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  1.  Epic, adrenaline fuelled conclusion to a fantastic series!


    Giving players intense, adrenaline packed action from the start in bucket loads! GoW 3 is a worthly finale to one of the best gaming trilogies on the 360. The games been seriously fine tuned, firefights & movement feels fluid & practically perfect, the graphics look fantastic, some decent weapon additions (my personal fav being the Retro Lancer Bayonet Charge! Hugely Satisfying!). The game really shines in multi-player which again has had various tweaks here and there, in paticular Horde 2.0 & Beast mode will offer countless hours of online gameplay!

    However, saying that...the campaign felt weak compared to Gears 2, the Silverback Mech (a highly rated feature) is under-used, the storyline was weak (again compared to Gears 2) & you can see key plot lines miles off. The campaign was none-the-less enjoyable, just felt over-shadowed by the previous installment. I agree with other reviews that GoW3 doesn't really add anything amazingly new to the mix, its more or less what we've seen before, albiet polished & tweaked to near perfection.

    All in all, Gears 3 feels like a extremely polished & tweaked Gears 1 & 2, but it does what the series excells at; satisfying bloodlust & dishing out adrenaline packed action, making the best in the series!

  2.  A Masterpeice...


    Taking a gamble on this when browsing through the pre-owned games section was one of the best decisions I've made, it went from a game I'd never heard of to my absolute favourite game (& trilogy of all time), I've played it through several times & just booted it up again ready for ME3. The thing that makes ME great beyond fantastic visuals, soundtrack, deep engrossing storyline, great RPG elements, a brilliant character interaction mechanic & fantastic voice acting (I never found any the diologue tedious, I actually wanted to listen to it) is that your completely immersed in the Mass Effect world, you want to learn & begin to care about your & the other character & genuinely feel your decisions carry weight. ME isn't without faults though...the combat feels clunky a fair bit of the time, texture mapping is blatent (installing to hard-drive on the 360 helps) & the elevators can be an annoyance at times, but nothing stopped me enjoying this masterpeice, buy it & you'll see why...

  3.  Brilliant action packed sci-fi!


    Ignore snotty reviews from so-called professional critics whose "sophisticated cinematic pallet" Battle LA does not satisfy, if you want dialogue watch The Kings Speech, if you want in-depth character development watch Band of Brothers! BLA does exactly what it says on the case in fantastic action-packed fashion.

    Set on the backdrop of global invasion for Earth's water supply (as fuel) we follow a squad of US Marines headed by ageing combat vet Aaron Eckhart as they struggle to fight through "The City of Angles". Plenty of gritty battle sequences with superb effects, its more like a war film with Aliens rather than a alien film with marines, creating a somewhat believable scenario. Also, it was refreshing to see that the invaders weren't force-field protected, ray-gun toating, impossible to kill Martians for once (thats not a cliche is it critics???) but use explosives, firearms & aircraft much like our own military (albiet much more technologically advanced), again making the film more feel realistic (to an extent!). You'll also see borrowing from sci-fi greats such as Aliens, Independance Day & Ridley Scott's Black Hawk Down, but this feels more like homage than plagarism. Also, the camaraderie between the Marine feels very real, with a great performance from Eckhart & Will Rothhaar as Cpl Imlay (suprisingly Michele Rodrigez plays a character I don't completely dislike for once).

    Yes, the film uses text book war film cliches at times & some of the characters are left a bit untouched (in particular Doc Adukuwu & the female civilian) but I didn't notice this too much & throughly enjoyed the film.

    In all honesty, you'll have already decided wether you like this film & want to watch before reading, if you don't - your loss. If you do - Battle LA it won't disappoint!

  4.  Never was so much...BUGGERED up by so many!


    Great satirical comedy based on an alternate outcome to the Battle of Britain...NAZIS INVADING ENGLAND! With puppets! Think Team America in good ol' WW2. Not as many "laugh out load" moments as TA, but more chuckle to yourself moments as the humour is is much more subtle (although there were a few which had me in stiches, i.e. Churchill's famous "so much owed to so few" speech with alterations!) and the film pokes fun at some blockbuster films & typical Hollywood movie making. The puppets themselves look much strikingly like their real-life counter parts, the Goering, Himmler & Goebbels trio made me chuckle every time as did the Monty & Churchill versions. The battle scenes are also done very well as is most of the animation (assuming it hasn't been taken too seriously that is). Left one star out however as it does start to trail off at the end, only to be wrapped up almost instantly, feeling like the producers ran out of ideas & just wanted to have a finished film. Overall though, a good laugh!

  5.  Epic film!


    Probably the best War film to come from Korea since "Brotherhood" (and better without the slightly far-fetched brother sub-plot), "71 Into the Fire" tells heoric true story that deserved to be told.

