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  1.  Stephen Lynch is a musical comedy genius


    Search for him on youtube, his songs are riskay but funny. Dont buy it if easily offended tho.

  2.  CLASSIC!!!!!


    Everyone knows the GTA franchise, this is where it started, it was amazing then, and its a good game to get for a fiver.

  3.  Waited a year and....


    I have been following Lost since day one, when i saw there was guna be a game i thought, great. Its no where near as good as i was hoping. Don't get me wrong, it has amazing graphics and the voices are quite close to the real ones. BUT. It only has 7 episodes (levels), it says its a free roam game, but not really go anywhere u want game like GTA. I completed the game in 5 hours, getting 26/30 acheivements. Also it doesnt really follow the plot of Lost at all, cuz you're not part of any of the action or main events of the storyline. Overall It's a good game, but wait until its cheaper.

  4.  Well Worth It!!!!


    This is one of the best sitcoms that has come from Britain. It doesn't really matter if you havent seen the first two series because you can get in to it easily. It has course language so if offended easily, don't buy it or you're fingers in your ears. This truly is a great sitcom. Join the Shameless crew now!!!!!

  5.  Confusing but Good


    Saw IV is a good installment of the franchise but to be honest, it isn't the best. It doesn't have as many Death traps as the the previous films and has quite a confusing story line when it gets to the end. As we all know this isn't the last one. They are yet to release the 5th and 6th installments of the franchise. Don't get me wrong it is a very clever film as it answers most questions in each film.

  6.  Great Film


    This is film is one of the best comedy films of 2007. It has lots and lots of comedy. Plus scenes for the guys ;). This isn't an entire chick flick (as i'm a guy). Cuz it isn't at all soppy. You must buy this.

  7.  The Best British Film!!!!


    I Saw this film in the cinema, afterwards, i couldn't wait until it came out on DVD. This is one of the best british films ever. It has all the requirements to a great film; Comedy, Action, Gore, Thrill, Detection and an all star cast. This DVD is a must have for everyone!!!! Buy It!!!! If people give it a bad review then they have no taste!