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  1.  Amazing!


    After seeing these guys live supporting some of my favourite bands, i knew i had to purchase this albulm with current singer "Sebastian Roos"
    its probably the greatest 80s melodic rock style albulms to ever be released in a very long time!
    converting many keyboard haters into lovers, Henriks pianist skills are second to none, and when brought together with Eriks guitar and Magnus' Drumming skills, the band are already a sure shot to become one of the greats.
    The inclusion of Sebastian as front man has left this band as nothing less than legendary in many hearts, ears and eyes as many in the crowd were amazed by their performance.
    I can listen to this albulm over and over again and advise u too purchase this, right now!



    Another Winner from Olli Herman and the rest of Reckless Love. His voice throws the 80s metal in your face.
    listening to this albulm just makes u want to smile and party!
    the guitar riffs and drum beats are amazing!
    and the track "Coconuts" makes u want to dance and laugh!
    its the BE HAPPY albulm!

  3.  OMG WOW


    well, i was really excited about gettin this game. i watched many videos and trailors and was totally hooked, and after i bought it WOW, was i stoked!
    this is by far one of the best games on my 360 coming close to assasins creed 2 and COD MW. (obvs it doesn't play like them as it is a different genre) but its easily as good as!
    i haven't put it down since friday, although i have already completed it. i just love the whole story line, War, The council, The Watched, Samael, every character is done in such great depth that just watching the cut scenes you are able to tell so much about a character.
    the horse riding is done similar to that in assasins creed 2 so it works very well.
    there was only one problem i found, to use a certain item like the gun, or the frisbee type thing, the grappling hook, teleportaion device etc etc u have to have it assinged to a quickslot...and there are only 3 of these...left, right and up. (down is used for secondary weapons) unfortunatly this means that u are often having to change you quickslot device which can get irratating.
    other than that, just AMAZING.
    i would fully recommend this game to lovers of the genre and for people who wish to try something new



    Right, i aint a huge batman fan boy, but all the people at work basically pressured me into buying it instead of waiting for someone to complete it so i could borrow it...and iom glad they did!!!

    although the game is very short (even if u do go and find all the riddler trophies and other secrets...which can be done very easlily if u find the maps) its got an awsome story line that stops u putting it down! it iintroduces a number of criminals that u have to confront in order to continue with the main game and gettin the Joker! which is nice..instead of having random criminals pop up that u can just skip.

    the gadgets are awsome although having to wait for some of the gadgets, like the mega batclaw..can get very annoying, espec wen u find a wall well up high that u just wana bring crumbling to the flloor

    i would have liked to have seen a driving level. im sure everyone wants to drive the batmobile, but just seeing it at one part was good ewnough!

    the fight system is awsome, although somewhat repetitve, with only 4 different types of bad guy...the normal minion, the knives guy, the guy with the electirc stick and the very rare titan! O, and the random guy who runs and screams...so 5 :P

    the graphics are amazing and probably even rival Resident Evil 5, which even i was shjocked at

    the atmosphere is awsome!!!! and the music that comes and goes is good when it is actually there!

    the achievments in this game airen't that hard to get, most can be gotten buy just proceding through the game.

    when u complete riddler challenges u can unlock challenges to play outside the main game, which adds some replay value to this title

    in conclusion, although the game can be compeleted very quick, u will feel like it was a £40 well spent

  5.  Awsome game!!! my fav on 360!


    Right, Fable 2 is by far my favourite game on the 360, but i really do wish it was as good as the first, which it isn't, infact...its far from it :(

    seems like lionhead studios went downhill.....but still...the game is amazing

    with the introduction of ur own pet dog to help u find treasures and keep u company, the adventure seems more worth doing...the story line is awsome! and the gameplay is just amazing

    with a few more weapons and clothing this game could reach Fable (1st)

    the add-on's were a dissappointment, being far too short, but they stil added that extra something with new hair cuts and more houses to own (Y) (i know own every single builiding and every 5 min abour $25,000 appears above my head) which is always nice

    the towns people have some funny but repetitive lines

    the option to buy condoms if u dont want to get people pregnant is nice, and sleeping with prostitutes without a condom can lead to STI'S...yes seriously!!!! y else would id have a 15+ cert

  6.  soo bloody short


    Right, so i bought left for dead reading all the positive reviews, and it is bloody awsome, but after i completed it once, i was done

    i didn't wana play it again, i hear that the enemies spawn from different areas...but u still have to get from A to B in the same way, every time!!

    with only 4 levels to play from (all with their own sub levels) it seems rather short, i completed it with a friend ina ciouple off hours

    i dont play online as much as many people as im norm on COD4, so mayb i aint seen the appeal, but i wouldn't pay more than £15 for a game like this



    right, looking at many other reviews for this game most people have tried to compare it to oblivion, and every one who has compared it are all oblivion fans...well i really really didn'te like oblivioin, the world was too big and the story line was far too confusing for my simple gaminf brain :P

    but i liked the type of game it was, so i bought Dark Messiah! and i love it!!! its very much go to point A to B, and there is normally only one way to get there, all other side routes often come to dead ends, i like this becuase it stops me gettin lost in a huge gaming world and consolting a map every 5 SECONDS!! like i was in oblivion!

    i think the combat in this game is very well done, and u always get time to react to enemy attacks so u can block intime!

    there is always plenty of health medicines and food lying around so u are never off searching becuase u are on ur last noch of health...some people like that sort of thing, i dont!!!

    ive only played a couple of hours but im loving the storyline aready..the graphics can b a little off at times but for the most part they are rather dam good

    the sound is a let down, u can hear people coming from a mile off even when they aint in ur area, which can get annoying. and some of the noises of things smashing can seem a bit delayed!

    i really haven't seen any other faults in the game, u have ur minor glitches but wat game doesn't!!! a few parts can get annoying and u have to do trial and error, but for the most part a bloody awsome gaming experiance

  8.  WOW


    Now noramlly i wouldn't touch a war game, i couyldn't stand the oringial cod's. Although number 4 was okay. I hate medal of honour and this was the first brothers in arms game i had ever played, and i have to say i was sooo impressed!!!!!
    This game really opened my eyes to war games. It was sooo amazing!!!! I say buy it now!!!

    The duck and cover system is one of the best i had ever seen in a game.

    I can also say that the way you control your team is sooo easy and the one button control is just amazing

    Wat else can i say!!!!!! Its just so fricking good



    This game is sooo much fun. And its soo unique..but can be easily completed in around 6 hours. I completed it in abour 7 hours but i didn't use any guns at all to get the achievment at the end.

    But still...it has the factor that makes u wana go back and play again

  10. Fired Up

    Fired Up

    Playstation Portable

    3 New from  £12.98  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.49



    The only reason it loses a star is beacuse there are games out there which are a lot better, never-the-less, this is a great game!!!

    You drive around in a selection of cars (u cant pick which, but they change on different levels)

    And each one has guns attached and u can upgrade to other weapns just by driving over them.

    Tyhe gameplay is short but fun!