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  1.  A nice fun war style game


    The game revolves around the story of middle earth as you may of guessed. It is definitely a simple strategy style game in the vein of Command and Conquer but not as in depth. You don't need to build anything. You have missions which evolve you seizing areas on the map and once seized more units can spawn. You control one man be it a magician, archer or warrior with a number of henchmen. You fight you way through to the goal and then move onto the next mission. Some missions have big bosses like a dragon etc. All in all a good fun game and if your a LOTR fan well worth buying.

  2.  Do you have a NVIDA Graphics Card?


    If you have a NVIDIA graphics card do not buy this game as there is a fault with the installer that effects the PhysX controller. The PhysX controller is now built into the NVIDIA drivers.
    This instller sadly demands you have an OLD PhysX controller installed before it will work.

    Sadly no patch, its just a bug in the installer.

  3.  Total War rip off


    Don't get me wrong this is a nice game and highly polished. But it is a poor mans version of the Total War franchise.
    Two parts to the game the Battle mode and the Strategic part thats a little like risk.

    Sadly it never really gells and the different races you can play are not very well balanced. The dwarfs for example are very weak while the Goblins are far more powerful.

    That aside for a budget price its worth the money but only really for fans of LoTR.

  4.  Probably the most popular online FPS game in the world


    Being a Counter Strike playing from the old school of the 1.x days, when the Half Life Source version of counter strike was released was a joy to behold.
    The 'Daddy' of multiplayer first person shooter games got its long awaited update. Counter Strike Source (CS:S) is now maintained by Valve, so it is updated on a regular basis.

    In the game Counter Strike you play either the Terrorists or the Counter Terrorists, depending on the game mode the terrorists either plant a bomb or hold some npc's hostage which the CT's have to rescue or the CT's need to escort a VIP to safty. Though there are many free mods for the game that alter the game modes.

    Weapons used are standard weapons of the day which you buy at the start of each round, you gain extra cash for kills and or a successful mission.

    Important note with the game, its multiplayer online play only (yes you can play with bots but its very dull) and when you die you do not respawn but have to wait for the next round to start.

    CS:S also has in built cheat/hack protection to drastically cut down on people using aimbots and hacks, and again this is updated regally sometimes 2-3 times a week. Patches for the game auto download and in most cases are fairly small requiring a download of 30sec to 5mins tops on a broadband connection. Also the game can be easily edited to make your own maps for the game.

  5.  Company of Heros beater?


    So lets get the question out of the way first. Is it a Company of Heros beater? Well no, but it comes close!
    WIC is a RTS that doesn't require bases to be build but more strategy style of game play. You have credit system that allows you to buy units, when units are destroyed your credits return to your pool so you can buy more.
    Its an interesting idea and works very well.

    Single player game is great, if a bit too easy (didn't lose a single battle on Normal mode) to complete.
    The games saving grace is its multi-player mode, this is the counter strike of RTS online.
    All in all, a nice RTS game with great graphics and an excellent online mode.

  6.  Indy get the Tomb Raider treatment.


    Take the classic Tomb Raider 2 game and beef the graphics up and add more tricks better fighting and better sound. Now replace the busty heroin with Indiana Jones and you get the idea.

    Great game, not original but the game play is spot on the puzzles are just right and the action is just great.
    Highly polished like all Lucas Arts games.
    At the low price you can get this game now its well worth adding to any adventure, arcade game players collection.

  7.  The best on the Monkey Island games


    Monkey Island is one of the most popular Point and Click style of adventure games produced. Just do a search on your favorite Internet search engine. While Monkey Island 1 and 2 have dated badly this version has stood the test of time rather well.
    You play Gubrush an inept pirate wannabe who has to rescue his love Elane after she is turned into solid gold after Guybrush gives her a cursed diamond ring, then Elane is stolen (well this is pirate country). So off Guybrush goes in the comic adventure to rescue her.

    Fans of MI1 and 2 will love this one its a jump in graphic formats to an animated/cartoon style giving the game a fresh feel. The music score has been given a boost and the adventure is now a full talky.

    If you have never played a Point and Click adventure then this is a great introduction to the genre. Its also nice to play a game where death isn't involved, funny jokes are contained within and great challenging puzzles.

    Beware this game is old but does run on XP/Vista but you may have to use the freely downlaodable ScummVM patch.

  8.  Incoming!


    A real time strategy game based during WW2 in Europe. Now this game is not a hard core strategy game, its more of a strategy game based on WW2 units.
    You build HQ's, weapon factories and produce men and armoured units. Much in the same style as Command and Conquer but where this games differs is the excellent use of both sounds and graphics to bring the battle field to life.
    Great use of cut scenes that add to the story in campaign mode.
    Also this game has a very easy to use and fun Muliteplayer mode, so even when you have completed the campaign there is plenty of life in the game playing it online against other users.
    Only four starts as there is nothing really new here but what there is has been down extremely well. RTS fans will love this, if your a history strategy fan you may be disappointed.

  9.  Oh dear oh dear


    If your after a good helicopter sim with adventure thrown in, this isn't it.
    The graphics are basic to be polite, the game play is just boring, the simulator aspect is just tiresome.

    If your after a helicopter simulator look elsewhere.
    If you after a war sim look elsewhere.
    If you after fun look elsewhere.

    If on the other hand your after a challenge due to a buggy game, unrealistic controls, poor graphics and an over complicated *game* you might just like this.
    Me, well I would rather do the ironing. Its more fun and has a better sense of gratification.

  10.  The Glory Days


    GT Legends brings to life the cars of the 60s & 70s. Everything from the lowly Fiat 500 to the classic Mini up to the Ford GT and Porsche 911.

    Now this is a petrol heads game, you can tweak many of the settings of the cars, gear ratio, suspension etc.
    But if your not a mad petrol head you can still have fun just leaving the cars on their default settings.

    The game works best with a wheel and pedals rather than keyboard or joystick. Saying that you can still play with keyboard and its still great fun so don't let that put you off.
    But as I said it works best with a wheel and pedals, the reason being the cars in this game are from the era before traction control, ABS etc so you have to be careful with the throttle or you will find yourself spinning off into the wall more that completing laps.

    If your old enough to remember the glory days of racing you will remember the titanic battles on the race track where leaders would have to fight hard to stay in the lead and a single mistake would end up in a lost place so quickly.
    This game captures that feeling and puts it within your grasp.

    Down sides?
    To the arcade racer player (NFS RD2) you will be frustrated with the apparent lack of speed while working your way up through the ranks but stay with it, there are beasts of cars to race at the higher levels.
    The graphics, while being very nice are just a little too clean and the damage engine could have been a bit better.

    While this game is starting to show its age, it is one of the best racing simulators out there.