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  1.  WOW


    i saw this on dvd and thought id buy it for my blu-ray player. possibly one of the best buys ive ever had. The stunning images with the deep colours bring the picture to life...you can even see the hairs on the penguins! If you have a blu-ray player or ps3 dont hesitate on spending the extra for the blu-ray set rather than the cheaper dvd option, its worth it!

  2.  Bargin!!


    I also got these while they were 5pounds and i wish i got more too! such good quality and unlike other battery chargers it doesnt overheat. Although the price is now over double what i got them for i think they are still worth the money. Cant beleive i only got 1 of them tho!

  3.  Stylish quality!


    This is a great all round bit of kit with the sleek design coupled with the high quality system. USB connection and dvd upscaling works great and i couldnt beleive how much of a difference it actually made to my dvds. Fantastic buy!

  4.  Great!


    Great product and works well with my iPod 30gb classic. Easy to use and set up. Plenty of cradles to suit most iPods. Money well spent!

  5.  Brilliant!


    The value for money that this kit offers is amazing! i was weary of buying a keyboard and mouse for under 20 pounds but i decided i would give this a go and the results are great! The buttons are so gentle and the slim sleek design is brilliant. I got this to de-clutter my desk and it has worked brilliantly from its easy set up to the ease of use. The only thing i would of liked extra is lights to let you know when caps lock etc is on but this is no big deal. Highly recommended to anyone!

  6.  Unbeatible value!


    Came really fast within 48 hours and i couldnt beleive the durability of the cable for the low price tag. I originally purchased this to give it a go to use my 42" tv as my pc monitor and it worked great! for 1.49 this is a BARGIN!

  7.  Done it again!



    Overall- 10/10

    They have done it again. Call of duty word at war is the future of the past. The new old weapons included in the game are great and this is matched by the quality of the gameplay. With the new throphies on the ps3 and the acheivements on the xbox360 you will always have something to play for and if you get them all, the online is another great way to ensure you will always have something to do with it with the new perks, various new ranks and up to four player online co-op mode!

    Must buy and truely worthy of 5 stars

  8.  DEFO BUY!!!


    i got a ps3 and a 360 for xmas and the ps3 wallops it buy far
    the online gaming is just as good and the headsets dont break as easy either. the wonderfull new selection of games and blue ray movies recently released have took the market by storm in comparason to the 360. if you are thinking of getting a new console ....get a ps3 and even if its a new pc you want,....get a ps3 as you can get lunix installed for cheap! the capabilities of the ps3 are anstonahing and it therefore gets a 5 star rating from me .

  9.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!BUY TIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    the graphics are brill, the storyline is great, the 1st person shooter is best ever, its so realistic and you really feel youre in a war zone.....i would give it more stars but play.com wont let me lol its great game and a must buy!

  10.  online


    played demo and thought it was great.....so i got it and wasnt dissappointed, graphics are outstanging for a psp and the online gaming is in a class of its own, if you are worried about the ammount of people online to play against, calm down there are always people on 24/7.

    overall the game is brilliant and truely worthey of a 5 star rating.
    EA have created a masterpeice!