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  1.  Now afraid of creased paper


    Wow, where to start with this game. I had loosely followed what was going on with regard to the hype and Cage's insane ability to suck people in and tell them things they didn't really understand but make them excited about it anyway. I knew what to expect from this game, I got what I expected but can't explain why I'm still really surprised!
    First of, it took me a week and a half to get it, I think the wait made it better, genuinely, I tried 3 different cities/towns and nobody had it in stock. When I eventually did get it, I was so impressed. From the way the whole thing starts out to the way the pause menu is inexplicably beautiful, the game is full of surprises from start to finish.
    The gameplay is exactly as you should expect it to be. It's timed button pressing but it's very varied and you will miss things. This is part of the wonder of the Heavy Rain experience, just when you think you're out of the woods, something unexpected happens demanding a lightning fast reaction (this is usually when you're taking a sip of searing hot coffee in real life) throwing you straight back into the game and scaring the absolute pants off you.
    The story is every bit as good as you expect it to be, this is the component at the forefront of the game and is the one where they haven't left anything out. The story is so detailed and everything gels together so well with major influences coming from all the main characters, which in turn, dramatically affects the outcome of the whole story.
    The game constantly flips between the four main characters keeping things varied as each does seem to have a distinct style. As the Jayden, the FBI guy, you're out looking for clues, with Ethan, the dad, you're desperately trying to find something you've lost. It goes on, it keeps shifting around on you and at no point have I thought that I was getting bored with the control scheme or lack of rocket launchers, the entire game is just so involving, you'll lose days on it.
    I have to say that the opening section of this game (the mall) was probably the best gaming experience I've ever had. The crowd mechanic was just real, don't know how else to put it, it was just real. I was panicking, I was scared, I was hooked. This game couldn't disappoint anyone, it's worth anyone trying and I really hope it's the start of a new style of gaming, there is certainly plenty more space in my life for some more of this!

  2.  Apocalyptastic


    This game is brilliant. I really enjoy a good action game and lord knows we all need something to occupy us untill GOW gets here. I got Darksiders thinking that it'd be a nice little filler game and it gave me so much more.

    I like the idea behind it, Horseman of the Apocalypse, treachery, other-worldy weapons, big scary demons etc... and it delivers these things in spades. The story is good, nothing very complicated but it does nicely and all seems rather believable (within context). It's paced very nicely and draws to a very satisfying conclusion and and ending that made me rather excited.

    Gameplay is rocking, it's a very standard hack 'n' slash with a few puzzles thrown in for good measure. I played on Apolcalyptic (hard) and I got through it in around 5 nights of play. There are a few different weapons to collect and a lot of combos to master, although being honest, I tended to stick to the same square, square, square, square strategy most of the time. What I did find interesting is how difficult I found things initially but toward the end of the game, you're learning when to dodge and when to move in for the killer blow effectively. What I really enjoyed were the bosses. I've read other reviews that slated them for being too easy but there are plenty of areas in the game that are either finger mashingly difficult (ice-axe-knight guys) or brain meltingly confusing (portal puzzles in the last level) to keep you on your toes. The bosses look so good and offer a bit of variation so if they were a bit easier than you thought, I'd look at it as a something cool to look at toward the end of a level.

    The graphics are great, blood splattering everywhere, cool finishing moves for different enemy types and the sound is rocking. I really enjoyed it all from start to finish. One of my favourite bits was where War was reunited with Ruin. This is the coolest horse in all of heaven, hell and everywhere in between. It's no major addition as far as gameplay is concerned but it's nicely used in the last big fight and it's always fun riding a devil horse around town isn't it?

    The only slight downsides are that I think the bad guys could be a little bit more varied and could force you to use more different fighting styles to mash them up. The world, although cool and nicely done, could have more free-roaming space, this isn't something that would bother you throughout the game but once you've finished it and gone back, I'd like some more big bad baddies and a nice exercise ground to run around with Ruin in. That's it, nothing that would allow me to trade it in or regret buying it, I'll be happy all the way to my platinum trophy!

