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  1.  Meh


    Should probably just spend more on a high quality printer, there's a reason this is so cheap - and that's because it's not good.

    Mine pretty much refuses to print pictures, stopped printing colour after a week and drinks ink instantly.

    Could be unfortunate, but I'd still recommend getting one 35 plus pounds.

  2.  Excellent Game.


    Probably the best game I have played on DS so far, and exceeds the first game in several ways, except perhaps plot.

    The twisting story line of each lenghy episode guarantees that the game will remain interesting and keep the players attention. It took me several months to complete, simply because I played it small parts at a time, that plus I had FF7 + AnimalCrossing to play.

    I won't write a lenghy review as several people have already, I'll just conclude that -

    Very good game, excellent storyline.
    Worth buying, even if you mainly play FPS's or something else, you will deffinetly enjoy it!

  3.  Excellent, if not old.


    This game truely reminds you of how simple computer games USED to be.

    You take on the role of a God, assisting your current town, and increasing your influence to capture new towns.

    Of-course, Black & White means quite literally "Good and Bad". This means, for example, to impress a town, you either throw fireballs and rocks at it, or give them food, wood or impress them with miracles. It's up to you.

  4. Deus Ex

    Deus Ex

    PC Games

    1 New from  £19.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.98

     Fantastic Game


    A fantastic game with a truely Epic story-line/plot.

    You take on the roll of "JC Denton", and are sent accross the globe, completing missions, whether under instructions or on your own agenda.

    Although old, this game is still widely acknowledged, and the small, but pleasent Online Community is a friendly one.

    As a stong figure within the DX Online Community, I would stongly recommend checking this out, but the true greatness of the game lies behind the Campaign.

  5.  Warcraft 3: FF


    The follow-on from Warcraft 3, Frozen Throne is everything you would expect from the awesome third release, but more!

    New heros, storyline, maps, a lot of glitches fixed too.

    The infamous World of Warcraft is set on the events that occure in this game, as WoW follows from this.

    A good stratergy, and is still widley played compared to todays "Modern Standards".

  6.  Ah, good value.


    The value is certainly good. If you are a full time student however, I suggest looking around, as you can get MS Office 2007 Full for under £40.

    Contains all the neccessary's for a Student.

  7.  Good Product


    Over-all I would say this is a good product! The chain is certainly long enough, and the actual symbol carries a lot of detail. Good value product!

  8.  Mixed Opinions


    Well, for it's money, it's a very good MP3 player. The buttons are a little jammy, but still fine to use. It looks nice too, nice and small. I would recommened this to anyone looking for a cheap MP3 player!

  9.  Squeaky Clean!


    This comes with two "MicroFibrer" clothes which clean basically any screen which is very useful. =D It's a very good cleaner so it's good value for it's money. ^_^

  10.  What, I can eat anything!?


    This game is certainly good fun, maybe a bit kiddie, but still fun! You travel through different maps and finally reach a boss at the end, it's the perfectly classic Yoshi/Mario game.