i dont know what people are moaning for? This is an amazing game, at first given i did not like it much. Actually took it back and swapped for assassins creed (amazing game btw) but i got it again of a friend and gave the game a chance, i got into it and it is wicked. The driving is realistic, which can be infuriating when your used to your car running at top speed, turning when u tell it to turn without skidding. But what crashes, i crash mine for fun:d. N at 15 quid a pop u cant go wrong. Trust me invest in the game, u can always get a refund if u dont like it :)
    Add my ps3 nick jilaniz786, i usually play cod 4 :d bring it on solider

  6.  brill


    excellant since i brout it of my mate for 50 pence he said it kept an freezing but its incredible 100per cent

  7.  brill jus brill


    i hav always ben a mario lover except for that super paper mario and the same with sonic wen i saw the advertisement i so wanted it and i was neverr let down its quite chalenging and givs utime to unlock events like archery canoeing ect i advise u to buy ths game

  8.  baaaaaad


    bad i played it for a little while i fougt it would get better i was wrrong you only have limited time the next day i got so bored i advise you to not buy this game