    Overall, I'd happily give it 8.5 out of 10. I really enjoyed it and wish it every success in the world because I really want a sequel!

  3.  incredibly good


    From the off, I was really unsure about this game. I enjoyed the first Uncharted but sometimes I don't do well with fast paced action and non-stop gun slinging. I like how Tomb Raider locks on to enemies for you and takes a lot of the stress out of the situation so playing through with Drake again kinda filled me with a bit of dread but I decided to buy the game anyway as the reviews were so good.
    If I hadn't bought this, I'd have missed out on what I can only describe as the singlemost amazing gaming experience of my life. This is nothing short of incredible and I just can't put it down.
    The story, as I'm sure we all expected, is excellent, a nice mix of the mythological with reality and some plain evil dudes thrown in for spice. It plays out well, is excellently paced and was gripping throughout the entire game.
    The graphics are as good as they can be, without doubt the best looking game on PS3 to date. The different environments and weather effects are what really stand out here. I found myself on occasion just having to stop to look around as it poured with rain in lush tropical jungles or when a blizzard blew through a wrecked train in the snowy mountains.
    Gameplay is probably the showstopper, everyone's aware by now that the levels have a much more 3D feel to them, it's as important to climb buildings for a higher vantage point as it is to find a good spot to take cover and fire from. The options are there so you can really approach any situation as best you see fit. What impressed me the most throughout the game was the variation in levels and combat. The physical fights are great fun, you pack a great punch and can pull off a good sense of a brawl on occasion. The weapons, as before, are excellent, a brilliant range from the humble Pistol all the way to the awesomely powerful Dragon Sniper or Rocket Launcher. All fun to play and never get boring.
    The two best things for last: set pieces and multiplayer. The set pieces make the game in so many ways, there are several levels that will make your jaw drop in astonishment, you'll see what I mean when you've played through the train level, just fantastic.
    Multiplayer is also, you guessed it, fantastic. I've had the occasional problem with connection dropping out but on the whole, I've teamed up with my cousin for a few co-op games online and there hasn't been a single moment of lag and the whole experience has been very smooth.
    I'm not going to keep going as I'm just going to start raving about it again but there's absolutely no reason not to have this, it's exceptional, the best game out there so far, just get it.

  4.  If only I was 5 years old...


    I am a huge RPG fan, I enjoy the pacing much more than your standard shooters and am one of those geeks that really gets into the Final Fantasy games with all the laughter and tears that involves (blush). Anyway, Eternal Sonata is much in the same vein as it's superior big brother but it manages to be surprisingly original and endearing all at the same time.
    One of the most important things in an RPG is going to be story and there's buckets of it here. Given, sometimes it can be told in a little bit of a childlike way and really does labour on some dullish points (we all hate taxes kids) but it does a good job of explaining character motivation and how intricately intertwined they are. Some of the cutscenes can be a bit laborious to get through but it's all there for a reason so just enjoy it. One of the coolest features is shown at the end of the chapter, there's a mini history lesson on the life of Chopin, personally I love this, I play the piano and quite a lot of Chopin and it's really interesting for me to find out where the motivation for some of his music came from. I will add here, this is specific to me and some might find this really boring but this is a game trying to teach you something as you play and that really has to be commended, I've certainly never seen it before and it's got to be a good thing.
    Gameplay is very much standard RPG fare. Set amount of characters in battle, set amount of time to move and a handfull of attacks to choose from. It's nothing out of the oridnary but works quite well. I have found, on occasion, that some of the monsters you fight can be a little bit unbalanced in as much as you can be nailing a goat one minute only to take 2 steps and be pwned by some massive dragon. It's fine though, after a bit of a rant you'll be back trying again. Something I love here is the fact that battles can be fought multiplayer stylee. This is fantastic as I love a good RPG, my cousin isn't generally a fan and there's not a whole bunch of same screen multiplayers to choose from on PS3 but this has fared very well with us and we're both way too critical for our own good usually. Basically, you can assign characters to controller 2 for battles if you want to, it's a nice little feature and this game has benefitted from it masively in my opinion.
    Not much more to add really, it's a solid littlebig game with a nice story, very decent characters and a good measure of education. If you like an RPG, you can't really go wrong here, it does its job well, the only thing I could pick up on is that sometimes the tone can be a bit childish but once you're past that and in your 5 year old head again, the game's ace.

