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    I love love love Twilight!
    This is by far the best book in my opinion..
    I just could not put it down.
    I'm just gutted that twilights all over :(
    just have to wait for the films now

  2.  TERRIBLE!!


    I wouldn't even give this film a star but i suppose theres nothing less that I can give it.
    Honestly this is a truelly awful pointless film!
    I went to the pics to see it - and that was a waste of money enough, so a word of warning do not waste your money on the DVD!!

  3.  awwwwwww


    I just recently watched this film for the first time!!! and wow it certainly is a classic.
    A typical girly chick flick, which you cannot beat! :)

  4.  pretty good


    I have not long finished this book, I was given it from a friend, whom couldn't get into it himself, whereas this was not the case with me.
    It is generally a good book, but throughout it I felt that I was just repetive.
    On one of the episodes of the Friday Night Project that I remember watching when he was on about he was asked to write a book, and he just scoffed and said 'I don't have much to actually write about', well he hit the nail on the head himself.
    I suppose that he would have lots to add to it now...

  5.  brilliant


    I have read a few of sophie kinsellas books as I think she is a great author, and this book didn't disapoint. I went to see the film first as I always think that the books are better than the film, so I done this the other way about. The book and film are slightly diff but are both brilliant.
    I feel like I can relate to Becky, and prob so could the majority of women in the UK lol
    I would deff recommend this book to anyone =)

  6.  AWFUL!!


    i have just played the game there, and may i add that it is the worst game tht i have ever played. i had high expectations of this game. each game is over in less than 5 mins. you dont get to choose what sum you would want to bluff, if you intended to. ah the list can go on. plz do not waste you money as a few others before me have said also!

  7.  waste of time


    please do not waste your time and money buying this film. i found it dragging on & the plot was just utter rubbish. i think they must have thought of the story line in about 5 mins for this film. also the acting is corny & rubbish. need i carry on?

  8.  i love seth rogen!


    this film is just right up my street. i was ROFL at it, purely because of seth rogen. i love all of his films. i think you need to be a fan of this kinds of comedy to like it, or you will not find it funny. either that or you do not have a sense of humour!



    well what can i say. yes im a kid at heart but who wouldn't love this film? usually sequels are rubbish but this is totally amazing. it is just as good as the first one or maybe even better. it had me in stitches right from the very start. i looooove kings julien and the crazy penguins and they are in the film more than in the 1st. i seriously cannot contain my excitement for this film coming out haha. roll on madagascar 3!!!

  10.  terrific!


    I have read all of dorothy koomson books. And loved them all and this one isnt an exception. It has everything in it that i love about her writing. It raises all emotions in life. Buy it! You won't be a disapointed :)