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    i really couldn't put down R6V1 and this is pretty much the same. if anyone is having second thoughts about buying this because of COD4 don't. don't get me wrong COD4 was magnificent but you cannot compare this game to COD4 as many, many people have said. all they have in common is that they are both fps and the best of their kind.
    R6V2 is more slow paced than COD4 but this is for people who want more of a cahllenge. this game you have to think before you do something or you'll suffer the concequences.
    if your someone who doesn't want to buy this because its to much like the first in fairness you have a point, but most people can agree R6V1 was amazing so why would you want to change much about it. what ubisoft has done has got R6V1 and tweaked it if only slightly, for example they've added a new rewards system-A.C.E.S. you earn points for different types of actions;-maksmanship,close-quarters, and assault. great! this will challenge you in a way COD4 never could. they've sharpened the graphics, added new maps and you can sprint! one good thing is loading time online is shorter and you CAN join a game in progress! story mode is good good storyline but can get frustating sometimes. its more realistic in that only a couple of bullets will kill you.
    also maps from R6V1 i've heard are coming back favourites like;lvu campus, casino vault, caylpso casino and streets which is already downlaodable.
    i would highly recommend it. enjoy

  2.  OK but could have been better....


    now this game, like most has good and bad aspects.firstly the good ones;it has a very good online part which can become extremely addictie.instead of just racing you can play games such as ''bulldog'' which is pretty much tag.also there is a wide range of cars, which all handle very differently.the kudos points is a nice touch too.
    the bad points;if you dont mind a racing game were the track is fixed,so there are no alternate roots or shortcuts its great but there is no damage so you just bounce of everything.also like some racing games you cant free roam.the bikes are a nice change but are prcactically impossible to drive.aslso a small thing but after a while you'll know what i mean;the menu gets very annoying after you see a bike doing a dohnuts 100 times.
    now this is just my opinon but i think if you do want to buy this game wait till it drops in price because its not worth £40. but if your like me id wait for burnout:paradise which comes out in late january.
    hope this helped you.