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  1.  Brilliant price for what you get


    These headphones look like a slightly more flimsy version of the usual Skull-candy range, so i was a little apprehensive that they may break. However about 6 months later they are still going strong and have lasted a lot longer than many sets of headphones I have. The over head ones are comfy and sound good and the in ear ones are great for when you are on the move. Cant recomend these enough.

  2.  Addictive...


    This is the first Fire Emblem game I have played. It plays somewhat like a board game but on a console. This works for me a I am a fan of strategy and roleplay board games. I played the game addictively and enjoyed it immensely. I can see why fans of highly intense, quick moving action games would find it a little boring, but I loved it.

  3.  Totally utterly brilliant


    I bought this album after I got into Dookie in 1999 and since then its pretty much held its status as one of my favourite albums of all time. In my opinion this is Green Days best ever album. Anyone who is just getting into them because of American Idiot or 21st Century Breakdown give this album a go for edgier more punky guitar and honest biographical lyrics that blow you away.
    Babs Uvula Who? is one of my all time favourite songs, but there isnt a bad track you want to skip on the whole CD and it never gets old... at least not in the ten years I have had it. 5 stars.

  4.  Absolutely recomended!


    Most of the plastic add ons for the wii are pointless. They dont do anything you cant already do just using the remote. This however combines the nunchuck and the remote in a very usable way, making the controlls a little easier to master. Plus its cool to point a crossbow/gun object rather than a square remote!!

    The game itself, Links Crossbow Challenge is also really really enjoyable. Its basically a variation of the old duck hunt game, but with some very imaginative changes and some levels combing enemies that fight back with softer targets in a shoot em up game style. However the game overall rewards accuracy as the top scores are only attainable by notching up consective hit multiple scores. I find it very hard to put this game down trying to beat my own scores. All in all 5 stars!

  5.  Its good stuff...


    This album was the Used debut album and it introduces you to the style of the band well, with some belting tunes. There is something unique about the strange manic laughing nad cackling and other variety of noises the Used incorporate into the music and it works... Mainly due to some of the songs being brilliantly catchy aswell as manic and more than a little zainy. The variety in Berts vocals is amazing... Oh and it has one of my all time favourite songs in "Burried myself alive". A must have.

  6.  Awesome


    This is the second and final album from Finch before they split up. It varies from What It is To Burn significantly, with the band growing up and moving away from the teenage emotional style lyrics of WIITB and moving to a heavier music style and larger variation of vocals. The result is immense as the band have lost none of there ability to write a killer tune. Highlights include Fireflies, Ink, Miro and my personal favourite Dreams Of Psilocybin.Any fans of WIITB worried by the change of direction: Dont be. Its just as brilliant, and has remained in my CD player since it was released.
    Anyone who likes this look out for Cosmonaught. Nate Barcalow's new band.

  7.  A Grower


    Funeral for a friend seem to have done things the wrong way round... They broke onto the mainstream with a different and new sound and then have been getting progressively more orthadox since. This album is a strange concept. A whole album about a sailor and his life at sea... On first listen I wasn't impressed, however after the third time i put it on the songs have taken on a new life. Its no Casually dressed, but if you consider it appart from previous releases its a decent album. Matt Davies vocals are immense and the songs themselves have a strange kind of easy listening quality. Well worth a listen, but definately no classic.