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  1.  It simply doesn't get any better than this.


    It's not like The Office needs introduction. It's simply the best comedy show that has ever been aired. Painfully funny, Hilariously painful. Seven hours worth of laughter and when you've seen the last episode there's just one thing left to do: Start all over again. I've owned this box for roughly a year and have seen each episode at least ten times. It never tires. Undoubtedly the best value for money you could possibly find.

  2.  Must Buy


    This is an incredibly beautiful album. Great songs, great lyrics, and - most importantly - that quality very few albums have: You can listen to it over and over and over again.
    Did you enjoy Midlake? This is even better. Much better.

  3.  This is Brilliant


    Visual poet Shane Meadows has done it again. Two years after the incredibly powerful "Dead Man's Shoes" Meadows's autobiographic "This is England" is his 5th full length feature and probably his best to date. Twelve-year-old Shaun (Thomas Turgoose ) is bullied at school and, against all odds, finds some peace with a group of original skinheads. All seems well until Combo (Stephen Graham) returns to the scene after three years in the slammer. He soon manages to twist the skins around his little finger and introduces them to the ideals we nowadays recognize as typical for skins. Shaun's world is rocked again and he soon finds he will have to make a very hard choice. Gripping, compelling, moving, violent yet utterly beautiful.
    A must-see if ever there was one!

  4.  Must see


    This film is a must see. Especially for people who have a strong stomach, who like realism in their movies, who don't need to be impressed with outlandish special effects but prefer a solid plot.

    A couple in love head out to an idyllic 'Eden'-like lake, and when they run into a group of teens, things quickly start getting out of hand. A layered, well shot, incredibly realistic and most of all deeply disturbing film.

    Brace yourselves. You're in for quite a ride.

  5.  Probably the worst movie ever


    A friend of mine gave this film to me and said he thought it was the worst movie ever. Boy, was he right. A ludicrous script which is surpassed only by the lack of depth in the story and the almost offensively bad acting. Not worth a penny.