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  1.  PES eat your heart out!


    If EA can keep this standard of football up in their games to come, PES might as well say goodbye and konami can focus on MGS4!
    It really captures the intensity of international football and the main new mode (Captain Your Country) is great and on co-op is really fun.
    If FIFA 09 expands on this, PES 2009 won't be on my wishlist after 2008's performance.
    The Battle of the nations will get interesting on june 30th - COME ON ENGLAND!

  2.  Fun as hell, from a guy who's never attempted playing guitar


    Well, I sucked when I first bought it, and am nowhere an above average guitar hero player now, but bloody hell it's a blast!
    I got the Foo's track pack the other day cos seeing them live @ Wembley on the 7th [WOO!], and that's completely immersed me into it again.
    I agree, the difficulty curve is quite err..difficult. Then again, you should be able to get into eventually.
    With a wide array songs, from a wide array of genres, this should keep you entertained for a while.

  3.  Great fun, and easily accessible.


    I bought this 2 days after release and it was great fun.
    The online is a seamless experience, and probably the best use of nintendo's wi-fi connection to date.
    It's great to just pick up and play because of the wii wheel's accessibility, and has a wide range of classic and new tracks - 16 of each.
    So overall this game introduces new fans to the mario kart franchise, as well as pleasing veterans back from the snes days.
    So go buy this now - oh, and don't slip on any banana skins on the way!

  4.  Attention game developers: This is what next-gen means!


    I bought this after playing the demo and, although that wasn't too special, I felt the finished article would have enough good content. I hadn't really played a burnout game before (!!) so I didn't know what to expect. I WAS BLOWN AWAY!
    By the visuals - top knotch.
    By the content - endless amount.
    By the speed - PHWOAR!
    And by everything else.
    It may seem a little overwhelming at first but once you get to know Paradise, you'll be boosting your way around to the sound of Guns 'n' Roses with pleasure.
    With 400 smashes, 120 billboards, 50 super jumps to find, plus races, marked mans, road rages, stunt runs and single player and online challenges, this should keep you going for hours on end!

  5.  At a fiver? You disgust me Play :P


    I think that this album is fantastic, although having a few mediocre tracks, the great ones more than make up for this.
    I suggest you get this if you're liking new bands on the scene like Air Traffic, The Hoosiers or We Are Scientists.
    And at a bargain £5, you might as well get it if you like Elton John!

  6.  Breathtaking.


    What a great game. The graphics are simply amazing and almost flawless gameplay.
    People say it's a bit repetitive but I dare them to go and find every single flag, kill every templar and fill the DNA thingy.
    What a great game - keeps you very busy but don't rush through it otherwise it will ruin the experience!

  7.  This Is Why We Bought The Wii!


    Great game, few flaws and super use of control scheme, all of these stats are what wii-owners hope for. Twilight Princess has them all including challenging puzzle, tricky dungeons and epic boss battles. This was recommended to me by some guy that I don't know and God knows why he recommended it to me...but anyway I love playing it although it's quite time consuming. I look at the time once, kill a few enemies and wahey, it's next year!
    All (very bad) jokes aside, this rules and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a challenge or platform experience.

  8.  Solid Overall


    This is a very good (and very addictive) game.
    Admittedly it does get a bit repetitive but on the whole it is really great fun.
    You just can't stop wrecklessly beating the hell out of your opponents, regardless of the result!
    The online mode it pretty cool as well.
    The road to the Striker Cup mode is layed out well and it challenges you to..well play fancy football! But, you've always gotta charge into those annoying pests like Waluigi or Wario for full satisfaction!

    Great fun for all the family and brings a new meaning to football.

  9.  Stunning


    I love almost every track (except Hoodoo and Soldier's Poem) as they're all so epic making it a thrill to listen to.
    There is always one or two tracks I don't like on an album for me (except Fractured Life - Air Traffic) so don't let that put you off.
    1) Take A Bow: What a way to introduce an album.
    2) Starlight: Maybe my favorite track of all time (again, except some Air Traffic ones).
    3) Supermassive Black Hole: Very good and lively.
    4) Map Of The Problematique: Simply wonderful.
    6) Invincible: This a beautiful song.
    7) Assassin: Didn't like it at first but it's great.
    8) Exo-Politics: Run out of good ways to explain something but yeah it's good too - very good.
    9) City Of Delusion: 3rd favorite track on the album.
    11) Knights Of Cydonia: 2nd favorite track on the album.
    (my favorite is Starlight obviously)

  10.  It's Good But...


    When I first got this album I loved it, couldn't stop playing it in fact.
    I made most of my friends like him too.
    But you go off him quite quickly.
    I realized how bad the tracks except Grace Kelly, Love Today and Billy Brown were and that is VERY.
    Lollipop is terrible.
    I don't wanna say much because then I'll hate myself for loving this, but only buy it if you're preparing it to put you off mika.