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  1.  Logitech DriveFX Wheel


    This wheel in my opinion is excellent and really does enhance your racing experiance on the Xbox 360. Not been a huge racing fan myself i am now enjyoing racing games alot more and does make the games more realistic and fun to play!

    I love how if you skid round a corner how you have to fight with the wheel and the force feedback pulling the wheel back, and is very easy to do the set ups as all the racing games i have played which are all the new ones by the way, i.e forza 3, need 4 speed shift and dirt 2 it recognises the wheel straight away and works brilliantly without tweeking settings.

    Although alot of plus points thier are a few minor things but nothing that would ever put you off buying the wheel at such an amazing price of 29.99 where as the microsoft one is 69.99.


    Force feedback really enhances your gameplay.
    The wheel is very responsive and easy to use.
    Cheap and very well made.
    Works brilliantly with pretty much every racing game.


    Too many wires, makes the place abit untidy.
    You have to find something to attach the wheel onto i.e.desk.

    Trust me any racing gamer will love this and for the price is a bargain :)

  2.  Best Game of its kind!


    Firstly you can tell they have put alot into the graphics and story, unlike other superhero genre games. It is far superior to the likes of the spider-man games and has a scary and creepy feel about the game.

    The voice acting is also top notch and i do enjoy being able to fight numerous A.I at once and being able to take them all out, although not the smartest and the bosses arnt the hardest to kill either it is a very very good detailed game and i can see myself going back and completing it again afterwards. I might add i have being playing this game for a good few hours and still havnt completed it i have only done 22 percent!

    Although it is based on comic book charcters they have tried to eing them more to life and make them look more realistic and it has worked, you do feel alone and you dont know what to expect and the game does get very creepy at times i did not expect this from a superhero game at all definatly worth getting!

  3.  Not very good!


    I went to the cinema to go see this film it is not very good all the good bits where on the adverts! it is like 2 separate films and halfway through it just gets stupid! Good idea pretty terrible film and Will Smith acting the same as he does in every film!

  4.  Joker is a legend!


    You should buy this t'shirt just because it has joker onit possibly the best villan ever created... loved the film and the t'shirt is excellent but sizes do tend to be quite big im usually a medium/large i bought a large not knowing what the sizes are like and it is really big just a warning lol

  5.  Good but not great!


    This film has a good sound track and the camera shots and angles are very well done. The downside is it is quite predictable like most films in this genre its your typical man gets in a fight looses....so he trains..... then there is a disruption in the film......fights the villain at the end wins and gets the girl!

    This happens in a lot of films rocky for example but never the less is a good film and quite enjoyable, also very good acting from a cast not well known or seen in other films.

  6.  Not very good!


    I was quite disappointed with this game it really doesn't live up-to the hype like a lot of games i.e Assassins Creed. Single Player well there isn't any wohoooo lets just fight bots not fun at all. This is defiantly a multiplayer game but not a very good one, it is too fast paced to even see what is going on, the weapons arn't that great, does not compare to others out there like Bad company, Halo, Gears of war or Call of duty. One word of advise save your money!

  7.  Great Online Game!


    I'm not really a fan of Halo to be honest never really got into them, and i dont think the campaign's are that good either, i didnt enjoy the campaign much on this one. A couple of friends from college are Halo fanatics and i have to put up listening to how good the game is when it's not but i do agree with themon the online i still play it now and so do a lot of other people, charging around blowing up vehicles and flying about what is better lol and at this cheap price at the minute bargain it will keep you playing for a while!

  8.  Disk Scratching!


    I am replying to the guy below about it scratching disks that is a very good point and yes it does i had my xbox swt up in a caravan and i moved my xbox and crunch it made a really deep scratch all the way round the disk so yes it would!

  9.  Excellent Game a lot better then guitair hero!


    i enjoyed guitair hero but there was something about it, that didnt keep me hooked, and wasnt sure wether to buy this game or not but after a lot of hard thinking i decided to buy it and what really makes the game for me are the drums i cant get off them lol, the only thing is i get told off a lot because i get carried away stamping the bass pedal and turning my surround sound up so i get louder and louder its not good lol. Although an excellent game is really expensive for an extra £40 you can buy an xbox 360 its ridiculous but its the money you have to pay for it and it's a must have a game i never gave it 5 stars because of the price!

  10.  GOOD BUT....


    it is a good game, graphics r good but i've hardly even played it and im on the last mission like what the hell, n i dont think im ever going to do the single player again it was good but it's all the same its like destroy this go there and the mulitplayer onli has one gametype so i really dont think im going to be hooked!