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  1.  What GTA would be like set in WW2!!!!!!


    I got this game after Xmas and have just finished it. I really, really enjoyed playing it. As my title says it's what GTA would be like set in WW2. Graphics are a bit below the cutting edge standards which todays gamers expect (rolls eyes) but definately more than enough to please. For me it was a big suprise game of 2009. Yes it's not perfect but neither is COD:MW2 which everyone seems to rave on about, and for a break from 1st person shooters this does the job quite nicely.

  2.  Decent game but over rated and over priced.


    Like many others I waited with great expectations for this game. After finishing the single player in under 7 hours (on Hardened difficulty) I couldn't help but feel a bit "short changed". I know that multiplayer plays a big part in the COD series (and is good if the servers are working!!!) but with the single player story being so short I couldn't help but feel that it had been added as an afterthought and that I had ended up purchasing half a game at a higher than normal price.
    As my title says it is a decent game, but most definatly don't buy it if you haven't got an internet connection!!!!!!!!!

  3.  13 months..............yay!!!


    If you put the code in it will just add 13 months to your expiry date on your membership. Not sure if it will work on American accounts.
    GOLD member privleges? The only things I can see different to when I 1st joined are the price reduced extra content packs, although most people will have brought them for the specific games when the the content was first were released so the reduction is pointless. It's only ever older game content that's reduced anyway!!!
    Anyway LIVE is still the best online gaming round (and I've got a PS3 and 360 so can compare them), so get on it!!!

  4.  Great but too short!!!


    This game is great. The controls are easy once you get used to them (just like any game) and people can't moan about them because THQ always said that they would go for an "arcade" style control system and gameplay, hence the button bashing.
    The roster is good, and finally the Ultimate Warrior makes an appearance, although how Koko. B. Ware gets the nod ahead of The Macho Man is beyond me!
    My only complaint (hence the 4 stars) is that for me personnaly, wrestling games have no replay value at all. I got this when it came out (20/3/09) and traded it in today (23/3/09). I had done every match type numerous times and acheived every trophy in the game and therefore got the platinum, and I'm not a "trophy hunter" they're just that easy to get! It wasn't as if I spent the whole weekend "hammering" it to finish it quickly so I could trade it in either.
    Definately worth a rental for a weekend but I'd think twice about a full purchase.

  5.  I finally got one


    Well I've finally got me a PS3. I nearly brought a 40Gb one a few weeks ago but saw this 80GB version with Dual Shock Pad was going to be sold for the same price so held out for it (no brainer really).
    I have watched a couple of Blu-Ray films on it and was amazed at what was displayed on my 1080p Samsung 40 inch Series 6 LCD TV. I though upscaled DVD's were good but Blu-Ray is something else!!!
    Have also played a few games but can't really see a difference in them between the PS3 and my Xbox 360 Elite (both running through HDMI).
    Online play? Xbox LIVE wins hands down! The PSN is ok (and it's free) but there's only one winner overall.
    Overall they are both great consoles. The 360 does have reliability problems (although I've been lucky and neither my original Premium or current Elite has broke, fingers crossed).
    The PS3 is worth buying just for the Blu-Ray because at least you know it oisn't going to go out of date in 6 months like a stand alone player because you get the firmware updates (if connected to the internet).
    Either way enjoy!

  6.  Ok for the extra songs


    Even though I quite like Aerosmith's music, I really took my time over buying this as £40 for what I think is 42 songs is steep. But because I was in desperate need of some new songs (as download content is rare as hens teeth), I "bit the bullet" bought it. As a GH fan (I've got 2 and 3 already + all the download content for them), I'm quite pleased with the game, although I think it should be priced at around £30 as it's not really a full game. 4 hours of playing and I'd gone through the career mode on medium and unlocked the acheivments to go with it, which if you've played GH before will be REALLY easy.

  7.  Got ot have it!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I'd never heard of this group untill I played (and completed) Guitar Hero 3 on Xbox 360.
    The first time I heard "Through The Fire And Flames" (WHILST FRANTICALLY TRYING TO PLAY IT!) I knew I had to buy the album. Although I mainly listen to rock (the good stuff from 70's and 80's, Led Zep etc) I'm not usually an avid listener of "thrash" style rock. This track alone made me buy the album because I know a good guitar solo when I here one! The rest of the album doesn't disapoint either. A must have!!!

  8.  Can I give it 10 stars? Only 5 doesn't do the book justice!!


    Firstly can I just say that I don't read many books, and when I do, if I don't find it any good in the first couple of chapters it gets put on the shelf never to be seen again.
    This book I've read 4 times it is that good!!! Once you start reding it you CAN NOT put it down. As the previous reviewer said, your with the lads all the way there and back. Absolutely fantastic book. Would recommend it, even if "war" isn't your thing.

  9.  It's a Darts game!


    What do people expect from this game?
    You were always going to have to use the Wii remote actively to "throw" the darts with how hard you "threw" it relting to how hard you threw the actual dart (which I think it does pretty well). Yes it can be a bit difficult to start with. I was thrashed by any pro I played, but I'm holding my own now.
    I brought the game on it's release day and can't say I regret it. Ok you can't play it for long periods because at the end of the day it's a darts game and it can get a bit repetative.
    However for the people that say it's boring...................it's a darts game! It will get boring (and I play darts too).

  10.  Great Game


    Although I don't have a Wii yet, I played this at my mates house. After 1 hour of playing I was knackered!!! As for the next day, my arms were killing me!!! Great game though. Certainly the best game I've played on the Wii (my mate buys most of them so I play them too). As for it being babyish...............well it's Mario and Sonic carachters.................what did you expect?