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  1.  The Trip of a Lifetime...


    'The Sims 3: World Adventures' expansion pack is excellent! The game map is huuggggggge! I have to keep zooming out with the camera to see the landscape in its entirety. Also, this game is unlike the other expansion packs in that there is a puzzle-adventure element to it as well. I was expecting something similar to 'Bon Voyage' (for The Sims 2) but this is a hundred times better IMO.

    So far my characters have only been to Egypt but I got to explore these underground secret passages, hunt for the Pharaoh's treasure and got into a fight with an Egyptian Mummy, lol! In short, I love it! I would really recommend getting 'The Sims 3' if you haven't considered it yet, and I would definitely recommend this expansion pack to any Sims fan out there. 10/10.

  2.  Fantastic!


    Scribblenauts is excellent. I was a bit dubious at first because I didn't think that the 'Write Anything' concept would work all that well, but it is really quite effective. I am on Level 5 at the moment. Each level has 8 sub-levels and there are two modes of play. For people who like puzzle-solving there is a puzzle mode for each level/sub-level, and for those people who want to play action-adventure type games, there is a 'Get the Starlite' mode for each level/sub-level, in which your only task is to use objects to get the 'Starlite'. I am really enjoying it. It even let me use a Shrink-Ray in one bit, lol!

    The controls (stylus-only) take a bit of getting used to and can often send Maxwell plummeting to his death off the edge of a cliff etc, which is the only reason that this review has scored 4 stars out of 5. Control pad controls would have made more sense, but this does not detract from the overall fun of the game.

    This is the most fun that gamers will experience all year and you should buy this game as soon as possible!

  3.  Harry Has Definitely Lost His Magic...


    After purchasing 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix', I was blown away by its slick graphics and excellent cutscenes, so I was certain that the latest offering, 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' would be just as good as its predecessor, if not better...How wrong could I be?

    This game was lacking in so many areas that I wished I had never purchased it at all. Firstly, the graphics are poorly designed and so tiny on the PSP screen that you have to strain your eyes to recognise any of the characters.

    Secondly, the cutscenes looked grainy and cartoon-like and featured absolutely no voice-work whatsoever, which is rediculous as every other platform (with the exception of the Nintendo DS) features fully voiced cutscenes and even has some voice-work from members of the original film cast as well.

    Thirdly, the tasks in the game involve a large amount of running around Hogwarts looking for things to trade with other characters so that you can get even the tiniest amount of information or help from them. This very quickly results in the player becoming bored rigid after only a few minutes of gameplay.

    What makes this game even worse though is that we already know what a good Harry Potter game can be like due to the 'Order of the Phoenix', so there really is no excuse for such a poor offering this time around.

    I was bitterly disappointed with this game and traded it two days after it was purchased. I really struggled to find any redeeming features at all, and as a Harry Potter fan, I was annoyed that this game had done away with everything that made the previous title so good. This is definitely one to avoid. 0/10.

  4.  The Marmite Effect!


    This game has been a lot of trouble. I think it has the 'Marmite Effect' (you'll either love it or hate it) but I find that I feel that way about different aspects of the game all at the same time! I even got rid of the game once but then reconsidered and got a second copy... That should show how mixed-up I feel about the whole thing, lol!

    When I first got the game it seemed brilliant to have an 'open map' that allowed the sims to go places and visit their friends houses etc, but then I realised that your sims never actually get to visit the inside of the buildings like the theatre (as these are venues and not community lots,) and most interactions in comunity lots are very basic.

    Let me clarify what I mean. If, for example your sim is a 'Bookworm', they can travel to the bookstore or the local library. However, when your sim gets to the bookstore, rather than going inside the bookstore itself, a pop-up menu with the titles of all the available books appears and you have to choose the books they buy and then your sim comes home again...

    In 'The Sims 2' your sim could go inside the bookstore and have conversations and make friendships with other sims as well as browse items to buy, which made gameplay more interesting IMO.

