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  1.  Still Watchable After 30 Years!!!


    God this bought back some memories. I was about 11 when this first came out and have often wondered if anyone would bring it out and if it would stand the test of time.....
    Well, someone has finally bothered and in my opinion , yes it does stand the test. Some of it is cheesey 80's but I still watched it without struggling.
    Some programs you watch again now and they really are a lot worse than you remember, surprisingly though, this isn't one of them and I quite enjoyed this nostalgia trip!!

    Give it a go, you might just be surprised

  2.  One of the best.........


    Forget the original 70's series, if that's what you are after then you will be disappointed.
    However if you are after a series that has a great cast, action, humour and set in stunning scenery then this should be the series for you.
    I watched the pilot with apprehension and not really knowing what to expect but it was great!!!!!!!!
    Hoped the second episode wasn't going to be a let down, great news, it wasn't. After this the series became must view TV on a Sunday night and I can't wait for the second season to arrive on our screens

    It should be marked as a must buy, you won't be disappointed

  3.  Sports Island 3d.......


    Summed up in two letters is "OK"
    The graphics are OK, but nothing to write home about, the presentation is OK but nothing to write home about, the FX are OK but......... I expect you get the idea by now.
    Sometimes the control responses are a bit slow, well to be honest sometimes very slow,
    Even though it's only an average game I also find it strangely addictive. All the games are pick up and play simple with nothing to test the grey matter. A couple like football, and basketball are reasonably fun but others like ice hockey and snowball fight are frustrating and will drive you up the wall.
    I think it could be worth a look but I'd wait till the price drops a bit, don't pay full whack like I did!!!!!!!!!!

  4.  It's out of this world...................


    I was a huge fan of Shaun of the Dead but thought thet Hot Fuzz was severely over rated, due to this I had mixed thoughts about PAUL. I didn't have to worry as it was absolutely brilliant. If you are a bit of a sci fi nerd as I am then you will recognise a lot of the lines in reference to other films, the Star Wars canteena music being played country style in a biker bar was a stroke of genius.

    In short I can sum it up in three words.....................

    WATCH IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5.  Another LEGO Winner


    I've been a fan of the LEGO games for ages and played them on most of the formats available.
    Wasn't sure about how this would go on the small screen but needn't have worried. It has the usual LEGO humour in the cut scenes and the graphics for a hand held are amazing. I haven't watched any of the clone wars tv series and haven't lost anything by this, most of the characters are popular from the 6 film Star Wars franchise. Easy to pick up and play, well worth the money.

    Go buy it now, you will not be disappointed!!!!!!!

  6.  Not brilliant, but then not completely awful


    In the same vein as Octoshark, Mega Pirhana etc comes Dinoshark. A far fetched but sort of plausible idea I suppose ( who knows? it could happen!!) A couple of familiar faces but no real big name stars to speak of, more daft turn brain off, sit back and enjoy type fun. Not brilliant but could be a lot lot worse!!

  7.  Not as bad as expected, but still pretty bad


    With a title like this it's hardly going to be up for any OSCARS.

    Eric Roberts should know better

    Sit back, turn your brain off and have a laugh for an evening

  8.  It's good but......................


    I f you have watched the other films then this will be a bit disappointing, If you haven't watched the others then you would probably enjoy this more.
    Johnny Depp is great once again, strangely I think the film missed Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly. Penelope Cruz just plays the same person as she does in every other film / advert she is in.
    Good story, poor zombies, strange trying to add a completely different love interest.
    Still enjoyable but by no means the best of the series

  9.  How can you go wrong?


    3 of the best films of recent years.
    Johnny Depp playing one of the most memorable characters ever
    Action, adventure, these films have got the lot and at this price you really can't go wrong.
    If you haven't watched these films yet, hurry up, you won't be disappointed. They can be watched again and again and again

  10.  Disappointing!!!!!!


    I am a huge predator fanbut this was very disappointing.

    As a stand alone film it may have worked, but as part of the predator franchise it's a bit of a flop I'm afraid.
    The original has Arnie, even the second has Danny Glover but Adrien Brody just doesn't fit the part I'm afraid.
    There are also scenes that are too similar to the original. The stand out scene being the original having Billy make a stand to protect the others, this one has a Yakuza making the same gester.

    If you haven't watched the original then this would be OK,

    If you have watched the original then oh dear!!!!!!!