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  1.  The Killshot That Misses


    Mickey Rourke steps into familar shoes to play a hitman on a mission. After accidently killing his own little brother he takes the loose cannon Joseph Gorden'Levitt under his wing - as he reminds him of his brother and sees this as a kind of mends. The story jumps around to follow a plot about Diane Lane and estranged hubby Thomas Jane witnessing Mikey Rourke's identity after a botched heist. They move into witness protection but it isn't long until Rourke and his hot headed companion track them down...

    The performances are fine in this Elmore Leonard story (although the always reliable Rosario Dawson is under used) and Rourke plays a fine hitman. However the script and story is ridiculous in parts which makes you understand why this flick when straight to DVD in the UK.

    Worth a note is the Blu Ray edition is only available on import as the high def version never had a UK release. The Blu Ray transfer is excellent as is the sound. The extras are no exsistant bar a short film included based on an Elmore Leonard short story. This bonus 30 min quirky odd film is directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and stars Eric Stoltz about an insurance scam.

  2.  The Innkeepers - they can keep it...


    I normally freak out at supernatural flicks, with the likes of Paranormal Activity, The Others, The Changling and more recently The Woman In Black all genuinely creeping me out. So when I read the glowing reviews of this Innkeepers film I immediately couldn't wait to see it. After my viewing on Blu Ray, I have to say that i've seen scarer Scooby Doo episodes. The comedy destroyed any tension and the poor acting destroyed any dread left. And what the hell happened to Kelly Top Gun/Witness babe McGillis? The years have been really mean to her...

    It would've been a one star from me but earned another for the brilliant Blu Ray transfer. But no amount of crystal clear HD picture and sound can make up for the lack of fear.

    My advice is wait for this one on SKY.

  3.  Not Dire Dyer At All !


    This is actually a really great little flick, which surprised me for a straight to DVD release. It's a tale of a few stories that all come together with each charactor linked in some way to another. The charactors are well acted and all of them interesting within their own tales. Danny Dyer has never been better and i'd go as far to say that this is his swan song. The film is way too intelligent for the normal Dyer audience - there is not much 'geezer' swearing and not a football in sight, which explains the bad reviews on here. That crowd do not like to engage the brain so it's no wonder this film caught them unaware.

    The various people we focus on range from suicidal, closet gay, autistic, alcholic, prositute, desperate and so on. The Danny Dyer tale within is absolutely brilliant and tragic. The main difference between this and other Dyer flicks is that this one has a decent script and is actually charactor driven. The Blu Ray transfer is fine, better in some places than others.

    If you like your movies to have a bit more charactor and an interesting story about people then I advise you grab this bargain Blu Ray like a (city) rat up a drainpipe.

  4.  Grindhouse Continues...


    The Grindhouse cult frenzy just doesn't stop and next up after the disappointing Machete is this latest OTT gore fest Hobo With A Shotgun. The film takes us on a vigilante rampage as the title's tramp has had it with all the crime around him and sets out to clean the streets, one shotgun shell at a time.

    Rutger Hauer is superb in the lead roll and brings the only class acting to the movie. It's Rutger's film through and through and he's the only reason to keep you viewing as the other acting is (intended?) appalling. It's not scary at all and the even the scenes designed to shock (some tasteless scenes involving kids) don't turn your stomach at all, they just feel to trying to do so.

    Gripes aside, there is still much fun to be had. Loads of blood and gore which is so OTT that it's more funny than anything else and any film that has such inventive death scenes is well worth a view.

    The Blu Ray picture is superb bringing out the Director's intention of the heavy colours and 70's grain. The sound is one of the best i've heard on Blu Ray. Extras wise, the superb B-Roll footage and outtakes are more fun than the movie itself and a great insight into budget movie making. The running time of the B-Roll footage is split into 45 chapters and the running time is longer than the film.

    If you like daft cult horrors then give this hobo a home.

  5.  Boobs & Gore & More Boobs...What's Not To Like?


    Piranha 3-D does exactly what it says on the tin. It's OTT, full of gore and packed with bikini beauties (including a gorgeous but dreadful acting talent Kelly Brook) which in turn get chomped by said nasty fishes. The opening scene is a glorious nod to Jaws, complete with a Richard Dreyfuss cameo and the rest of the movie is a treat for 3-D. Just don't expect a great movie, just expect a great time. This film knows exactly what it is and never tries to be anything different. It's crude with naff acting but totally enjoyable.

    The Blu Ray release includes a standard 2-D version (waste of time) and a Anaglyph 3-D version (which is the naff / non cinematic red/green glasses / headache crap 3-D). It does however also include the proper 3-D version which is compatable with the proper 3-D set up, and that is the ONLY version to watch of this particular movie.

