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  1.  The best that has EVER been made!!!


    This game is quite simply the best that has EVER been made.

    The graphics are just simply out of this world.
    The online gameplay is absoloutley breath taking.
    The weapoms and perks are at a totally different level.
    The campaign is just simply the best campaign they could of ever put on a game!!!!!

    Call of duty 4:Modern Warfare

    The game that has changed gaming for everyone!

    I strongly recomend everybody to get this game. You will not be dissapointed!!!!



    This game is absolutley shockingly boring. I bought this game thinking it would a great sonic classic but it wasnt!!!!. all you do in the game is run around racing other opponents and collecting coins thats all you do this game is shockingly boring. its not worth buying. only if you can not get to sleep at night but thats only when you should buy it. its really boring!!!

    I took this game back within a week of purchasing from a shop!!!!!!!

  3. FIFA 08

    FIFA 08

    Nintendo Wii

    3 New from  £9.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £0.98



    I got my Wii today and as you all know the comes with Wii sports,so i also got anotther game fifa 08. and i was plesently surpised on how good this gae really is for the Wii i strongly recomend any Wii owner to get this game. Its graphics arevery god for the console that they are priected on and the gameplay is very good aswell!!!!!!!! You have to get this game. I hae also played fifa 08 on th ps3 and thought i was good but i much prefer the fifa 08 on the Wii!!!!!!!!!!!Get this game!!!!!

  4.  Where are all the fight scenes


    The film is good and has some funny one liners but there are hardly any fight scenes, no action. But this film is alot better that the other one.



    I hvae always bought from sony consoles and sony television. I have the PS1 PS2 PS3 an i have never been dispointed, one of the best makers of electronics around. Worth every Penny!!!!!!!
    Great graphics with all games
    very fast system
    plenty of memory
    and an amazing console!



    Totally worth everyones money, the gameplay is very good and alot of fast pace action. £32.99 is cheap for how much game you are getting especially with a free headset. this game is the beast of all games.
    Absolutley worth everyones money.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET THIS GAME!!!!

  7. FIFA 08

    FIFA 08


    7 New from  £1.67  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £0.98

     Fifa always the best.


    Played the demo and i not been dissapointed. People who have played the demo have toi realize that EA are probably still sorting out the game to make it better so there is no point judging now but from the demo i already know that this is gonna be great!

  8.  Pretty good.


    This game is pretty good but it lacks on online play, there needs to be 4X4, helicopters and tanks but they dont have any of that.
    I dont tend to play the Single player of games i just head straight into online gameplay and pick up the controls that way, but this Single player campaing is very good with high action that you can never get bored of.

  9.  Good but.......


    This game is very good but the grapics could be better. online is also but u cant choose a server you want to into, u randomly get put into one and there is alot of lag mainly bullet lag, especially if you are from england and get put into an american server.

    But overall i liked this game i have reached elite and the custom camo is great.