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  1.  Amazing


    Watched this last night on TV. Everything in the film fits together like clockwork, and it keeps you wondering 'what's going to happen next'. It was so good I've came straight on here the day after watching it to purchase it so I can watch it again in the future... I highly recommend this to anyone. My only gripe with this film is that when it finished I was left wanting more... make of that what you wish.

  2.  Based on Demo


    Ok, after downloading the demo from the PSN Store i was pleasantly surprised.

    Gameplay - 5 out of 5
    The game play is smooth and feels surprisingly un-repeatitive. A main key to this game is to run, and not fight against the enimies although you do have abilites to take them out if you wish. Although objects go red indicating they're interactable, the sense of direction is limited giving a more realistic running experience.

    Graphics - 4 out of 5
    The graphics are crisp and smooth. The character details of the other people could be better compared to other PS3 games, but as you usually run on your own in first person view, this doesnt really affect the game. The overall objects do look slightly virtual but this is what gives it some of its great atmosphere.

    Controls - 4 out of 5
    You start of with a basic tutorial which focuses of the main buttons (All 5 of them). The controls are very easy to learn and i was amazed at how many things you can do with just the five buttons. The only change i think they should make is to swap the jump button (L1) and the roll/slide button (L2) around, but thats just me.

    Environment - 5 out of 5
    In the demo you mainly play on the rooftops of tall buildings, as well as inside a building for a few minutes. The amount of environment and interactables are huge. There are zip lines, ramps, vents, breakable doors, poles, pipes, mountable objects and so much more. Looking at the video at the end, there will be even more in the actual full game.

    Physics - 4 out of 5
    There are some good physics implemented in this game. Such as the way you have to remember to roll (L2) when you hit the floor if you fall/jump from a high platform. Also the movement physics work very well with the first person view making it feel like your actually there running.

    Overall - 4 out of 5
    This will be a great game and it will take alot of gameplay before it gets repeatitive. Hopefully, there are going to be alot of hours of gameplay and a great story line. Also the online features will add some competition to the gameplay. However, I reccomend downloading the demo if possible as your views may differ from mine. Thankyou!

  3.  Superb


    This too was the very first game i played on DS. Being a fan of pokemon, i didnt know what to expect as the whole aspect of the game is different to your usual pokemon games.

    One of the best things about this game, is it is easy to learn how to play. This allows you to start playing the game to its full potential from the start. Also, connecting to previous games such as ruby, sapphire ect. adds an extra bonus.

    This game takes full advantage of the DS touch screen unlike most games. Overall this game is good fun, but like most games, can become repeatitive.

  4.  Max Hasstle


    I brought this thinking i could use it on both Nintendo DS and GBA. It turned out that the DS section of it was to only store save files and use powersaves. It is in no way a cheat system for the Nintendo Ds. It even has a low memory capacity and i had to transfer most of the files to my computer. The GBA side of it however is ok. The preloaded cheats are good but when adding cheats, usually the codes are long and it takes along time to type them all in. Also, when i first got it, i had no idea how to use it or how to connect it. I even found the instructions confusing. Overall, if you want to use cheats for Nintendo Ds, this is not the product for you, if you want it for the Gameboy Advanced section, then this is a decent buy. I recomend you check out the Action Replay DS. It is much better.