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  1.  Surprised


    After my first headset broke I had two choices, buy this one or the official Xbox 360 one. I went with this one and boy am I happy. The ear piece is very comfortable and the voice quality via the mic is amazing.

    Definite buy, bought one for my brother aswell.

  2.  Fantastic


    Consider this a Greatest Hits album with 2 new songs. The combination of classic with metal is strangely awesome.
    Not much else to say really except get this! (at this price too)

  3.  Great at a cheap price.


    I have CoH and Opposing Fronts separately and both are fantastic games. However I was going to buy the other expansion pack "Tales of Valor" when I realised that the Anthology was cheaper than the expansion by itself.

    A definite must and at this price a bargain!!!!!!

  4.  WW2 Never sounded so good!


    I bought the original Boxset when it came out and was outstanded by each episode. So when Band of Brothers was released on Blu-Ray I just had to get it, and boy I am glad I did!

    The Visual quality is stunning and you can hear every bit of sound so crisply... a definite buy for WW2 fans alike!!!

  5.  Something Different


    I am an avid fan of Top Gear and one of my friends has the "I am the Stigma" T-Shirts. So decided to bag me one, however I noticed this top and thought "Blimey, that's a bit different!" and so I bought it.
    Of course it felt great wearing it to the cinema and seeing several "Stigs" but I was the only one proclaiming I was not the Stig.

    I definitely recommend this and its "I am" partner...

  6.  A must have set for Star Wars fans!


    A while ago I invested in the motorized AT-AT and, to compliment it, the Limited Edition Echo Base. Of course it is probably out of production now and hard to come by so this is a great way to recreate those Hoth scenes from the best film out of the Trilogy.
    However there are a few problems with this set. Like many a Star Wars LEGO set it is a bit pricey for what you get. It is quick to build and won't keep children occupied for long.
    However this set is a great way to get "Winterized Rebel Troopers", a "Tauntaun" and "Snowtroopers". Mister Han Solo is also included which is a plus.

    So in conclusion it is a bit pricey but worth every £ as the amount of minifigures you get is large and it is also a badly missed area in the LEGO Star Wars department... now all we need is a bought separately "Snowspeeder" to complete things....

  7.  Thank god I finally got rid of bloody XP!


    After years on staying on, brilliant but slow, XP I was happy to upgrade. However my friend's experiences with Vista were abysmal to the extent that he downgraded to XP again....
    However I can safely say Windows 7 is fantastic for me. Think of it is Vista, perfected! However it does have some new features over Vista which, like many Window OS features, are a nice addition but taking as granted.

    Coming from a gamer perspective this is also great as it runs faster than Vista and XP but also gives you access to DirectX 10 and 11.
    All in all I would give it 4.5 stars, however Play.com only lets you give whole stars so 5 is in good order!

  8.  Not much to say...


    So what can I say?!
    This was added so you could play 'dual-bass' on Guitar Hero: Metallica.

    I, however bought this when I accidentally broke my original and it works just the same!

    I highly recommend this product...