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  1.  Scepticle at first, Brainwashed afterwards


    after having the misfortune of only playing a small amount round a friends house soon after it came out i stayed away from it, i came back months later and tryed again and it was worth coming back to. This will not be the best game ever however it is a very fun game. Good level of difficulty and lots of features throughout. Fun with combat from all points of the triangle and a very engaging story that has a nice amount of interesting side quests (beware chesty) definetly worth a try especially for the price.

  2.  Reviews count for nothing in these sorts of games


    with a game like fable reviews are mostly pointless, all i can say is that i found it very enjoyable to play everything i wanted that made a fable game was in it, graphics and cool combat with sword, magic and guns. the story (shorter this time round) good sidequests and of course chesty is back wont leave me alone again. but dont let that be your expectation to buy the game, only use reviews as a suggestion as this game is much like marmite in that you either love it or hate it......enough of my rambling and either buy it or keep scrolling through games.

  3.  back with avengance


    bioshock a amazing game was a unique shooter with a deep well thought out plot with many plot twists amazing graphics and characters that you'd love despite half of them trying to kill you (eventually) now the second one brings us that and so much more, this time you take a step into the icon of terror in the first game ,the big daddy only not just any big daddy but one of the first and strongest big daddies ,not that this makes the game any easier as we soon find out , you journey across rapture (i wont spoil too much) leaves you with many memorable encounters, amazing gameplay and the old 1960 graphic style that we have loved from 2k, ill say you definetly have to get this game or you'll kick yourself when you realise how awesome it is later, ive finished the storyline and having a ball with mulitiplayer which shows the fall of rapture , for all you lore lovers thats an added bonus and they've managed to keep the same feel of rapture even in mulitiplayer so rest assured you will love this game

  4.  brilliant, just ,brilliant


    i had just bought a wii and wasnt very into shooting games ,but when i decided to buy this game it all changed. It has brilliant graphics lovely gameplay even if the controls takes some getting used to and puzzles that can leave you thinking for hours. worth the struggle to get used to and the effort for solutions to the puzzles a must have for any gamer who likes being challenged