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  1.  Leaves a lot to be desired


    These speakers are not that good at all.
    175W tag is there to fool you. The bass is almost non existant.

    I'd spend an extra £30 and get a half decent 2.1 system.

  2.  Top Notch Protection


    This case is perfect. I dropped my ipod twice and you get that sick feeling in your stomach because its new and you dont want to break it. With this case I can tell it doesnt damage the ipod at all dropping it, and it even protects it in the rain.

    The ipod fits snugly inside, and it is a 2 piece case that slides and locks together. It is very tough and the black finish looks very smart. The black plastic is actually see through, so when your ipod turns on, the screen shines through and you can see it nearly perfectly. (Imagine looking at your ipod through sunglasses, thats how good it is).

    You get a plastic cover that slots into the dock port, to stop dust and water.

    You get a lanyard that will attach to the case so it can go around your neck.

    You also get a little cable adapter and a microfibre cloth and a plastic protecter for the scroll wheel.

    You will be surprised just how much you get in with it for £13. Plus the case of course. I am going to buy another one for my brother.

    Brilliant Case.

  3.  What a good book


    Brilliant, he has obviously done a lot of research and knows his stuff.

    He sounds just like me.

  4.  Excellent


    They are brilliant,

    I bought some cheap, tacky one on holiday for 1 euro. It broke, so i bought another, that also broke.

    When i came home, i had to get an official Rubiks Cube, I didnt know where I would find one though, then i found one on here.

    I learned to solve it with the algorithms in about a week. My record is 1 minute 55 seconds.

    Buy one.

  5.  These are a fine pair of cans


    I do not see the fuss people are making,
    I highly doubt you will find some better than this for £17.

    I will start with the sound, its brilliant, nice clarity and a fairly decent bass. They are not the loudest headphones over though, and if you crank up the volume they don't take it too well.

    Definately worth the money though, nice quality cable and gold plated plug. (Also included is a bigger adapter)
    Also, they fold pretty neatly and although they are quite flimsy, in actual fact the folding and bendyness means they will not break.

  6.  The speakers are superb,


    They were delivered in one day, and i set them up and put some of my finest drum & bass on, and they handled it perfectly.

    Power button and volume on the right speaker, bass control on subwoofer, and power switch on the ac adapter, perfect for a big or small room, longer cables will work on this.

    Brilliant high and mid tones, and the right amount of deep bass. It brought a whole new life to my music collection, i can hear sounds that didnt exist before!

    Oh and for £40, I doubt you will get anything that is more powerful than this set, Ive seen some for £100 that just dont have the power that these do.

    Ok fair point, the expensive sets will have a better quality, but I am telling you the quality of these is brilliant! You will not regret buying these.

  7.  Really feel like a special ops.


    Great game! Online play has some interesting ideas, but the real beauty of this game is Story Mode.

    You really feel the adrenaline of a special operations expert as you dive for cover and pump bullets in to terrorist.

    8/10, but I would say a must buy game for FirstPersonShooter fans.

  8.  Exactly what it looks like.


    If you just need a microphone for casual use and you don't want to be shelling out a lot of money then this is the one to get. Sound is clear and it picks up sound at a good volume. It is a bit flimsy though and needs to be taken care of, but you don't buy a microphone to hammer nails so it shouldnt matter.

    Everything you need for casual PC use for £3. Perfect.