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  1.  Not bad Zombie film


    Not a big budget picture but I put it in the better half of zombie films.
    You have two gangs, a few joe public and some cops who end up trapped in a warehouse, fighting off Zombies and trying to escape.
    One worth adding to your collection for a few pounds.

  2.  Great game


    This is a steam game and requires steam to install and play.
    It is locked to your steam account, so don't buy secondhand as you won't be able to add to your steam account.

  3.  good fact's and information


    It's not like "Walking with Dinosaurs" with CGI special effects, but starts when people first started studying them and what they though how they look, moved and why they died out.
    It explanes what it was like then collecting bones then.
    It also shows you what people think now about Dinosaurs, how they are finding out.
    It also give you the different reasons why different people think they dieded.
    If your intrested in Dinosaurs then this is worth getting.

  4.  How do you pick 0 stars!


    Your talking windows98 CGI here I think and I lost count the amount of times I seen bits that needed sorting out.
    Story is realy weak and might be ok for a 5 year old but no 5 year old would be bothered to sit and watch it.
    SLow, nothing to keep you intrested.
    Think the intro of Windows98 games but not as good quality or story.
    It's that bad I wizzed through some bits just to get it finished.
    Don't waste any money on it.

  5.  It's walking with Dinosaurs remixed but all the same CGI


    Got this and started watching it and it's "Walking With Dinosaurs" with some rearanging and some parts taken out.
    The voice over is a bit annoying and the odd not too funny remake, only helps to remove some of the enjoyment.
    Your better off getting "Walking With Dinosaurs" than bothering with this one.

  6.  I have seen worse


    Cheep made low budget Zombie flick.
    Extra's kept down so save costs and a known face to Zombie films ( Ken Foree "Dawn of the Dead" 1978 ) to lend it some credabilty.
    I had to laugh when Ken Foree was running away from the Zombies as they had to go slower than when they were chasing the other actors as he can't run that fast now.... lol
    An ok Zombie film but only if you get it for a cupple of pounds.

  7.  Not a Zombie film


    A small budget picture with new faces.
    I was looking foward to Zombie carnage but alas it's the sprit of a dead child.
    Mild special effects and very small amount of gore.
    Truth be told, If I had known what it was like I wouldn't have got it.

  8.  Wish I han't got it.....


    Not based on any proper greek myth, it's just a cash in on the old "Clash of the Titans".
    Lots of the people and creatures killed in the "Clash of the Titans" are back alive again and people/creatures/titans from different stories turn up in it as well.
    It's a miss mash rehash of "Clash of the Titans" with him doing nearly the same things but for different reasons sometimes.
    Comic book style cartoon with hardly any type of movement most of the time.
    You don't get all the features it say's on the back of the cover, just the comic cartoon.
    Even if you love the old "Clash of the Titans" don't waste your money on it.

  9.  Best one I could have got


    I wanted something as backup if the net went down at home and also to use on the go.
    This does both.
    As stated if your doing stuff that uses a lot of downloading it will eat up your money, this also includes playing games online.
    I tested it with Killing floor and I used more money in half an hour than I did in a month normaly.
    Surfing the net, checking emails, buying online, forums and browser based games don't use much money.
    As a backup it's great as you only need to use it once every six months to keep it activated.
    You can use it outside the UK but your money will go in a flash as it's worse than using a mobile.

    So if your doing a lot of downloading or game playing online then don't get this.

    For surfing the net and such and/or backup for your home internet then you can't go far wrong.

    But make sure of coverage where you will be using it before getting it.

  10.  Don't waste your money!


    It's a womens voice discribing the funny remarks which spoils it.
    It's like explaning a joke instead of telling it, it just ruins it.