    The film tells the actions of 71 student soldiers tasked with defending a key strategic objective at Pohang (a fall into enemy hands would have exposed the rear of the main UN & South Korean forces at Nakdong) whilst the South Korean 3rd Battalion joins the desperate fight at the Nakdong River. Merely teenagers, the majority of whom have never fired a weapon before find themselves opposing the advance of the crack North Korean 766 Commando Brigade, holding off an advance for a full 11 hours which allowed the combined UN & SK forces to carry out a successful counter-attack.

    The film boasts spectacular action sequences to rival Pvt Ryan, is acted brilliantly by the entire cast and also manages to portray a moving (and very believable) look at the horror that young boys & men are sent to at war (without the cliched approach that Brotherhood takes). The only thing that would have improved the film even more for me would have been a little more running time (say 20mins or so) as it does seem to end rather abruptly.

    Personally, I much prefer watching foriegn films in their original language with English subs but the dvd does is dubbed if you have to have that, theres also a bonus disc with a load of extras. So if you like war films or like me have a interest in Military History, "71 Into the Fire" will definately not dissappoint!

  6.  Excellent! Touching & Horrifying


    I think the reviewer below has completely missed the point of the film, hence the one star. This is a terrific film if you appriciate what it is about, i.e. the collapse of modern civillization in a not so unbelievable scenario. It tells the story of a farther & son travelling across post-apocolyptic America as the starved, resource stripped planet slowly dies. On the way they face remenants of the human race - degenerate vicious cannabils, fellow nomads like themselves and daily struggle against the bleak landscape & harsh conditions, but its also about the bond between farther & son, decency in the face of adversity, the will to survive & hope. could you shoot your own flesh & blood to "spare" them an supposedly "hopeless" existence? Trying to explain a world that no longer exists? Or give them a shot at life despite the circumstances? Definately a thought provoking film...

    I have left one star of as despite its brilliance it isn't really light viewing and definately isn't "fast paced action" as some have been mislead to belive. But still a must see, and would highly recommend Cormac McCarthy's novel the film is based on

  7.  Brilliant!


    One of the best long-running TV programmes to date, never fails to keep you gripped & the chemistry between William Gaminara, Tom Ward & Emilia Fox is brilliant and an example of some fantastic acting, personally much prefer the more recent series to the older ones with Amada Burton!

  8.  Playing Dead Space 2? Everyone will hear you scream


    As a huge fan of the original (waited egarly for months before release & loved it - the Regenerator stills sends chills down my spine!), I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy of DS2! Really lives up to the first's reputation and actually improves on it with more fluid controls, better weapons (and some alterations to alt fire modes have improved combat), great RIGs, necromorph & level design and amazing graphics make this an incredible sequel. Also Issac now has a voice, I know in the first it was a deliberate decision to make him faceless to "put the player in his shoes" which it did but by allowing Issac a voice this time round adds even more to the storyline and gameplay, the story development is great aswell as Issac, despite feeling more powerful (he's got nothing to lose now??) the game emphasises how events on the Ishimura completed ruined him, and the guilt from encouraging his girlfriend to work on the ship through various interactive and non-interactive cutscenes. As I've played the first I don't think I got as many scares or "dreaded moments" from DS2 (possibly because its not as much of a breath of fresh air into the horror-survival franchise as DS1) but that again doesn't detract from the game at all and it has its fair share of disturbing moments and shocking moments (visions of Nicole and a particularly cringeworthy part towards the end involving eyes!). Multiplayer also makes an apperance for the first time which is pretty good and fun to play, unlike some that have a MP focus the developers at Visceral focused on the SP which makes their game great and designed a MP which fits into the "feel" of the franchise - could use some further development but still its a great addition to an incredible game, looking forward to the DLC (DS: Severed) thats also due to be released and hopefully, a Dead Space 3 in the not so distant future!

  9.  Mass Enjoyment Effect!


    I bought the first on a whim browsing through Blockbusters and thought it was a masterpiece so had no problem paying full price for the second outing! It is outstanding! The best game I own on Xbox and Ive got some great titles, engrosing story effected by your choices, brilliant characters, lush environments, everything the first had but with the creases ironed out. Much better action/squad command system that makes it flow so much more smoothly, no more elevators!

  10.  Will destroy your social life!


    If your a Fallout 3 fan then this will definately impress, great storyline, more choice, new weapons, apparell, items etc...improved companion controll system and the ADS Iron sights makes real time combat much for smooth and fluid. Only small gripe is that there is the occassional bug/crash/glitch that can spoil the gameplay (much like Fallout 3), haven't experience too many myself (would strongly advise using the Xbox Install to Hard Drive feature if you already haven't) but hopefully there will soon be a series of updates and patches to sort out those problems. If you can overlook that then you are in for a real treat with this.