  5.  Thought I'd hate it...


    This game is ace, a massive surprise to me but I'll explain as we go. I'm not generally a fan of the trusted FPS (I think the only person in the world), I feel as if you're always looking at handrails or the ground and it never really feels as exciting to me or looks as good as a 3rd person action game or platformer. For this reason, Mirror's Edge was always going to be a bit of a punt for me but I saw it going super cheap and thought that I couldn't go wrong under a tenner, at worst, it bolsters my collection.
    I was really surprised, I'd played the demo and thought that it was ok but the game really does have a lot to offer.
    I'll start with graphics, really very very good. I wouldn't ask for more on this one, it's a very clean cut and (in a good way) sterile world. The draw distance is good and highly detailed giving a great sense of accomplishment when you're able to plot your route from A - B in advance and stick to it. I love it when Faith's arms/legs pop into view occasionally, it really throws you into the experience and I'm glad for that, it stops it being just another FP game and makes it something a little bit more, hmmm, prettier?
    As to gameplay, the controls and mechanics are very intuative, if you think you can do it, you more than likely can. I love how after spending a few minutes staring at a wall you can do the 'oh yeah, that's so obvious' bit. The motion is fluid and the way Faith gathers momentum, boosting her jumping and vaulting speed etc... is very well handled. It gives you a great incentive to keep running without stopping, trying to chain as much together as your nerves can handle. Some of the trophies are a massive ask for pulling together some really complex stuff I'm still a way off being able to acheive but you can rest assured, I'll keep trying til it's sorted.
    Combat isn't the focus here but it's certainly part of the game, you have melee attacks and you can disarm opponents, using their own weapons against them. It's a necessary part of the game and, when done right, is very cool. There is the odd occasion where it seems nearly impossible to push through a wall of guards but that's also one of the great things about this, there's always a way, it might not be obvious at first but you can be sure it's staring you right in the face. The general idea for the game is that you can get from the first to last steps without actually killing anyone, I don't see how but I'm sure I'll enjoy finding out.
    That's about it, outside the main game there are plenty of unlockables from character art to music and there's some nifty little time trials that are ranked on a worldwide leaderboard. There's free DLC for this on PSN which is never a bad thing.
    At this price, you can't go wrong, just get it.

  6.  Finally!!


    We all know that movies that turn in to games are never good, there has only once been an exception to this rule (Goldeneye) but I'm happy to report that finally, a new tie in has been paid the attention is deserves. Wolverine is finally on my PS3 in the way that fans intended it to be!
    The storyline is no surprise, it's the movie, nuff said.
    What's so great about this is that there's not been any compromise in Wolverine's character, style or brutality. It's great, simply great being able to actually tear people apart with his claws, I will never tire of this. The ragdoll mechanics work pretty well and when you pull off a brutal kill (when an enemy has less than 10% hp) and the action slows down so you can see the trail of blood floating in mid-air from the fresh corpse to Wolverine's claws, you'll be amazed at how cool it looks and how cool you feel! There's no shortage of baddies in this game, a lot of the time, you'll find yourself totally surrounded and going mental to keep them down. There's a huge array of moves to be used from your standard combos to special spinny manouvres to lunging at people from a distance, the action never gets tiring or samey. It also means you can pull off a fairly structured strategy as to you attacks as opposed to button mashing all the time.
    The only gripe you could have here is that a lot of the bogger enemies use the same attack strategy, forcing you to have the same kill strategy. Basically, roll out of the way to get behind them, jump on its back and hack away. It's the only thing I could really pick fault with but not anywhere near a big enough issue to put anyone off.
    The graphics are pretty good. There are odd moments where you'll kinda wince and think 'well, that could've been better polished' but there's not that many of them. On the whole, the graphics are great, Wolverine looks like Jackman and that's the goal so job done there. The environments are pretty good, not a huge variation but the game is very much focused on action so you're not playing this to look at pretty pictures. One of the best things is watching him regenerate. The amount of times I've blown up a barrel just to see his skin fly off and grow back is a bit ridiculous.
    All the usual upgrade paths are there, gain experience and spend it, you can tweak quite a lot from piling strength into special attacks to just upgrading your health limit, it's all there as you'd expect.
    No reasons not to get this game, the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of the occasional framerate drops and the sometimes slightly sketchy graphics, nothing that would make me regret it, ace game, get it!