  6.  Animals & Peeing Jokes Mixed With Falling Over. Comedy Gold?


    Brendan Fraser. What happened? You've got fat and now doing Eddie Murphy material. Ah well, for what it's worth, Furry Vengeance (the title may suit an adult film sold in private shops more) is about naive man who, within his job, has to flatten a forest to build homes. The Animals don't like it. The animals fight the man in 'Home Alone' style. Much falling over and animals peeing on people ensue. That's it, with a silly dance thing over the end credits. It's a tired premise which offers nothing new. Saying all that, my 6 year old liked it. It's a kids film and not one for the whole family. The Blu Ray is sharp with superb picture & sound. It's also cheap so worth a punt to keep the kids quiet - just don't watch it yourself.

  7.  STAR RATING FOR BLU RAY ONLY - Movie Is 5 Stars


    Uh-Huh...Thank ya very much...

    At last the 1979 ABC broadcast 'Elvis' the movie is finally available. Kurt Russell's performance earned him awards and his performance of Elvis Presley is one of the best ever. I rate the 2hr & 48min film with 5 stars - maximum. Even if you are not a huge Elvis fan, the biopic will still hook you in. All the performances are excellent and John Carpenter does a superb job of directing.

    Now the BLU RAY transfer... really poor i'm afraid and not, as Elvis would put it, TCB at all. There has been no restoration and some parts (especially the Elvis as a boy scenes) are worse than a regular DVD. They look like they have been transferred to DVD from a grainy, washed out, fussy VCR TV recording, taped direct from the telly back in 1979! Other scenes look superb so i'm baffled why this disc has been produced in such a way. For something as important as a long awaited Elvis Presley film, i'm shocked that this has just been slung out there to the collectors. The audio is passable but still way under par for a Blu Ray disc. The extras are pretty good but not mind blowing.

    Saying all that, it is very cheap at 11.99 but to be honest i'd stick with regular DVD (unless the extras are only available on the Blu Ray). It is Region Free (AB&C) so will play worldwide. It is English language only and English subtitles only too (feature only)

    Elvis has left the building...

  8.  3-D Info..


    This Blu Ray (as with the standard DVD release) does indeed come with both 2-D & 3-D versions. The 3-D is the red/green technology and NOT the 'Real-D' as shown in theatres. The 'Real-D' technology has not been invented for DVD releases as yet. The way Real-D works in the cinema, with the sunglasses type specs, is with two projectors showing slightly different images to create the 3-D. **Updated Info *** The new 3-D technology has now caught up and this disc will be re-issued on BluRay HD 3-D in 2012, with the cinema 3-D style technology.

  9.  Where The Wild Things, Are Not Really For Kids...


    I was so looking forward to this movie since I saw the trailer and outstanding reviews. I ordered the U.S multi region Blu Ray and sat down with my 6 yr old daughter to get lost in a wonderful story.

    We both really struggled with it. I found the kid unlikeable and the story a bit of a bore. The effects are outstanding and it looks fantastic. We just found the whole thing 'ok' and a watch once. I thought it was going to be a modern day 'Neverending Story' type film.

    For me it's a film too dark for kids. It really is an adult fantasy movie. Even the added short movie 'Higglety Pigglety' is just as bizzare.

    The Blu Ray transfer is outstanding along with the sound.

  10.  The Most Definitive CD Release From Shaky To Date..


    The epic masters has finally arrived and without a shadow of a doubt it is truely stunning. Housed in a superb box, complete with mini album replicas and inner lining notes, a 20 page booklet and fully remastered, we get the nine main epic album releases with a bonus cd of 12" remixes. Cd 1 through to 10 is take one! It's cd debut, followed by this ole house, shaky ( 1st time on cd in the uk), give me your heart tonight (again 1st time on cd in the uk), the bop won't stop, lipstick powder & paint (1st time on cd), let's boogie, a whole lotta shaky, there are two kinds of music...rock 'n roll and a cd of 12" versions.

    Many rare tracks and b-sides etc are included on the matching releases which just adds to the importance of this release. These tracks have been overlooked by shaky himself and many of them have new tweaks and arrangements. This means something new and fresh to listen too for the fans.

    The booklet contains great info and pictures of the discography that will take you down memory lane in the old days of vinyl.

    The price of this box is a snip for the 147 tracks and love that has been poured into making this the ultimate shaky experience.

    If you think you've heard all these albums before then think again. This is a truely unique experience as you discover the retro sound all over again as never heard before.

    What the hell you waiting for? Order it now! You won't be dissapointed.