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  1.  Quite Silly but Enjoyable..


    Very much like a tv movie and was a little bit silly but i found it enjoyable, unbelievably i think Eric Bana was carried through this movie by essentially unknown actors who i think took this movie a bit more seriously.

  2.  Its OK..


    Just another spin on the matrix type of scifi genre, i did enjoy it but DiCaprio seemed to bug me a little as in his last say 3-5 movies he seems to play the same type of character which is dissapointing. Also i was told it was hard to follow and understand, i got it 1st time so if you didnt understand the matrix then dont bother watching this.

  3.  WoW!!


    Amazing movie, very original and under-rated.. from begining to end i was glued to the screen to see what would happen next.. i really hope there will be a sequel! Bring on District 10..

  4.  Best family game ive seen!


    Excellent party/family game that can be played by anyone, the game counter balances the score so even if you haven't seen some of the movies and you get wrong answers alot it will award you points for getting the most wrong answer and you could even win even if you think you are loosing! very entertaining. I have given it four stars only because some of the puzzles and questions do repeat if you play for a few hours.

  5.  Not too bad!


    Its not as bad as most people make out, the gameplay is fast and entertaining when playing with friends at home and its easy game score. The game is lacking live functions and graphics/animation could be better but it is what it is.. saying that i think its the best monopoly game on any platform ive ever played and it has a quite fun alternative monopoly game ive never seen before which is quite fun but i dont think it warrants a full price tag, if you can get it under a tenner then i think its money well spent.

  6.  By far the best rock band game to date.


    This game is excellent for beginners, its by far the easiest band/hero game to play along with on the easy setting and if you speed it up (harder settings, etc) it is very challenging also! out of all the band games this gets the best marks from my point of view and i was never really a beatles fan, some of the music on here is very psychedelic, dont be put off by the monotonous yellow submarine as the first song, it will suprise you!

  7.  Excellent!!


    Got mine a few weeks ago.. being a rock band/guitar hero newbie after buying this bundle i have never looked back! spent many hours playing this so much so i bought nearly all the games but none as much fun as the beatles game.. you will be suprised as to how many songs you never knew they did! i love the psychadelic ones the most. As for the premium band kit.. its suprisingly excellent quality, the bass guitar is awesome!