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  1.  Soon will be worth this score


    Ok so there is alot of bad reviews and talk about this game, so i'll quickly go over it all

    graphics: Average, nothing amazing, butt not that bad, great explosions but remember free roam game so generally it's bound to have low quality scenery

    gameplay: If you base a game purely on graphics, your 1. Very close minded and 2. Could just get a painting or something if that all your intrested in. The gameplay in this is very similar to the older game. Fun Missions (although not as many as I'd of liked), lots of side missions and room to just generally mess around.
    This game is all about having fun instead of realism. For example you can jump out of helicopters and not die (from highest ponit in the game lol)

    I'm bored of writing this now so i'll sum it up, If you liked the first one you'll love this one. Having said that... this game is absouletly PLAGUED with bugs so:

    Get on pc

    Wait for Patch