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  1.  Nerf Maverick


    Very good, well priced nerf gun. Great fun around the house with a few people kind of like paintballing indoors I suppose.
    The power is actually pretty good, range around 15m but as stated before one shot may be much more powerful than the next, however this can be very easily rectified simply by removal of the air restrictors which solves this problem and gives the gun another 5m or range. Other modifications can be done to this gun very easily and quickly with no special tools or skills with many good videos on youtube.

  2.  Something old, something new.


    The game's fantastic, with a good combo of stealth and action. The premise of it is to creep around a city doing mini-missions to gather intel then assassinate a key target while uncovering a knight's templar conspiracy with open-world gameplay. You can decide which historic city to go to wether Jerusalem, Acre or another (can't remember the name). You can also ride and fight horseback! The missions make you better every time in terms of weapons and HP. Sound fun, doesn't it!
    Combine this with the modern principle of free running then you've got yourelf a game!
    It can become slightly repetitive, but if you try and play with some more flair and try and pull off some really good moves, it is so much fun.

  3.  Got it with PS3 last year, still a great game.


    Can't wait for motorstorm 2! The idea is great, the vehicles are great!
    The only bad thing is the fact that it has no offline multiplayer, but this is being fixed in motorstorm 2.



    Bought this last august and have played it regularly since the single player has a fun, convincing storyline. The online mode, however, is where this game comes into it's own with classes and vehicles. You can play as axis or allied.
    Recon: Springfield or 98 Sniper rifle and 1911 or P38 pistol, can call in artillery strike.
    Anti-Tank: Bazooka or Panzershreck and 1911 or P38 pistol, can re supply yourself or someone else.
    Support: MG34 or M1916 and 1911 or P38 pistol, can resupply yourself or someone else.
    Sub-machine gunner: Thompson or MP40 and 1911 or P38 pistol, with sticky grenades.
    Assault: BAR or MP44 and 1911 or P38 pistol, with AP mines.
    Rifleman: M1 garand or 98k and 1911 or P38 pistol, with rifle grenade and smoke grenade.

    All classes get a standard frag grenade unless stated otherwise.
    The Level up system means you get promoted to:
    Lance corporal: 10 pts, extra grenade/rifle grenade (and mine if applicable)
    Corporal: 20 pts, extra grenade/rifle grenade (and mine if applicable)
    Sergeant: 35 pts, extra grenade/rifle grenade (and mine if applicable)

  5.  Great game!


    The single player gives you great character movement and awareness on the battlefield making the game pretty realistic. The co-op is no different and great fun! Online this game is also really good, but you cannot customize the weapons although there are hundreds of the with all sorts of attachments.

  6.  Hone your skills on single player, then get online!


    Really fun with lots of cool weapons, like flamethrowers and shotguns. I think there are about 10 weapons online and 3 different grenades.
    The online is some of the best to be had on PS3, in similar quality to COD4. The great thing is the amount of people that have it. It was the first PS3 shooter and was included in alot of PS3 bundles, so you can always find yourself in a full room.
    Great on and off the internet and for £25, it's a steal!

  7.  Drift......into obscurity


    This game is a racing game in which you drift, kinda like Too Fast Too Furious: Tokyo Drift.
    Firstly it is ridiculously easy. When you're in a straight line you follow whoever is in front of you until you get nitrous then overtake them. At the corners the technique is to drift only a tiny bit. This can be dialled within an hour of game play.
    Secondly, the re-playability is poor. You o through different racing leagues and get upgrades, etc.. but they're all the same! The cars all look the same, but are supposedly faster!
    The only saving grace is the offline multiplayer.

  8.  As flight sims go...


    The only other WW2 flight sim I have is CFS3 and this is more than a match for it with easy controls, upgrades and fast-paced action. I bought this when it came out for £40 and am still happy I bought it. The single player and multiplayer (online and offline) are good, but the story mode does get boring after a while, so find a friend!

  9.  Rockin' Oooooooout


    Guitar hero isn't particularly realistic, but who cares when it's this much fun! It's pretty easy to pick up the controls and play, making it the prefect party game for first-timers. There is also a a good single player mode which goes up to expert, if you're really hard core. The online also pairs you up with a random person to play a battle, a contest (highest score wins), co-op, and many more.

  10.  Great Multiplayer


    It's fantastic.
    Firstly, it can't be compared to COD4. It doesn't have particularly good graphics, but makes up for this in realism and sheer scale of the battlefield with tanks, planes, boats, and hummers. It is almost a combination of COD4 and Mercenaries, in the way you can destroy ANYTHING.
    It's kind of annoying that you can't go prone, however.