    Also, even though toddler sims can now accompany other family members to places, they cannot usually interact with any object on the community lots, because they are too young to do so, which is utterly pointless really!

    Another gripe is that although sims in 'The Sims 3' are suppposed to be able to go and ring their neighbours doorbells and make friendships with people in the local town, your sim has to live close enough to other sims so that they can do this, but most of the lots are too expensive for the sims in the household 'bin' to purchase.

    In 'The Sims 2' with its many expansion packs, Sims would bring home friends and work collegues randomly at the start of the game, allowing new friendships to be formed. These could be strengthened by visiting the fully-playable community lots and engaging in fun activities, all of which seem to be missing from the latest game.

    'The Sims 3' does have its good points - the new 'personality traits' system definitely seems to create wholly unique sims that interact with each other in many different ways and choose wants and lifetime goals that are based on how they think and act, which is superb.

    Furthermore, the nifty and easy-to-use customisation tool means that everything can be altered to fit a certain colour scheme or look, which again is fantastic. I also like some of the 'small' touches in the game like allowing sims to have freckles or wear a combination of clothes to sleep in etc.

    However, I am disappointed with the overall design of the game and feel that had this game been a 'Sims 2' expansion pack rather than a separate game it would have made a welcome edition to 'The Sims' family, but on its own there just isn't enough content to make me want to play it. Whether this can be improved with new expansion packs is hard to tell, but I still think that 'The Sims 2' is by far the better version to date.

    That said, the fact that I reconsidered my decision to sell the game does show that the new aspects are great in themselves. It is just that I think there should have been a lot more content included and not just the downloads available from the 'The Sims 3' store.

    Also, I haven't had problems running the game, but I did have some problems with the download process. This game still has its glitches. Just another thing for potential buyers to consider.

    Overall, this game is good but not great. Unless you are a die-hard Sims fan, you might regret this purchase.

  5.  Pretty good from the Demo


    I was curious about how this title would adapt to the PSP system and so I downloaded the demo from the online PSN store. It is actually better than I expected, but will probably suit younger gamers more. Still, it looks promising.

  6.  Seems Great...Isn't Really!


    Like a lot of 'Sims' and 'My Sims' enthusiasts, I waited ages for this game to be released. If I had known what was in store I would have saved my money instead.

    Let me clarify, the idea of game is quite innovative and the graphics (although cartoon-style) are very good, but the tasks that you need to complete in the game are both simple and excrutiatingly repetitive. Although the animals that you can control get larger (literally as you start with birds and eventually get to bears and foxes, lol!) the tasks such as growing plants, watering plants and ensuring there is enough food for all the creatures does not change regardless of the animals in your location.

    New locations do become unlocked rapidly, but they are all fairly similar. Even the challenges of 'Get an owl to move in', etc do not keep a player entertained for long and are fairly repetitive.

    I got to level 4 before I finally decided that there were better games out there. I agree with the other reviewer, buy 'Viva Pinata' instead. It has all of the graphic finesse of this game, but is a thousand times more interesting.

    I think that 'Sim Animals' would be a struggle for younger gamers due to the large text-based parts of the game, but adults will more than likely be bored within a few hours at most.

    Final oppinion: It just isn't worth the money. If you do decide to pick this game up you will probably be putting it down again very soon. 1/10.

  7.  Ubisoft is back on top form!


    Basically, the game does exactly what it says on the tin. Your goal is to care for and raise an entire family of Cats. The game starts at the adoption centre where you will be asked to adopt your first kitten. There are only three breeds to choose from at this point (Siamese, Abyssinian and American Shorthair,) but other breeds will be unlocked throughout the game.

    Your first Kitten acts like a tutorial stage. After you have learnt the
    basics of caring for your kitten and about one of the outdoor locations - the park, you will then be shown back to the adoption centre to adopt a second kitten if you wish to do so.