  7.  It's a shame...


    I REALLY wanted to like this game. I really did and it's not all bad but totally isn't what I expected. I'm kind of surprised that nobody else is really giving this a low score but I have my reasons and here they are.
    I love the ghostbusters and everything they stand for, for the most part, the game captures this brilliantly but it falls down in so many other places, it's kind of hard to ignore.
    The story is great, no complaints there, some of the cut scenes can be a bit ropey but voice acting is pretty good and the story keeps its momentum throughout.
    The combat is also good, in fact, the best bit. It's great fun wrangling ghosts and trapping them, especially when they're putting up a good fight but the control mechanics just don't work for me. There are a few different weapons at your disposal but they're really fiddly to move between. Each of them are assigned to a selection on the d-pad, this works great in other games (Dead Space) but for some reason, it's sluggish and unclear in this one. There's no great distinction between them as far as the onscreen icon is concerned and I kept finding myself firing the wrong weapon in the wrong direction (annoying). The weapons do look amazing and, as I said, when you're kicking the slime outta something with the proton pack then snaring it and slam dunking it into a trap, it's properly amazing and really good fun, it's just that the other weapons don't really meet this standard. As fun as this is, not all enemies require this level of busting. A lot of the enemies you encounter are little more than filler, meaning you just shoot, shoot and shoot til they explode and that's you done with it.
    The other issue I have is that the game is ENTIRELY linear. This is gonna make me sound like an old man but there's absolutely no reason for a third gen console to be giving us a game without roaming privileges, this could've been amazing with loadsa cool side missions and the like but there's none of that outside the main game.
    There are some really cool moments, the battle with the marshmallow man is very cool and good fun but these moments alone are not enough to hold my interest. I'm afraid, although a good effort all round has been attempted, it's just not one for me and no matter how cool it is hearing my PS3 battering out the theme tune, I won't be playing it til 4 in the morning and worrying about getting up for work!

  8.  Best guide ever


    This is brilliant, who cares if it costs loads more? It does all the things a complete guide should and it looks brilliant. I finished the game ages ago and don't look at it any more but every now and then, it catches my eye on its shelf and I think 'damn that looks good!'. If you need the guide, just get this one, it won't disappoint.

