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  1.  "Here's looking at you, kid"


    Possibly the greatest Humphrey Bogart film known to man. Bogart gives out a legendary performance as the cynical American who trusts no one, yet when his former lover appears out of nowhere (with her husband) he finds himself caught between two worlds: shall he help his former lover who broke his heart all those years ago? Or shall he help her and risk capture? Also, Claude Rains plays a French colonel in French Colonial Africa - who although the Vichy government has just surrendered to Hitler 2 years before - plays a likable and humorous character who ultimately respects Blaine (Bogart).

    An unmissable classic film which makes today's films look like complete rubbish.

    Recommended for everyone.

  2.  awesome


    Great t-shirt and even greater design. Good fabric and excellent fit as well: Not figure-hugging but not loose and baggy. Gave it 4 stars due to false advertising: This t shirt is grey/charcoal, not black, which in my opinion is a better colour overall

    A must get for any oasis fan

  3.  great


    Great t shirt and great design and great material. The pic in fact does the t shirt justice. A bit tight-fitted but after first wash it 'loosens' up becomes like a regular shirt. Good buy for music enthusiasts

  4.  awesome design but as good as shown


    great band. great songs. great legacy, but t shirt not so good. it's darker than shown (all black) but still a great wear and great sizes for everyone

  5.  awesome


    the most well-recognized rock n roll logo of all time: the stones. a great t shirt and great material. the 'torn' sides make it look so rock n roll and ragged that it's impossible not to buy.

  6.  Best bio on Jim I've ever read - better than 'No one here..'


    This is the best bio i've ever read about jim. it tells the story about his turbulent childhood (his father was in the navy, and jim was a rebellious kid, so you can imagine the Morrison household...), his aging and going to school, going to college, and then meeting the other Doors, and the famed gigs.

    A very good read for any rock n roll fan as Davis leaves nothing out: fights, booze and drugs and in band fighting, including with record company personnel, his infamous relationship with Pamela (the b*tch) Courson and his last weeks in Paris and his hasty burial, and the aftermath. Also includes how Davis came to approach how this bio was to be written.

    A classic book. Every rock n roll fan should have this.

  7. Slash



    10 New from  £7.45  Free delivery

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    a must have for any rock n roll fan. tells how slash was a keen bmx rider at first, then how he started playing guitar, and the highs and lows of being in Guns N Roses, with Axl Rose and his tempermental attitude. Also i found out a lot of stuff which i had never heard of before.

    Excellent read

  8.  question


    this is a gr8 dvd...had the standard edition, but thinkin of buying this...

    1 question though...what does region 2 mean? will it work in the med region (cos im from malta)


  9.  Absolutely great!


    a VERY great live album. any Doors fan should have this and the setlist is even greater. Who do you love (the 1st song) ensures the audience (and the listener) that they're in for a great ride!