    Your cats grow in this game, but how fast they grow is up to you! Basically, when you first adopt your kittens you will see that that their information screen(s) shows three empty heart slots. The more you interact with your kitten(s) the more quickly they earn the three hearts which allow them to grow to the next stage e.g. from kitten to adult or from newborn to kitten etc. Thus, it is possible to have your kittens grow to full adult size within a short period of time if you want to.

    Once your kittens are grown (providing they are male and female, of course) they can then mate and have kittens of their own. This is cool if you have different breeds of cats because you can create some interesting cross-breeds.

    So, what else is there to do in the game?

    Well, there is lots of unlockable content. As I have said, the park becomes easily unlocked, but the outdoor locations also contain hidden mini-games which can lead to more unlockable toys, wallpapers (to decorate your kitten home) and costumes for your pets. Also, there are random unlocks from the 'Adoption Centre' each day, which usually involves new types of food for your cats to eat or new costumes for them to wear.

    The other kitten breeds become unlocked with the births of your first five kittens. The number of pets you are allowed to own also increases incrementally during this time. Any unwanted kittens or cats can be taken to the adoption centre. This also makes room for you to experiment with new breeds of kitten if you want to.

    The only possible downside to the game is that the unlockable content takes a while to become unlocked and if you prefer lots of new things very quickly, you could become bored with waiting for new play areas etc to become available. In my oppinion though, the task of keeping your cats happy and healthy and of raising newborn kittens is enough of a challenge in itself to provide hours of entertainment. I give this game 9/10. If the unlockable content could be unlocked a little more quickly it would be a 10/10.

  8.  No 'Extra' portions with this one then?


    First off, I was as alarmed as anyone when Catherine Tate was announced to be the next companion, but as with the other reviews, I needn't have worried. Catherine Tate's performances are brilliant and the series itself is as good as ever, and apart from the odd fully comedic episodes, this series was a lot more emotional and in-depth than the other three. My only gripe with this boxset is the lack of reasonable DVD extras. Even David Tennant's 'Video Diary', which normally has me intrigued was rubbish, (as if I want to see him sit in the car for an hour and be police escorted to an event which has nothing to do with Dr. Who really!) and although the deleted scenes are interesting, they do not justify paying this kind of price for the boxset... This is the main reason why I have scored this as 3 stars rather than five stars. My advice to Dr. Who fans who want to get the series is to by the single volumes over time and save yourself some money in the long run.

  9.  Fantastic!


    I am a complete golfing novice. Seriously, I know nothing about the game, so quite what attracted me to this PSP version is a mystery. However, I am really glad I decided to get it. After only two days, I am completely hooked!

    Firstly, the title 'Everybody's Golf' is apt because this game caters for all ages and abilities. The quirky and colourful graphics are amusing and the game controls are excellent.

    For the beginner golfer (like me) there is the 'easy shot' mode, which allows you to hit the golf ball with just two well-timed presses of the 'X' button. For the more proficient player (or those who bought the first game), there is a 'normal shot' mode, which requires a higher degree of player accuracy and interaction to hit the ball correctly.

    I cannot express how impressed I am with this game. It is well-designed and fun to play. There are for great game modes including challenge mode where you can compete on different courses and even play against another CPU character. There is lots of content to be unlocked too.

    The only thing I am unable to try is 'Multiplayer', as I am not lucky enough to have other friends with a PSP console. Nonetheless, if it is even half as good as the single player mode, it is bound to be a winner.

    If you want to try a golfing game but aren't sure what would suit you best, or if you already own the first title in this series and are wondering whether to buy this one as well, all I can say is that you'd find it hard to be disappointed with this game. So go on, why not buy it and give the game your best shot?

  10.  Brain-tastic fun!!!


    This game is truly superb! Travel around the world with Dr. Reiner Knizia and solve mind-boggling logic puzzles to earn coins and unlock new content. A must for any DS owner. The graphics will amaze you as well. Better than any I've ever seen on the DS console. Brilliant!