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  1.  beauty of a film


    first of all, this is the best and ultimate disney feature around, regardless of opinion, you ask anyone who has seen it, they love this film, it has a beauty that is timeless... i saw it on vhs when it first came out... it was beautiful then, i missed the chance to get it on dvd, and then came this... i watched the dvd and the bluray version... first of all, what a transfer, the colours and depth are incredible...on bluray this will take your breath away... if you dont get this you will regret it because not only is it a great film, you have to remember at the time in 1991 i think it was, it was the first animated film to be nominated for an oscar, and should have won it in my opinion.... it was the best film of the year... and now it is probably the best bluray you will ever own

  2.  unbelievable


    i looked over the reviews on this before i bought it, and man i have got to say they have it all wrong, first of all the transfer to bluray and the it has been remastered, i expected it to be good, but this isnt just good, the picture is amazing.... yes the focus is quite soft, but hang on, this film was made in 73/74... it is almost as old as i am, and it still looks good... as good a transfer as star wars, not quite, but almost... the sound is incredible, and the first two films, are just classics... the third film is well, okay, to say the least, but not up to the standard of the first two, but hey you want the complete set, not 2 parts of the opera of the godfather.... the first film is brilliant, the second is amazing... believe me this is an offer you cant refuse...



    i watched these when i was 7, back in the seventies, and it always left indelible place in my heart, everyone else i knew loved doctor who, me i loved this programme, i watched them on vhs years ago, i got them on dvd, and boy was i impressed, cleaned up, restored, now if they redid the special effects like they did on the original star trek series, this would be the best sci fi series ever... but they didnt and probably wont so the effects will always remembered as being a joke, the wardrobes are just shocking, however this was a series about plot and characterisation, no other sci fi series of the same time or until the 90s, did the main characters not get along famously... if you want to see the best thing the bbc ever did, apart from the resurrected doctor who, this is it... it's not just good, it is brilliant

  4.  ben wow


    forget the other reviews... do we buy a blu-ray for the cover art? do you really?... it's too dark... now we all know what an utterly brilliant film this is... question? what is the transfer like? oh my god, it's a bit wow... you are going to forget how old this film is... the transfer is nothing short of breathtaking... the audio is a little understated... better than the dvd version??? oh yeah... this makes the dvd look like an old video transfer... it is that good, if you like this film... do yourself a favour, get it... i am not disappointed i got it

  5.  Lord of Bling


    first off, just received this, and i do not understand everyone's indignation that each film is spread over 2 discs... why is it surprising?? it was the same on dvd, having had these on dvd, i do not understand the furore... they always looked better on dvd (the extended ones)... anyway only have one word for this: immense...sound is awesome, picture is awesome, films are awesome.... we all know that



    I first caught the second series of twin peaks on its original run 20 years ago, and marvelled at its wonderful storylines, characters and beautiful scenery, this is Lynch not quite at his best, but close to it, seeing it again after all this time has made me fall in love with this programme all over again... the fact is 20 years later, there is still nothing like it on tv, i wont ruin it for anyone, but part whimsical, part drama, and part hilarious, and part inspired, peel back the layers and you will find probably find one of the best programmes ever made for television, my only gripe with the package, is it should come with fire walk with me, then it would be one of the best sets ever... dont believe me, watch it, make your own opinions, but you will never see television like it again

  7.  amazing


    one of the best films i have ever seen, truly unforgettable, i defy any one to not cry by the end of it, i am a guy, and i was in floods of tears, makes me cry every time... had this one on vhs, someone borrowed it, and never gave it back, had it on dvd, someone borrowed it and never gave it back... if you want to get a film for the mrs or girlfriend, you cant go wrong with this

  8.  Stargate rules the universe


    okay, we all know how good this film is... if you havent seen it, you have got to see it.... this is how it all started... and now on blu-ray... this is the best version by miles.... the blu-ray transfer is awesome to behold, the picture is that good, it looks a different film... and 7.1... yes 7.1, it will blow your socks off, and then some, i got this film for just under a fiver, and boy i was so thrilled... even at 8 quid it is an absolute bargain

  9.  Sharpe Shooting


    Okay, we have all seen them, we all know how good they are, but as for the transfer, hold your horses... it is brilliant...sure it was shot originally on 16mm, but consider this... on dvd they were good... on blu-ray they will knock your socks off, no cropped picture, it is now full widescreen, and the picture is a massive improvement, sure you will find some grain, but lets be honest, that happens on so many films and is symbolic of the way it was shot, and the time it was shot... the sound is 5.1.... yes 5.1 not stereo... that makes it even better... this is the quintessential sharpe set...if you havent bought it... what are you thinking... buy it... it is so worth it



    being a duke fan for many years, this is one of his quintessential roles. Howard Hawks finest film in my opinion, and the supporting cast are excellent, James Caan in one of his early film roles is a bit green about the gills as a fighter, but not in his acting... if you want to watch a film and see how they were properly made, this is one for you.. the dialogue is just brilliant and doesnt slink into cheesiness like Rio Bravo did... a forgotten classic