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  1.  An Instant Classic


    I bought this game with quite low expectations but I must say it blew me away. Sackboy's charm is just so great it's incredible.

    Keep it up MediaMolecule! You deserve all the praise that you get!

  2.  Who dosn't want to see Batman fight Scorpion Anyway?


    I enjoyed this game very much despite the non gruesome fatalities and basically weak storyline overall verdict: 8/10

  3.  PoP at it's finest


    This title is... well..."different to the others", but it's that difference that makes it worthwile. The airbrush graphics are awesome the sheer fluidity of the acrobatics is amazing and then there's, of course, Elika. Before you say "Hurm, another sidekick" listen to this.
    Elika is a character who you will get very attached to and is a sheer necessity but most of all she will never get in your way and thats a promise. Her magic helps you in combat ant practically everything else you might want to do. heres what I say.

    - Graphics 10/10: I love the painted graphics

    - Controls 8/10: one of the only disappointments. The controls are so easy you feel a bit like the game plays itself.

    - Combat 9/10: I like what ubi have done with the combat to steer away from random hacking and slashing instead you're posed against 4 different bosses who recur throught the game and sub-enemies.

    Story 9/10: Good storyline. What devs don't see is how important a good storyline is; take bioshock for example. That game's story was a necesssity to it's success and without it it would have been already forgotten.

    Another of the few disappointments is the painful collection of light seeds needed by Elika to fuel her magic and make you able to reach new areas.

    The PoP franchise has always been important to me and I am very happy to see it's getting the next-gen game it deserves.

    Overall verdict 9/10

  4.  I love this game.


    This is one of the most amazing online shooters I have ever played.
    its ragdoll physics never fail to make me laugh. But the very best part of the game is when your playing Demoman and you make a character explode into a million blood soaked pieces!
    This game is AMAZING a must buy for anyone with a sense of humour.

    Gameplay: 10/10 Super addictive and just never gets boring

    Dissapointments: There is no Rank! (only achievments), lagging

    Overall tthis game is a must have for any FPS Fan...

    BUY IT.

  5.  Wolfish


    Great book. number 4 in the sieries and still going strong!
    If you have immagination and like good reading then this is for you.
    Just mak sure you read nos. 1 2 & 3 before this one.

  6.  Great book.... Great author


    This book is the third in the saga of darren shan. it talks about darren parting company with the cirque du Freak, only to.... wait that would be telling! and we don't want that now do we?! The way this book is written makes it totally impossible to put down.

  7.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G


    Sequel to the soul- stopping 'Cirque du Freak' which talks about Darren's life with the cirque as a half -vampire and a gut churning encounter with the wolf man sends your thaughts spiralling up in flames.....Crepsely......Crepsely.......

  8.  Jaw-Dropping Heart-Stopping Soul-Shaking AMAZING!


    I love this book....... I love this author. This is a book that is worth its weight in gold. I loved this book so much I finished it in 2 hours. It also kick-starts the sieries "the saga of Darren Shan" which is SUPER. It is about a normal boy who is very much fascinated by spiders him and his best friend go to see an illegal freak show together.... Which is where the nightmare begins. Something happens to his friend and the only person that can save him isn't human and only deals in BLOOD........ if you want any more info youre gonna have to read the book!!

  9.  Off the charts!!


    There is just one word to describe it... INCREDIBLE. In the game you play fortune hunter and descendant of Sir Francis drake (basically a male tomb raider). The graphics is the closest thing to reality that I have ever seen in a game; I mean one time I was playing and a toucan flew across the screen. There are points in the game when you'll stop to admire your surroundings. one of the only bad things are the henchmen... it will take two shots in the head to bring one down and it's as if they feel no pain; you'll shoot one in the leg and hell just continue attacking you. On the whole I think that this is a must buy... what are you doing still reading?? BUY IT NOW!!

  10.  Super!


    This game is AMAZING. It just has everything including great graphics, an epic story, Challenging puzzles and great action packed battles. The story starts with you invading a castle. Shortly after the tutorial you will obtain the "Dagger of time" which lets you rewind time and correct ant boneheaded mistakes. this game overall is superb. A MUST HAVE.