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  1.  A Huge Step Foward - Brilliant


    Im appalled at some of the reviews for this album.

    Music is about emotions, it is not about writing a little jingle that will be catchy for 5 minutes. Yes there are some sad songs on the album, that may be 'depressing'. But that is exactly what makes this album brilliant, it has an ability to move you.

    I personally wasnt not a huge fan of his first album, however this album really caught my attention. The singles 1973, same mistake and carry you home are great. Same mistake possibly being the highlight of the album.

    1973 (8/10)
    One of the brightest stars (6/10)
    I'll take everything (6/10)
    Same mistake (10/10)
    Carry you home (9/10)
    Give me some love (9/10)
    I really want you (7/10)
    Shine on (8/10) starts slow but builds up
    Annie (9/10)
    I can't hear the music (9/10)

    All in all this album is definately worth a listen, but if you are hoping for catchy jingles as opposed to a moving and uplifting album, you might want to look else where.

  2.  (One Word:) Beautiful!


    This is a truly epic debut album by Keane (Often compared to Coldplay.)

    Beautiful being the chosen word, the harmony of piano and chilling vocals from Tom Chaplin are astounding.

    I bought this album nervously due to some of the bad critisism in amongst the reviews. However this album failed to disappoint.

    Each song is a theatrical as the next, and i cannot critisise a single part of the album. Maybe the front cover is a bit dull, but that truly is it nothing else can be knocked.

    Its shocking that this album has recieved such critisism.

  3.  As good as any studio album


    When I picked this album up I thought it was a normal studio album. I was young but I certainly wasnt foolish. Instead of the disappointment of not getting the studio versions, I was excited by the amazing live atmosphere and performences of the 'phonics.

    One thing you should not do is play this album on a ipod or mp3 player set to shuffle as the CD has no gaps between songs and each heads straight into the next and shuffling kills the atmosphere stone dead.

    Find yourself a spare hour and listen to the whole concert. It is a must for any stereophonics fan.

  4.  Joy Division? Naaa im gonna dance to The Wombats



    This is a brilliant and refreshing debut album by liverpool band The Wombats. The harmony between the lead singer and backing vocals throughout the albums lets you know this band is special, and the theme of the album is mainly about guys with crushes on girls.

    The highlights of the album (which i think is unfair because i enjoy the album) are:

    Kill the director
    Moving to new york
    School uniform
    Lets dance to joy division
    Backfire at the disco
    Patricia the stripper

    The Wombats are just about the best Punk Pop band around at the moment in my opinion, beating the also amazing Pigeon Detectives and also the Kaiser Chiefs.

    I was lucky enough to catch this band live at a free gig and they are such a tight act, their live performances are equal to the studio versions, which is a rarity. I would recomend seeing them lve.

    All in all if you are looking for a very up beat and exciting new band, The Wombats is must for any body who claims to be a fan of the Pop Punk Genre!

  5.  Most annoying game EVER! ITS BRILLIANT!


    This is without a doubt the cause of half of the worlds suicide rates. After you have spent 45 minutes trying to kill a giant beast, to be killed by a little pig, it is enough to push anybody over the edge.

    The graphics of MHF's sequel are again fantastic and new levels such as the Snowy Mountains and new jungles and deserts push the poor little psp to its limit.

    This time around there are many more monsters which have been imported from the old PS2 games, each of them with different habits and attacks.

    MHF2 again does not have an actual storyline, but the main purpose of the game is to advance through the hunter ranks where you will meet new monsters or old ones that are just stronger.

    This is the first series ever i think where you actually need proper skill. I mean any one can complete stupid super mario, but make a ten year old play this game it is impossible.

    When you are 30 minutes into a battle and you pass out for the third time, I swear on many occasions i have nearly thrown my psp through a window! It is that annoying to think that you have just wasted 30 mins of your life.

    But that is what makes the game so good, I did eventually master the game, the thing that makes this game so good is the challenge.

    I personally do not use the online play, so I cannot review that right now, but my friends say it is just for people who are not good enough to do it on their own.

    A very very good game but requires buckets full of patience.

  6.  I'm So Glad I Found This!


    This is Birmingham indie rockers debut album. But what an album! Each song is single worthy.

    The album kicks off with the fast paced and exciting Lights and sets the bar for the rest of the album. 8/10

    The second track Munich is one of those songs that everybody will have heard at sometime but maybe not have identified it with a band. Containing a fast drum beat it is one of the much more up tempo tracks featured. It is possibly the best track on the album. 9/10

    Blood is much like Munich and has a very catchy chorus you may find yourself humming throughout the rest of the day. 8/10

    Fall is one of the more down tempo songs of the album, and features a very minor and sad lead guitar riff. It is still a very good song. 7/10

    All Sparks is the 5th song of the album and is definately one of the best songs of the album. 8/10

    The song Camera is the second slowish song of the album and it begins with a soft organ and as the song progresses a guitar continues the soft tune of the organ. 6/10

    Fingers in the factories is faster song and I personally think it is the best track of the album. It has a powerful chorus and is very theatrical, but then again all of the songs are on this album.

    Bullets is probably the most catchy song ever. The chorus is one line repeated over and over again, but it does not disappoint. A very good song 9/10

    Someone says is also a fast song and contains a very fast chorus. 7/10

    Open your arms is the slowest song of the album and contains a very slow and simple guitar riff, it may be one of the filler songs of the album but still worth a listen. 6/10

    Distance is also a very slow song and contains a slightly distorted lead vocal by Tom Smith. The main instrument of the song is a piano, and it is a very good song to close the album. 7/10

    All in all the back room is a very good album, each song is theatrical and you may be singing the choruses for sometime. For £1.99 you should not be even considering not buying this album.

    All Sparks
    Fingers In The Factories

    Hope this helped!

  7.  Very Good! But no Dark Mirror beater!


    Don't get me wrong this game is awesome. Visually stunning and the new features are exciting such as new underwater missions and improved interactivity. But anybody who has played Dark Mirror will be left somewhat dissapointed by the depth of the storyline and how short it actually is.

    There are not as many missions in Logans Shadow compared to Dark Mirror and this I personally think that this is the major reason that it is underpriced, afterall it is a good game much more fun than Splinter Cell.

    The major disappointment of Logans Shadow is the Multiplayer. Anyone new to the series will be calling me all sorts of names right now. But there is no longer a ranking system where you gain bonuses such as new weapons or increased health for higher ranks and the XP system is pointless and doesnt always work. Also if to many people are playing or there are several explosions the game lags and frame rates decrease causing some psps to crash. However the actual missions and map of the multiplayer are brilliant and a great improvement on Dark Mirror.

    All in all it is an absolutely amazing game however does not beat Dark Mirror to be fair no game as of yet has come close to beating Dark Mirror. Still a very good game don't get me wrong.