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  1.  Button Basher


    This is essentially a button basher fighting game which really isn't what it could have been. You need little to no skill to play and as a result it gets boring very quickly.

    There is little skill in guiding your character around the screen smashing the buttons to fill your "specials" gauge. Once filled you unleash a move to instantly kill your opponent or opponents.

    The levels ore great though with strange combinations of games merging to create really interesting background visuals. However the characters get lost in everything going on and it can get too busy at times.

    The selection of characters (20 ish) is pretty poor with little difference between many. There are also a few characters who have special moves which are simply too powerful - allowing multiple kills and all but ending the battle.

    It looks and plays great on the Vita however and the online works great however if you like any level of complexity or skill in your gaming then give this a miss - Or at least rent it first before purchasing.

  2.  Rebadged 2012


    This is the same game as last year with updated teams.
    The magazine reviews have all reflected this and it's a missed opportunity from EA.

    Save money and get last years version!!

  3.  Best looking Vita Game


    I've never really been a massive Wipeout fan but have always enjoyed racing games.As a result I would not have got this game if it wasn't for the free download code provided with the 3G version.

    I'm amazed at how good this game is to play - It handles great, the balance of teh weapons in the races is just right and teh sound is amazing. The whole thing is brought together with incredibly smooth, super fast graphics which bring an insanely detailed world to life.

    The tracks are great and the mix of speedy straights full of boost pads, technical turns and alternate routes is bang on. The AI is agressive and up there with the best racing games. The weapons also add a tactical element which keeps teh racing challanging and competitive.

    I've not fully tested the online but I managed to get a race pretty easily and seemed smooth over my decent wi-fi connection.

    Overall I'm so pleased with this game - It's fired up ahead of uncharted to show how good the Vita is on the graphics and the sublime gameplay is enough to keep you hooked. Try the Demo on teh store - this is a MUST BUY!!

  4.  Brilliant Game


    Downloaded this on day one and I've hardly played anything else since!!

    Anyone who has played an Everybodys Golf title preiously knows what to expect. Cute Japanese style charecters, tunes and quirks mixed in to a deceptively deep golf game.

    This is not a sim but as a golfer I prefer this to any Tiger titles which are pretty boring after a few weeks - You will keep coming back to this one however.

    Offline is great - Usual progression path, win tournements and challenges and buy equipment as you level up.

    Controls are simple but allow addition of spin. There are 5 different control systems so one will suit you. There is very little use of teh vitas features (touch screen or sticks) so this plays like teh PSP or PS3 versions.

    Online - Fantastic!!!! Daily tournements where you can post your score and get ranked. Online lobbys where you enter comps and chat as you wait to start each hole (all timed so no waiting) it's just a Nice, friendly and ADDICTIVE online experience.

    Overall a fantastic addition to the Vita launch line up.
    Worth every penny as it will be a game you will play over and over again!!

  5.  Good Start


    Firstly - Yes it is pretty and Yes it is amazing for a handheld but this game has it's problems.

    Firstly it appears the developers have been trying to tick off features on the Vita to include in the game. Many feel forced and personally I got tired of them quickly.

    These include rubbing the screen to clean items or do charcoal rubbings. Using the six axis to balance and "aid" aiming, and using the rear screen to rotate objects as you look and clean them.

    The gameplay is typical uncharted with great voice acting, story, setpieces etc. but the gameplay is broken up much more often than the PS3 versions with cutscenes, or activities.
    These are short and don't distract too much but it is noticable and spoils the flow of the game a little.

    Shooting takes a bit of getting used to but I think that is more my giant thumbs on the tiny sticks than a gameplay thing!! Still think it could have been better than it is however.

    There is a photo element which again feels a little forced where you have to find areas and take photos to match those the game wants. Pointless!!

    Overall a very enjoyable game - Really shows what the vita has up it's sleeve in future. But I hope Naughty Dog make the next one as this one is lacking some of the charm of the PS3 versions.

