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  1.  Splatter fest!!!


    could not agree more with the 1st reviewer, this is a fantastic british horror, the gore is horrific but hilarious at the same time,it kept me entertained for the whole duration and the ending is very funny, a must watch for all gore loving horror fans!!

  2.  breath of fresh air!


    i cant understand the negative reviews, the horror industry has been crying out for something different and this is it! i think some people have been a bit narrow minded expecting this to be your typical horny teens go to a cabin in some scary woods and get chopped into little pieces, do some people honestly still want that?people are moaning about the acting, so what, did you honestly expect the actors oscar worthy in a film like this?the acting took nothing away from this film for me beause it wasnt important whether it was good or not,i just wanted something different and entertaining and i got both,what a great change from all the same old rubbish that keeps getting spewed out!

  3.  wow


    theres not really a lot to add to what everyone else has already said about this masterpiece except dont hesitate in buying what is probably the best horror/thriller since silence of the lambs,this film will blow you away!!

  4.  please god,no more!!


    i went into this not expecting much after the terrible part 2 and 3 installments and im glad i didnt expect much,its not good at all,especially the ending,did they make it so bad it was funny on purpose or was it supposed to be serious??the takings at the box office should hopefully put anyone off who was planning to make another one,i hope thats the case anyway

  5.  brilliant...but


    the 1st hour of this film had some of the most frightening scenes ive seen in a horror for some time,then after that hour things started to get a bit silly which i thought let it down just a little but overall this is one of the best horrors ive seen in a long time

  6.  same old story


    am i the only person who guessed what would happen at the end?come on people it was blatantly obvious!!to all thhose who are saying this is the best out the lot,please get a grip,non of the sequals will ever get close to the original,for me its not about how the people die in horrific ways,its the mystery and twists behind it all and im afraid this franchise hasnt had any of that since part 3,its a shame but part 4,5,6 and 7 are just about how the directors can come up with new ways to shock the audience with horrific traps..boring

  7.  impressive


    this film is directed very impressively as the whole film is shot inside the coffin with one actor which im sure was not an easy job trying to keep an audience interested for the whole duration but rodrigo cortes manages it down to a tee,the feeling of chlostrophobia in this film is immence,mainly down to reynolds whose performance is his best to date,were kept guessing till the end about who he can and cant trust then just when there seemed to be light at the end of the tunnel we get the twist which is very clever,excellent film,nice to see something a little different for a change

  8.  brutal as hell!!!


    this remake is without doubt one of the best out there and in my opinion much better than the original and im not a fan of remakes,if you like revenge films filled with blood and truely shocking moments then this is for you,if your easily offended then leave well alone,this film doesnt hold back..

  9.  excellent suprise


    this film kept me on my seat for the whole duration and it drips with tension which is just how i love my horror,worth every penny

  10.  better than the 1st!!


    imo this was superior to the 1st,mainly because we didnt have the annoying woman from the 1st as much and the storyline was more interesting than just thinking there was a virus turning people into zombies,demons are a much scarier and interesting topic,also the end is much better in the 2nd,in fact its fantastic and sets it up lovely for the 3rd...im not a fan of sequals but this was just brilliant and i cant wait for the 3rd