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  1.  not the best game ever..


    it isnt the best game ever, but it was never going to live up to the hype. the multiplayer is good fun but not up there with the likes of cod4 and gears, nor is the gameplay particuarly innovative. but as a co-op with a mate or more its brilliant, particuarly on a big hdtv. its got a real cinematic quality to it which is far more exciting than the technically superior gameplay of other top games like cod4 etc. the storyline and plot remains at a good, if somewhat predicable level. overall, its worth a buy just to play the campaign with friends, especially considering the low price.

  2.  excellent


    a really good game. i recommend it. having enjoyed the previous game, this is perhaps not the most innovative and fresh game; but brilliant nonetheless

  3.  ignore the xbox haters


    i have an xbox, so i suppose im probably a little bit biased; but the review below is very misleading. The 360 has had some hardware issues, though not to the exent described below. the main point is that mircosoft has now recongised the problem, and given youa free 3 year warranty. my friend broke his by knocking it over, microsoft collected it and gave him a new one within 3 weeks. furthermore it is an excellent and addictive console, multiplayer is excelled on the likes if gears and cod4, the ps3 hasnt been utilised properly yet.

  4.  love it, hate it


    there are three problems with football manager. firstly, its so much fun it will literally steal a large portion of your life. the second, is that the game acts so inexplicably that you will get extremely annoyed. disallowed goals, as mentioned in another review, pop up all the time. you can win 5 games in a row, then play the team at the bottom of the league, and a 17 year old making his debut will score a hattrick against you. i played a game a few moments ago where a midfielder scored a hattrick in 15 minutes, after playing an average 6.2 after 6 games before this game. (very bad). also, new signings by clubs can be ridiculously good (anybody remember saviola?). thirdly, the game is hardly changed from the last edition. in fact the game is hardly improved, disapointing for the best part of £30. there are a few wizards which are just annoying, the championed match day experience adds nothing but delay to the game. the only decent change is the ability to transfer surplus wages to transfer fund and vice versa (which is, admittedly, very helpful). also the confidence system is improved, taking into consideration and showing many different factors, but frankly the signings confidence acts somewhat strangely. i got flamini on loan, due to injury to my 1st choice def. mid., no wages or fees, played 5 games with average 6.92 or something similar (not bad), and the fans were extremely angry. the board are consequently disappointed with my performence, and im 3rd with wigan after 6 games, having spent half my budget and 100k below my wage budget. i dont normally write massive reviews, but fm is very devisive. to conclude im not sure which way to go, it will take over your life and annoy you a great deal, isnt better than fm07, but when your team blending youth with experience, flair with gritty determination, goes to the top of the league despite being tipped as relegation definites, it all seems worth it

  5.  amazing...


    this album is great, from a brilliant band. Musically and lyrically this is great. Everytime i think this is the best song on the album, i listen to the next one, and wow! out of 14 songs only a couple are a bit weak, and the variation on this album is impressive, with many different sounds. however, this isnt the most accessbile album, many listens are needed to get into cd, but once you dom you will be mightily impressed.

  6.  wow


    if you like first person narration, historical adventure novels, or just appreciate good enjoyable reads, id get this.
    the reviewer who says below that maybe taita is a bit far fetched because he can do anything is a bit of a joker, if you read the book (do!) you'll understand the fuuny side of that review.