  9. inFamous



    1 New from  £29.99  Free delivery

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     Famous more like


    What a lot of hype huh?
    The game itself is really good, there are a couple of minor flaws but I think if you were pacing yourself with it as opposed to playing it constantly (like I am) you wouldn't notice them all that much.
    I'll start with Cole, a very very cool character, we all know the basics, he can be good or evil, depending on how careful you want to be during the game. When you're good Cole (Hero), the citizens help you in your tasks, taking on bad guys and cheering you in the streets. As bad Cole (Infamous), you're heckled and held back, people throw stones at you and the like, a nice touch. I'm playing through as good Cole at the moment and it's definitely a challenge, the people in Empire City really do like to get in the way and that can be a bit frustrating at times but who said being a Hero was easy? As you progress through the game, you're awarded experience points and you use these as currency to upgrade your powers. The powers themselves are the show stealer for me. Cetain missions require you to turn the power on in part of the city, this gives you a sweet cut scene where he uses himself as a conduit to link two parts of the electric grid, awarding him a new power in the process. Some of them are absolutely incredible and are pretty intuative. Once you've got the hang of it, you'll be blasting baddies left right and centre without thinking twice.
    The story is good, it's pretty standard but it keeps you involved and there are a couple of twists in there, not really jaw droppers but they push things along nicely and it all works really well in the framework of the game.
    The graphics are what excite me on this one. The powers look amazing, it feels good zapping the funk outta stuff, in particular, the polarity shield is very nice, there's no way anyone could be disappointed on this front. One of the best things to do is find something really high and Thunder Drop (jump off and hit the ground causing an electric shockwave) from it, it's immense! There is the occasional issue with texture pop-in but it's totally excusable considering the size of the world you're playing through.
    Ok, the negative. There are three islands to play through and they all carry different enemies. These enemies don't seem to cross from island to island which is a bit odd, but, well, who really cares about that? The problem I have is that a lot of the side missions are exactly the same. You can ened up doing the same task half a dozen times and that can be a bit annoying. As I mentioned earlier, if you're playing this properly and not going at it for hours on end, you probably wouldn't notice this as much but I did so thought I should mention it.
    All in all, it's a reall good game and I gaven't really been able to put it down. I can't wait to finish it on Hero and go back to do it as a bad guy so it's obvioously sitting very well with me. There's no reaon not to get it and I think it's gonna be a really hard act for Prototype to follow.
    I'd happily give it 9 out of 10 (fix this play).

  10.  Fox 2


    Yup, I like it. I was a fan of Blazing Angels so this was a bit of a no-brainer for me.
    The graphics are pretty great, missile trails, explosions etc... are immensely satisfying. The ground detailing can be a little bit sketchy every now and then but you'll forgive it unless you're like crazy picky. All the environments are taken from some programme similar to google earth (I pay attention but not that much) so all the areas are accurate to the last letter so I'm guessing some graphical concessions had to be made somewhere.
    The combat is great, you've the option of flying in 2 different modes. Basically one where you're in 'direct control' of the aircraft from a 3rd person behind the plane view, cockpit or 1st person views. These keep the plane flying within normal tolerances, basically this means that you can't turn too tightly (making you easier to shoot down) but you also can't stall (stalling means you travel slower so, again, you're easier to hit). The other option throws you into a crazy action cam 3rd person mode. Here, you can slow your plane down to all but a stop and perform all the acrobatic stuff that probably isn't all that possible in the real world, this is why we love games though innit? Here you can pull off crazy tight turns, sneaking up on the enemy etc... The downside, as mentioned above, is that if you push it too hard, you'll stall and fall out of the sky, panicking yourself into a quick recovery while dodging all the missiles that have come out of nowhere.
    As to the storyline, it's there, you're not really playing this kind of game for that though are you? You're contracted out by a Private Military Company, a hired gun basically then they get too big for their boots, attack the US blah blah blah.
    Locations in the game are good, there are 19 missions to get through in all and the trophies are pretty abundant. There are LOADS of in game challenges to unlock and a wealth of aircraft and weapons to boot. Plenty of replay factor.
    The online side of it's really good too. I don't always get a great signal on my wireless b/band so I drop out occasionally but when the connection's good, the gaming's excellent. You can dogfight in two teams of up to four which is a great laugh. You can also take on the game missions in co-op mode, a really nice touch as the ally AI can be a bit dippy from time to time. Also, everything you do in the online modes counts toward your experience point total so nothing lost there.
    Last thing is the voice control, it's pretty cool and works most of the time. You can so things like display your map, fire missiles and give your team-mates a couple of basic orders with it. Worth it for a while! I have to add that when I had my headset switched on, I seemed to be firing missiles for no reason at all sometimes. This was particularly annoying when playing on Elite with reduced ammo etc...
    Not a perfect game but has kept me happy for the past week and I'm sure the online side will keep me at it for a few more at least, not for everyone but if you fancy a break from the millions of fps' out there, this is a goodun.