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  1.  bioware strikes again


    I don't think there is anything I can add to the other reviews other then to say wow.

    If you like the classic RGP style like neverwinter nights and the like then this is a must. Epic story, great voice acting and location. This is bioware at its best. This is one of those bench mark games that you would be missing out of if you dont buy. Now stop reading this review and go hit the orange button that say's buy :)

  2.  great fun


    if u like the idea of making your own super hero then give champions a go. Even if you stopped playing this game in the 30 free days (which I didnt by the way) you would still get more play time and fun then the average title nowadays.

    I just wanted to respond to a couple of comments on here. First off someone said they hit a wall at lvl 7-8 in their build, lol. Now what they are saying is that they did the tutorial and then the first chance they got to actually pick some powers they made some mistakes and therefore that must mean only the "perfect build" will work. I have 8 characters with totaly different builds, some attcking some defensive others support and some that can flick between different roles. All these characters have different powers and builds so I dont see this "perfect build" thing, thats just lack of imagination.

    And secondly someone said that once you go wrong you cant do anything about it because it costs too much. This is utterly wrong, just yestoday I retcon'd my character at lvl18 back to all but a couple of powers and rebuilt from scratch with the money I had no problem.

    If you like not being limited to cookie cutter builds and trying to think outside the box then give this a go, it the current price you can't go wrong.

  3.  great sim if somewhat buggy


    Now first off this is a soldier sim so if you are looking for a COD4 experience look elsewhere. This game takes no prisioners when I say sim I mean it. You can spend a long time, scouting for targets and slowly aproaching or waiting for the right moment to strike. You can also come underfire and die without ever knowing where the shots came from. But with loads of weapons and vehicles to use this game can be a lot of fun.

    Having said all that on launch this game was bug ridden. And after 2 patches it still has some major bugs, not least to the main campaign and some AI behavour (mostly ur squad mates because the enemy is normally spot on and deadly). The multiplayer is great and this game has one hell of a community behind it making content and playing a lot of coop stuff online, so the bugged campaign is best left till pathces fix it.

    If your looking for a rich sandbox style sim, with great level editors and a great online community filled with other sim fans then this is a great buy. If however your looking for a rollercoater, cinimatic themepark ride then this is not for you. In fact I would go as far as to say that if you don't intend to play this game online then maybe its not for you as the single player campaign as it is dosent work correctly.

    In closing this game is awsome, just not for everyone. Check out the demo if your not sure.

  4.  Good but not great


    I would not go as far as to see this game was rubbish but at the same time I would not say that its amazing either. When I first played it I almost uninstalled it to not even bother playing it again, but I struggled on and found that its a fun enough game if you over look its bad points.

    First all the graphics are a little flat. That is to say it has some flashy explosions and effects and the textures are high quility but something about the lighting makes all that seem a little too unreal and a little plastic feeling. Plus it feels as though you are flooting about a bit rather then running around. And thats not the only interaction problem in this game. Its dosent really engage you with your environment, you dont even open doors for yourself which on its own is no reason to not like something but its 1 thing in a string of little detail that makes you feel unconnected. It might have been nice to be able to use your freeze time to help you sneak around with a bit of stealth. Like the ability to be able to walk and lean around corners to take your enemes unaware would have added another dimension to gameplay.

    There are pluses in this game. The time control is fun to use even if its not really the most original idea. Its a little bit like bullet time plus that pulls elements from other games that have played with time. Its fun none the less to freeze time shoot a couple of people point blank, restart time and watch them fly about, lol.

    As it is this game feels like a standard FPS with a below average story but with just enough fun weapons and ablities to make it fun. Dont expect too much and you will have a laugh playing this, plus as a budget game its worth a play.

  5.  First rate!!


    This game is amazing! The looks, sound and feel of it are top notch, really dragging you into the action. I read 1 review that said that this game is like, take cover and hold and shoot the enemies as they pop up, which is rubbish. Its all about fire and manouver. If you do sit still for too long then you will get out flaked or charged down by the excellent AI. If you charge at people without cover you are likely to die very quickly which really makes you keep your head down. However if you do charge in you can treat yourself by putting a chainsaw through your enemy which is the most satisfying thing on this game!

    I run an AMD X2 6000+ with a 8600GTS and 2GB ram and this game runs smooth most the time with a stutter or 2 here and there with the graphics up high. So I would say this game runs very well considering my system is hardly cutting edge.

    It has crashed a couple of times on me but not enough to ruin my game experience.

    My one and only frustrating thing that happened to me playing this game was when I first played it I didnt set my firewall up correctly to allow traffic from this game which meant I thought I was signed in and playing but when I played it the next day I lost all my progress. But I sorted the problem and I enjoyed playing it again anyway :)

    To sum up this game is fantastic, buy it, you know you want to!

  6.  amazing if a little short


    This game is one of the best bits of eye candy I've seen, and plays with a decent frame rate as long as you dont go crazy on the settings. I have a med-spec (at best) pc and played the game on med settings with no slow down with apps like bitlord and my virus checker in the background. Its was only at a couple of points I needed to turn every non-vital process off to prevent slowdown. People who say you need a really beefey pc to play this are the sort of person who are only happy playing a game at its max settings, and it scales very well indeed.

    The story is great and keeps up a good pace. Having said that its a little short leaving you wanting more. I have played through the story mode twice and found that its most fun on the highest difficulty because on the lower difficulties its too tempting to just switch to armour mode and take everyone out .It really makes you use your nano suit on higher difficulties, which is the best part of the game. Nothing like zipping up to your enemy at high speed grabbing him by the throat and sending him flying through a wall and disapearing into the bush, great stuff. Its also very useful to be able to customise your weapons on the fly to have lasersights, sniperscopes, granade launcher etc.

    Even with all the praise the game is a little short lived and I did come across a couple of game stopping glitches. The first time a played through I had no problems but the second time I had a couple of points in the game where I completed an objective and it didnt give me the next one, which would have forced me to reload the whole level if I didnt know where the exit point was to the level (which a ran to to complete the level missing 1 cut scene in the process).

    But to sum up if you love your FPS gaming then this is for you and is a must play just dont expect to still be playing it in a months time (or 2 weeks time really). Think of crysis as a short lived thrill ride that will keep your eyes glued to your pc with a big smile on your face untill its all over at which point you will have to do it all over again just because you just have to because you are left wanting more story! (think halo 2 ending).... roll on the first of what is probally a seires of expansions!

  7.  i want one


    i want one !!!!!!!!! im going to buy one when its in stock.. stewie rocks

  8.  Just buy it you know you want to!


    This is great value, if you love FPS games then this is the best, cream of the crop. And Getting the whole lot for £30 what more could you ask for! I got this even thou I had hl2 and ep1 already as its good value even if you take those games out! And because I had the first 2 steam lets you give them to a friend so it meant I could spread the fun :)

    ok ep2 is a little short but what a game. Portal is weird but great while it lasts (and has a nice little tie in the sp2). Team fortress is a good laugh so put all these thing together and you got yourself a great package, buy it!

  9.  Best RPG/FPS ever


    This is simply the best RPG to use FPS perspective ever made. Ive lost track of the amount of time I have spent on this game and with its expansion packs thrown in as well you could be playing this game for months to come and loving every min of it. The only one critism of this game would be that it can be a bit glitchy, Ive never had a game that crashes my system as much as this game. But as long as you optimise your system and turn everything off in the background its not that bad. Even with the bugs its still be best RPG/FPS experiance I've ever played, buy it!