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  1. Mafia II

    Mafia II


    3 New from  £10.37  Free delivery

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     It ain't released by rockstar games


    Graphics are good, not great. People keep comparing every single game that is released to gta but if you are going to do that then compare gta's graphics to assassins creed 2 graphics or uncharted 2 graphics then gta is the easy loser.

    Storyline is short yes but so was both uncharted games yet they are both awesome. It may be a short story but both mafia and mafia 2 storylines are so much more believable than any of the gta storys. Also when the GTA main story finished i got bored very quickly and the side missions were pretty pointless, they were more like taxi missions.

    Controls are easy to pick up and the driving controls are a million times better than GTA has ever been.

    Gta fanboys need to realise that not every game needs side missions to make a game worth buying so any1 that likes gangster movies, especially goodfellas, you should and probably will love this game.

    Overall i know i will play this story mode a lot more times than i ever played GTA, i won't get bored hanging around with my new buddy joe barbaro.

    Proper gamers buy this and enjoy it, the rest of you may just start wishing for the next GTA to be released.

  2.  Perfect


    Firstly i would like to make a point that no matter how good a game is, people will always expect more from it.
    I personally find some reviews misleading, there is more than enough gameplay in the single player mode and as for the online gameplay, all games online have thier issues, the supposedly great mw2 is laggy as hell at times yet still it remains a fan favourite, i have had my game freeze once online but other than that the connection has been as good as any other on the market at the moment.

    A definate "must buy" for this game, so much content both on and offline to keep anyone entertained for a long time to come. 5 stars all the way for me, you won't be disappointed. Well unless, as my mother would say, you are too hard to please :-D

  3.  Different yet still awesome


    Totally different style of gaming to what we are used to and i say keep them coming. I was fortunate enough to have played Fahrenheit for the ps2, same style of gameplay and i thought it was great.

    This has come a long way since then and with 22 different endings, i think 6 main endings, it provides great replayability. The hidden trophies is also a good idea as it means you have to play again and change the storyline to get them all and you can't set yourself a gameplan to get them all on the first playthrough.

    Definately a welcomed change from the normal games we get, i wouldn't recommend for those that hate long cutscenes and a movie like feel to a game cos you folks would get bored easily but for those wanting a nice little change then this is a must buy. Even if you are tempted slightly, i don't think you would be disappointed after buying this.



    I have so many games to play, fallout 3, god of war 3, prototype, borderlands, gta4 etc etc yet just cause 2 is the only game i want to keep playing over and over and over.
    The island of Panau is massive, the vehicles are pretty sweet and the graphics are absolutely stunning. Even if you don't feel like playing any games for a purpose i.e. do missions etc, you can simply put this on and just blow stuff up or take a chopper to the mountains for some cool base jumping or ya can just get nasty and tether someone to your vehicle and take them for a relaxing drive.
    I shall be playing this for a long time (already clocked 20 gameplay hours in just a few weeks) and i would recommend that anyone that has not got it to buy it now. Well deserved 5 star rating, still don't understand how anyone could give this a 1 star rating. There really isn't much more that can be put into a game. Awesome

  5.  Deserving of 5 stars only for the lag


    I saw someone think he was getting a sci-fi gta when he bought fallout 3 goty, i think maybe he has been living in vault 101 all his life. Nowhere have i seen anyone compare this game to gta.

    Granted gta's graphics are better but when the story in gta ends all you have left is stunt jumps and pigeons to find, which i find totally pointless and boring. Fallout 3 has a wicked story line, it has many side missions that are pretty long for only being side missions and then there is the 5 new dlc's added. After that is all completed you can just go round killin more raiders, mutations, civilians, whatever tickles your fancy, that stuff never gets boring.

    I have however encountered major lag in point lookout which is a big let down for me as i was looking forward to it the most. Only played mothership zeta so far from the dlc's and it worked fine.

    I rate this game at 4 because the lag and freezing can get bad at times, i would recommend that anyone playing this to turn off autosave before playing and save often and have 3 or 4 different saves.

    So go out and buy it, at this price it is an absolute bargain and be careful, it's an absolute wasteland out there...

  6.  3 and a half star rating is a joke


    I honestly do not get why people compare every single game to gta, no other game has the same graphics as gta but does that make them bad games? Call of duty hasn't got good graphics compared to gta but everyone loves it.

    Brilliant game, yeah it's short but so what, anyone who appreciates good games will always play them again.

    5 stars from me

  7.  Maybe i got a broken version


    Maybe my copy of brother in arms 3 is broken or dodgy. It will never be in the same league as call of duty 5, yes the story mode is ok but the russian missions in call of duty 5 are a million times better. Also the online is a joke. I bought this for 18 quid and i was still disappointed. If anyone wants advice on games with both good offline and online combat then buy call of duty or ghost recon advanced warfighter.

  8.  Old school gaming never gets boring


    Sonic the hedgehog and the streets of rage trilogy, need i say anymore? Oh and theres plenty to keep ya amused with the trophies to get. Every true gamer should be buying this. Sonic the hedgehog is the main dude, except when he went 3D...