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  1.  "The beast will have its day..."


    ... and that day has come at last! Based on the 1941 original that starred Lon Chaney Jr, The Wolfman is a fantastic remake that stands head and shoulders above other werewolf films today. Benicio del Toro plays the main character, Lawrence Talbot, in this version, and does a good job of portraying his character in a way that makes audience feel sorry for him and what he has to go through throughout the course of the film. The rest of the cast are also on top form here, especially Anthony Hopkins, who plays Talbot's eccentric and secretive father, Sir John. But of course, the real highlight of the film is the big, hairy beast himself, who has been brought to life fantasically by the work of special makeup effects artist Rick Baker. And the work he has done here is, as always, astounding. As well as taking the original Wolf Man and making it scary for a whole new generation, Baker has also given the beast a much-needed killer instinct that puts many other modern werewolves to shame. To sum it all up, the Lycans in Underworld now seem more like pet dogs by comparison. The only problem I had with the film was with the first act, which felt rushed and underdeveloped compared to what comes after. But thankfully, those shortcomings are to be mended for the DVD and Blu-ray release in the form of an extended cut, which will have 17 minutes restored to the film. On its own The Wolfman was already a howl of a ride from start to finish, despite the problems it faced during production. But with the extended edition not too far off (as I speak its release is just a week away!), things are only going to get better for what is possibly the best werewolf film to have come out in a very long time!

  2.  Perhaps the best dinosaur game on DS so far!


    Out of all the dinosaur games I have played on the DS, this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. Like others before it, it tries to do a good job of mixing Pokemon with Jurassic Park, and despite one or two foul-ups, it has succeeded. The dinosaurs in this game are the best you'll ever find on DS, beautifully rendered true to real life. The way you collect them is also a very nice touch, requiring you to excavate their fossils first, and then use the stylus to reveal the skeletons inside so they can be brought to life. The battles themselves are very well done as well, with beautiful animations far better than other dinosaur games on DS so far. The way they are played out, however, is something of a Marmite experience. Instead of just picking an attack, just like any other RPG, you have to play a game of rock paper scissors to determine whoever attacks. Some people will like it this way, others may not. Nonetheless, this is the best dinosaur game released on DS so far, and it's definitely worth a try, especially if you're a fan of the television series!

  3.  A classic that should've been released on DVD years ago!


    I really liked watching this film when I was younger, and I've always wanted to get it on DVD. When I first heard a Neverending Story DVD was on the way, I was let down when I found out it was actually the animated series. But more recently another DVD has been announced: and this time it's the ORIGINAL film! :D I'll definitely be buying this when it comes out. It's a great classic that should've come out on DVD years ago!