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  1. NHL 09

    NHL 09


    3 New from  £7.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.74



    I am not a Ice Hockey fan myself and hate Fifa/other football games so was a bit dubious when my mate begged me to download this from the PS store. However after downloading the free demo from the Playstation Store, I was hooked!
    Graphics are absolutely stunning - it is as good as being at a real ice hockey match (from what I have seen on the TV anyway!). Soundtrack is awesome and commentry is excellent - whether you are a ice hockey fan or not, this game is a must - even if just to have a brawl on the ice!!

  2.  Much Better than Expected. Almost Flawless


    This game is simply addictive!! At first it does take a little getting used to with staying in lane, using mirrors etc but it is very easy to pick up the controls. If you have a steering wheel (like I have) the game is MUCH MUCH easier as you can obviously control exactly how much steering you use.
    I recommend changing the default controls to that you are using a combination of the mouse and keyboard - that way it is much easier to use the mirrors, look left and right at junctions etc.
    Only disappointment is that when you run into someone, there is no visible crash damage which is part of the fun of these games isn't it?!?! repairs are cheap though - i ran into the back of someone on the motorway at 90kph and it only cost me 600 Euro!

  3.  Very, Very Funny!


    One word - Brilliant!
    From the start to the finsh, I was in stitches with Alan's comendy where he blatantly takes the mickey out of anyone and everything!
    I first saw Alan as a guest on the "Graham Norton Show" and bought this DVD due to Grahams's "recommendation". I have no regrets, and will be looking for tickets to his next concert ASAP!

  4.  Simply stunning!


    This "series" of a film has to be the only trilogy that has got it right - most trilogys start with film 1 being brilliant, then the following 2 films being mediocre.
    The Bourne series of films is different - This is by far the best of all the Bourne films - and the other 2 were brilliant too. For fans of action, and particularly anyone who liked the Bourne Identity/Bourne Supremecy, GET THIS NOW!

  5.  Dissapointing


    I purchased this to keep my "bean" collection in check - but was disappointed by the film to be honest - all previous "bean" movies and TV series were daft, stupid but funny. There are funny parts in this movie, but alot seems to be just plain stupid and not particlarly funny. Get it to keep your MR Bean collection complete, but dont expect the same laughs as the previous movie and TV series.

  6.  Fantastic


    Fantastic Value - took this to las vegas but unfortunately had to buy a second card as I ran out of space taking too many videos! I advise you get a couple of these or go for the 2GB one if you camera is compatible with a 2GB card.

    No problems with the card at all.