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  1.  Controversial tho' (intermittantly) very funny


    In truth Stanhope's show is probably a 4.5 star rating but not good enough to be a 5. At times he is blisteringly funny and no subject - Priest molestation, abortion, child deformity, 9-11 is safe from harsh, visceral humour. In truth, at times I found it a bit hard to watch; especially the part about the cojoined twins. Be warned it is VERY raw and way beyond any other 18 rated stand up shows I have seen. For a fiver tho' it is definetly worth buying and this is probably the only avenue to see this comedian. He is too 'American' to be a success over here and his humour will never see the light of day on TV I would think.!

  2.  Best war movie ever perhaps??


    Classic, claustraphobic excitement with the crew of the boat. This mini series chronicles the adventures of one U-boat as they patrol the Atlantic and latterly the Med. Jurgen Prochnow is excellent as the honourable captain trapped in a war he neither wants or believes in. The crew and captain slowly unravel with the stresses of life trapped inside a 'tin can'. This portrays the human side (often embarrassingly portrayed - see the main German character in Saving Private Ryan) of the average German sailor. Poignant and heartbreaking in equal measure, this film/series has yet to be bettered.

  3.  Cobbled together collection of covers and inferior tracks


    GNR have had 1 decent album. Their career then nosedived with UYI 1 + 2', 'Spaghetti'. The decent tracks on this collection (put together by record execs, tho GNR were happy to take the profits from sales) are drawn from AFD. The covers, 'Knockin on heavens door' and 'Sympathy' are an embarrassment and place the band firmly in the 'Bon Jovi' pop-lite rock department. Subsequent (new and re-hashed)bands from the members of GNR - Velvet Revolver STP amongst others - are left doing tired covers of GNR songs as their own material is so woefully sub standard. It is reassuring however to know that it is still easy to fool most of the people most of the time. This album went platinum after all!!

  4.  Have people NEVER heard any records from the '60s??!!


    It's easy money if you can just re-hash sounds from the 60's and people fall for it. Amazing!! If you can sell this to the public then i'm gonna flog ma 8track, betamax tapes, platform shoes and other assorted crap.....Amy Winecellar has a lot to answer for. PLEASE discover some of the great sounds of the 60s. Trust me they are there and put derivitive nonsense like this in its place...I am now going to burn some incense to calm down. Peace to all.....

  5.  One bath's worth...!!!


    Liked the idea of these so bought them as a stocking filler for my 7 year old. His gran used them first for a bath....and that was it.! The Titanic is better at keeping water out than these.....sure they looked lovely for about 10 minutes. FULL of water and now about as useful as a kick in the nuts!!

  6.  Dark, atmospheric but bleak tale in c1900s London


    A good cast and excellent atmosphere of late Victorian London make this a dark but intriguing watch. Bale, Caine and Jackman are all excellent although if you are looking for a hero in this, then be aware that no character is particularly likeable. There are a few twists but you should be able to follow them and anticipate the outcome if you pay attention. Not as good as director Nolan's Memento but a good watch anyhow.

  7.  Insipid..!!


    Watched this on the back of O 11. This may be the worst film I have ever seen. A stellar cast. Well known and (usually) reliable director. How could it go so badly wrong??? The answer is lazy and incompetent writing. So desperate to get the movie delivered on the back of O 11 this feels rushed and inept. Apparently the stars had their tuppence worth of input into it, as did the studio and no-one seems to know where the movie wants to go. An attempt at a clever in-joke - Julia Roberts pretending to be Julia Roberts has got to be one of the most embarrassing moments in movie history. This is just Increeeeeeeeeedibly baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad..!! Avoid at all costs!

  8.  Truth is this book is neither 5 nor 1 star


    Dawkins controversial work is certainly worth a read. It is very interesting to note the grammatical and English errors of those who have reviewed and criticised the book in these pages. Quite deplorable! I think you can infer from that exactly what I did....
    Buy it, borrow it. Arguments are reasonably well put; anecdotal and secondary source evidence less convincing. Many points are pretty much irrefutable though as Dawkins (perhaps too aggressively?) tears down the petty assumptions and frankly cretinous drivel of religion. I suspect Dawkins smiled a little while writing this. I did while reading. Lets enjoy and look forward to the 'holy grail' of a secular future!! ha, ha.

  9.  Seminal rock album


    The only true 'Sisters' album, this is an excellent new package. The original tracks are still fresh, if a little dated. Standouts are 'nine while nine' and 'logic' featuring Eldritch's tortured vocals, tho' all tracks are excellent. The b-sides and bonus tracks are all worthwhile except 'on the wire' (total pish)which was the extra b-side of 'walk away.'
    The band were having serious personal issues during this album and the group imploded on the subsequent tour. Eldritch took some time to recover his equilibrium, and subsequent incarnations of the band never matched the raw power and angst of the earlier work.
    This album is a must buy. Essential. Mesmerising. Music for the end of time...

  10.  Decent 1 st album


    Saw this band at 'T' and then at the Barras in Glasgow. They were very tight and multi talented. Stand outs on the album are Hang me up to Dry, which almost broke them into the big time, and Hospital Beds; though the album is full of excellent tracks. Their previous EP's are decent but not as good as this 1st album. Thumping bass lines and heavy percussion belie the fact that these guys have done the rounds for a while in various other bands. This makes them slightly older 1st album debutants....but they are no worse for that....Once again tho' lack of image may see their success curtailed by the fickel public. Sad, but these are times we live in...