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  1.  Amazing game, but poor graphics!


    The only reason this gets 4 stars is because quite honestly the graphics in Prototype arn't 360 standard. Now don't let that put you off the game. Imagine the same free-roaming and mission stlyes of Spiderman2 for the PS2, but give it an amazing storyline, amaing abilities, and a mountain full of gore and violence to make some serious action! Prototype is such an accessible game, yes your character is pretty rubbish at the start but with a few upgrades he becomes a death-dealing machine. So much fun just running up grabbing a guy and then consuming him to become him! A must buy of this years 360 releases!

  2.  Kernel's story continues


    The only reason I gave this a 4* rating instead of 5 is because I feel that this book is just not as good as the rest of the series. This is mainly a book that gives you a few answers to some questions you have but also gives you some more questions. Also the book just seems to drag along with no super gripping bits that I felt were in the previous books. But still a nice installment in the Demonata series. Hopefully Darren Shan will release a new series as good as the Vampire Chronicles!

  3.  Best Anime ever!


    Death Note is the best anime show i've seen so far. First of all I seen the series then watched the live actions and thought why not get the books? The books are beautiful smaller comic books with the story told perfectly on every page. Shame they're about £5 each cause they only last for about a day's reading (if you get into them). A must buy for anime fans

  4.  Best game ever!


    Huge fan of the Resident Evil series (bought an xbox just for Resi 5) and this game is the best game ii've ever played. Immense story line with huge twists and thrills, perfect control system where every mistake that happens is your fault, and just amazing gameplay. Something makes it better than the PS2 version. A must buy! Story line may not fit in with other Resident Evil games but its because its building up for 5+6!

  5.  The series carrys on!


    Resident Evil 4 was a huge point in the Resident Evil series so RE5 had a huge challenge to beat RE4...And it didn't do it badly! Amazing graphics with cut-scenes that are amazing. Co-op gameplay adds so much more fun, and just an all-round amazing game! The bonus D.V.D isn't really special, just a trailer of RE Degeneration (the CGI Movie) and how they made the cut-scenes and music and etc etc. Just buy the normal version of the game to save yourself a bit of money unless you really want a steel case and bonus D.V.D.

  6.  Very good read


    If you're a fan of Garth Nix books then you'll like this one. Very good read, takes a bit to get into but if you're persistent you'll uncover a very good book

  7.  Good first person shooter, only play for online with friends


    Straight off I don't really like Halo, but this is a cracking game. I don't ever play the campaign as I find it boring, I just play online with my mates and its one of the best things to do in the evening when there's nothing on T.V. Buy this if you like FPS!

  8.  Not much lke the book


    When I seen this film I was half way through reading the first book and half way through the film I realised loads had been missed out of the book. But it wasn't little things like in the Harry Potter films, there were big chunks just skipped, and loads of random bits added in. Also I feel that the actors that were cast didnt fit the role apart from Alice who was cast pretty well. This film will appeal more to people who haven't read the books, fans of the books prepare to be a little bit dissapointed

  9.  Amazing!


    My friends got me in to this band and i love them for it! I started listening to adtr songs like: Plot to bomb the pan-handle and monument, then i bought homesick (their third album) and i fell in love with that so i bought this a few days after and can't stop listening to it now! Much heavier than homesick but not as catchy! But...amzing band! Amazing album! Adtr ftw!

  10. Riot


    Paramore - CD

    29 New from  £4.72  Free delivery

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     Best Band EVer!


    I got this album on day of release and iI just decided to write a review now :P Riot is an amazing album released by the amazing band from Tenesee 'Paramore'! If you were to compare this album to their previous album 'All We Know Is Falling' then I'd have to say its very different, I find its alot more catchy than AWKIF but not as heavy as some of their previous songs (Emergency, My Heart). This album is a must buy for everyone!! Seen them live Feb'08, they were amazing!! Can't wait for new album this year!!!