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  1.  What a let down......


    After playing Dragon Age Origins I had high hopes for Dragon Age 2. Saddly I felt let down. The story line is pretty average and dragged out in most places and the characters that join with Hawke throughout the game are just really dull and boring. An awkward inventery system has been added which restricts characters from using most types of weapons + armor apart from what has specificaly been assigned to them.
    On the upside the combat system has improved yet sometimes the same maps are used 3 0r 4 times throughout the game to represent different places..... this is really lazy bioware.
    I'd wait till this game comes down in price - deffinatley worth a play if your a DA fan but not all its cracked u to be. I hope they learn from their mistakes in DA3.

  2.  A MUST BUY for anyone who has played and liked the games....


    I'm really not a reader at all but after playing the games I became really interested in what might have happened before and stumbbled across these books. REALLY CHEAP and A GOOD READ. Nothing to lose by purchasing them.

  3.  A MUST BUY!


    BUY THIS GAME! 9.5 / 10! All this game needs is a couple of semi decent downloads to add a bit more extra to do asside from the main missions.

  4.  A Masterpiece


    What an excellent game. Brilliant storyline and unlike the last one no reppetition. Can't wait for the 3rd 1.

  5.  10 / 10


    Perfect. Simply perfect. Its like a souped up futureistic oblivion. Only 20 times better with a story line equal to or as compelling as any of the games in the final fantasy series. A real must buy treat!

  6.  Great game! - Missing parts?


    Don't get me wrong, along with Knights of the old Republic, Oblivion is one of the best RPGs to date. The only grumble that I ould have is that the playstation 3 version has a number of semi-important features missing which the PC and X-box 360 versions don't. These include various items anmd locations. For instance 'Vile Lair', 'The wizards Tower', and the 'Orrery' just don't show up on the PS3 version. Being a loyal Playstation fan I felt quite let down..........................

  7.  Oblivion


    A true masterpiece to behold! The only downside is that it is unclear when Bethesta are bringing out the expansions (PS3 versions) if at all.