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  1.  Worst driving game on the Wii - EA should be ashamed!


    When I heard Need for Speed Hot Pursuit was coming to the Wii I was so excited I pre-ordered it months in advance. Imagine my horror when I got it on release day. Firstly, do not read the game description on Plays page, it is nothing like the PS3/360 versions. It is more like the Wiis previous NFS game Need for Speed Nitro but is much worser than that in terms of graphics and gameplay. Also this version is not developed by Criterion but a completely different developer altogether. The graphics on this game are awful, they look like something from the PS1 or N64. Previous Need for Speed games on the Wii looked a lot better than this. The games handling is also awful, its almost unplayable with the Wii wheel, it plays better with the classic controller or gamecube controller. This is the worst driving game I've played on the Wii, is clearly a rushed game and smells of a cash-in from EA. If you want to play a decent NFS game on the Wii go for Need for Speed Carbon or Undercover.

  2.  Very good


    One of my favourite action movies with a good storyline which will keep you watching until the end. At £3 a bargain.

  3.  Good, but not for everyone


    I've watched this a couple of times and I like it. A slow first 15 mins followed by a monster attacking New York and a group of people trying to escape, all filmed through Hud's camcorder. A bargain at £3 but you may want to go for the 2 disc version if you want to know more about the monster.

  4.  OK


    Alright, but have seen better. Quite gory in parts. The creature looks like a cross between Alien and chupacabra.

  5.  Good


    I agree with the reviewer below, why such bad ratings? Its a good film, despite the different setting and a different mummy. If you liked the first 2 you'll like this.

  6.  Better than the first but...


    Too dark. Most of the action is in the dark, very difficult to see. A shame, the only letdown of the film as I thought it was better than the first and a steal at £3.

  7.  Good sequel


    If you liked Hellboy 1 you must get this - a great sequel with great action and special effects. On Blu-Ray, Hellboy 2 looks stunning. Another good thing about the Blu-Ray is the film is on the whole screen, no widescreen bars. I hope they do this with other Blu-Rays.

  8.  Great Blu-Ray


    Iron Man is my favourite film of 2008. Great action and storyline. I was gonna get it on DVD first but bought the Blu-Ray instead. I'm glad I did - superb picture, sound and CGI on my PS3 and 32" HD LCD. This and the Dark Knight are must-have Blu-Rays.

  9.  Must have Blu-Ray


    If there is one Blu-Ray you must own - its the Dark Knight. The picture detail is superb and sharp, great sound too. Its one to show people who aren't yet convinced from the leap from DVD to Blu-Ray. The film is very good too, some great action scenes too - especially the IMAX scenes.

  10.  Best film of 2008


    This was my favourite film of 2008, great action and storyline. Better than the Dark Knight. Can't wait for Iron Man 2.