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  1.  It's no season four, but the ending sets it up for greatness


    It's fair to say that in comparison to Dexter's peak in seasons three and four, this tends to fall short when it comes to that feeling of not being able to wait another week to find out what happens. Season five was an all around good season that had to deal with a main character's death, and this season sort of stays in that safe zone, albeit with some pretty good kill and gore scenes.

    The storyline of the Doomsday Killer wasn't bad, but knowing who the killers were from the get-go and having them prove anonymous and elusive to Dexter for most of the season just wasn't the same level of suspense and excitement as the last two seasons where Dexter was directly involved with Trinity and Lumen.

    The single worst thing about this season is the bizarre storyline of Deb developing feelings for (her brother) Dexter; even if he is adopted it doesn't make it any less off putting. The single best thing about this season is the finale - it's fairly obvious where most Dexter finales are going to wind up, but just like in season four there's an extra special twist right at the end of the last episode that will have to be dealt with for a large portion of the next season. This sole twist is going to change the premise of Dexter and set up the endgame for the last two seasons.

    Like I said, this isn't the best season of Dexter and has some lagging episodes that almost feel like filler just to get us to the all important end point, but this is still miles ahead of most other dramas on TV today. Here's to an unbelievable season seven!

  2.  A Smart Thriller


    This movie is the most scientifically accurate depiction of its kind. The methods used to show the virus spreads, how it's studied and tested on, and the reaction of both governments and people in the form of panic, hysteria, conspiracies and attempts at civilization control are absolutely perfect. The story isn't designed to be a Hollywood blockbuster with Matt Damon running around saving the world - it's about how far we are in terms of dealing with an outbreak of a viral pathogen like the one in this movie. How it represents the protein modeling and cell culture experiments is brilliantly realistic and Kate Winslet is especially convincing as the EIS officer. A great watch for anyone interested in a smart thriller based on realism.

  3. Michael


    Michael Jackson - CD

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     Almost as good as the MJ albums from the 80's and 90's


    I got to hear an advanced promo copy of this album today and I was shocked at how well this came together. All tracks sound like Michael to me and there are so many killer songs on this CD!

    Breaking News is different to the promo version, it's definitely Michael with the clearer vocals, even if the song itself is one of the weaker tracks.

    Hold My Hand is the first single, a great ballad with a funky rhythm and true Michael message.

    Hollywood Tonight is the song of the album. It's catchy, fast paced and a classic MJ style hit. Expect plenty of MJ beat-boxing and plenty of rock.

    Keep Your Head Up is a power ballad that tells a simple story in Michael's crispy clear voice with a great chorus choir hook.

    The Way You Love Me starts off with Michael talking on a cell phone about how the song should sound which then fades into the actual song, which is a weaker ballad than the other two three on this album but still a great tune.

    Monster is the biggest surprise of the album. With so many versions leaked it was hard to know what to expect. Well, we got a hardcore rock beat, which superb lyrics that fit Michael perfectly. Fiddy's rap is a bit pointless, but it bulks out the song.

    Best Of Joy is a great ballad that sounds very like a track from the Invincible album. It's slow but with a beat which keeps it upbeat.

    Another Day is a great rock tune but the sole problem is it's the one track that seems to lack the MJ factor, and sounds more like the featured artist Lenny Kravitz's style.

    Behind The Mask is an amazing song with live elements from the Dangerous Tour which really give depth to the song as Michael's vocals reign out. The tune is catchy and this rivals Hollywood Tonight for best track.

    Much Too Soon is the best ballad from Michael Jackson since You Are Not Alone. It proves less is more as a stripped down vocal performance from Michael angelically tells the story a lost love.

    All in all, beyond all the drama that's surrounded Michael Jackson and this album in particular, it's a great piece of art with songs that will appeal to both the hardcore fans and the masses who like genuinely good music.

  4.  Smooth Criminal O.o


    When it comes right down to it, Moonwalker has an unfollowable plot which borders on ridiculous and quite fake at times. Something very odd happens about an hour into the movie: Smooth Criminal. It lasts for less than 10 minutes, but makes this a 5-star DVD that is simply incredible to watch and re-watch to see all the tiny masterpieces that goes into the dancing and stunts for this one scene. If you love Michael Jackson's "Off The Wall" imagination, then the film will appeal to you. If you love Michael Jackson's genius, you'll buy this to learn every move from the coin-toss to the rushed exit of the 30's club.

  5.  One of the Original Cartoon Greats


    These cartoons are as awesome as they were back in 1992! They have been restored perfectly, as to enhance viewing without taking away from the original work!

    For any X-Men fan, a must buy!

  6.  Keeps Gettin' Better!


    It's true! Family Guy is one of those shows which peaked around season 3-4 for most fans, and then did the unthinkable: managed to stay at that peak level from then on!

    A-Class comedy - stories, gags, everything is in this season of Family Guy!

  7.  Brilliant as Always!


    It picks up right where Season Seven left off; Sara's perdiciment! It becomes the first season to actually make a difference in terms of casting and brings some top class episodes along the way! The only fault with it - because of the writers strike Season 8 only has 17 episodes and releasing it in two parts does seem a little "greedy!" Still worth it!

  8.  Disney's Greatest Acheivement!


    By far the best of the Disney masterpieces and the DVD brings the original glory as well as some great extras - even a new song which can be viewed as part of the movie scenelessley! Amazing Film!