    If you have a Vita and enjoyed the PS3 counterparts this is for you.
    More similar to the first game than 2 or 3 however but still worth a go if you can ignore what feel like gimmicks in teh gameplay.

  6.  Great Headset


    Been using these a little while and personally think they are great.

    I need to keep the noise down due to having a young daughter in the house and these fit the bill perfectly.

    The sound is crystal clear and with no interference from the wireless router as stated elsewhere. The presets I can see would be great for shooters BF3/MW3 and alike.

    The only reason for teh 4 star rating is the build quality. They feel robust and are very comfortable but they seem a bit "plasticy" (always an issue when things are made out of plastic!!) but just feel a little flimsy around the rotating ear cup/band junction.

    Controls are all on the ear cup and are easy to set when being worn. The mic seems clear and is easily adjustable. It is flexable and can be rotated out of the way when not in use.

    Overall a great looking and great sounding headset . Comfortable and fantastic value............just need the DSS system for it to give surrond sound and you have a headset as good as any wireless headset on the market and far cheaper.

  7.  Best FIFA I've played!!


    Firstly - I'm a PES devotee
    I finally made the move to FIFA after last years poor PES effort.

    This is by far the best FIFA title I've played. The game feels like a similation and although many will hate the defense system it does feel "real" - You have to jockey before timing the tackle.

    The shooting finally feels solid and the better players feel better with teh ability to get past players with subtle changes of direction and not just by doing a trick (this put me off earlier versions)

    I have three main gripes

    1) The controls seem overly complicated - Defending is maybe a bit too complicated

    2) The game menus in career mode are Sooooo slow. It spoils the flow of teh whole game and takes you out of teh experience............"simulating world" all way too slow!!

    3) The player likenesses are in many cases terrible. Lots of players are nothing like the photos that are included.

    Online - Pretty good but not got too much into this yet.

    Overall a good game - I just hope PES can get back to former glories as FIFA is certainly come a long way.

  8.  A Future Classic


    This game is an easy 4 star game and the reviews giving it 1 or 2 are just so wrong.

    I'm well in to the game (about half way through) and I am hooked. The core gameplay of running around, driving, shooting are very similar to GTA or Red Dead however this is secondary to the core element which is pure detective work.

    The story is engrossing and draws heavily on the film noire classics such as LA Confidential and Dial M for Murder etc.

    You get given a case, you investigate and search for clues and question people and then this generally leads to a chase and a gun fight to conclude each 1-2 hour case.

    The clue hunting is interesting and the questioning is a well worked mechanic which uses the high standard of acting and superb facial mapping to great effect.

    Again getting questions wrong doesn't mean restarting and you can play through each case again to get better ratings should you wish.

    There is less to do outside of teh core story than in say GTA but this keeps the story flowing and results in a more focussed game.

    It is slow paced and if you are a COD Junkie I'd recommend a rental first, but one thing is for sure - LA Noire will be regarded as a classic. It moves games into a serious more cinematic direction and yet remains gameplay driven.

    Well done Team Bondi and Rockstar!!

  9.  Same Old Tiger


    This is the same game again. The franchise needs a major overhaul, EA have got lazy and just keep pumping out the same core game with silly gimmics each year.

    To buy all the DLC courses will cost you an extra 38pounds (ish) on top of the price. In game purchases add further to this.

    This is a cash cow for EA and as much of a fan as I have been of teh series I'm now really fed up having spent more money on this game. Augusta could easily been a DLC course - It doesn't justify yet another 40 pound game purchase.

    EA have produced some real quality games over the last year - This is not one of them!!

    If you don't own any Tiger Woods games though - This is great!!
    Or pick up last years version......theres little real change!!

  10.  A True Classic........even if you don't like batman.


    This is a true cassic game. It stands up well to recent releases both in gameplay and in graphical areas.

    This is a truely engaging game (in the same way resi 4 was) there are loads of little fan pleasing nerdy things in there but you don't have to be a batman fan to enjoy this truly classic game. If you haven't got it yet get it, play it for a few hours and you'll love it. I promise!!