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  1.  Very good - but could and should have been better


    I'd agree with the other reviews regarding longevity etc - but this game is still very good. Graphics are superb and the movie clips portraying the story work well. There is a lack of variety in terms of the enemy (you're constantly killing stormtroopers or droids) and also with the levels, as you return to where you started in the final level.

    The game play is very much improved on the first game and there are some devastating combos. A much better defence system when you can deflects shots and incoming lightsabers. You can also literally dismember the enemy as well.
    It certainly flows better than the first and you don't have to go back 10mins to a check point if you die - something that was quite annoying in the first game, particularly on the harder difficulty.

    I completed this on medium difficulty in about 6 hours or so - I'd recommend starting on Hard - at least that way you'd have more of a challenge.

    If this game had a few more (non-repetive)levels, I think most people would have been satisfied. Even though I've completed it, as its a Star Wars game and is expertly written and designed - I think this will be a game I can pick up and play, but maybe not as much as I did with the first one.

  2.  Simply superb


    I watched this film on the weekend and after reading some mixed reviews, I didn't know what to expect. However, almost as soon as the film starts, it is utterly absorbing and keeps you guessing right to the end. I challenge anyone to completely guess or work out what is going on - and what is the point anyway? I agree with other reviews, the way the story plays out is gripping and at times makes you wonder what on earth is going on?! Looks superb on blu-ray which only adds to the tension. A must see.

  3.  Terrific


    Superb film - although a familar type of action thriller - I was on the edge of my seat. Highly rated - and probably should have bought it in blu ray instead....
    A must watch. Good action. Doesn't get much better.

  4.  Very good western


    Very good film - better than what I was expecting. The film grabs your attention almost immediately and is quite compelling for most of the film as you wonder why they are hunting Pierce Brosnan.

    Well acted, and a good script. Something sadly lacking from most modern films. The lack of CGI duly noted and appreciated...

    More films like this please...

  5.  Top tunes


    Great album. I'm not a die hard fan as I didn't recognise all of the tracks - obviously know the more mainstream stuff such as Firestarted etc...
    For a fiver you can't go wrong.

  6.  Could have been better....


    I've decided to edit my initial review. After watching this on Blu-ray, I found this far more enjoyable than when I previously watched it in the cinema. Script is still lacking in parts and the lack of 'Bond' music is a slight let down, but not a bad film in the main.

    Previous review:
    Reading other reviews, I agree with the Bourne comparisons... Rooftop chase at the beginning, fast camerawork, hotel room fight etc... It seems a lot of what felt original or different in Casino Royale was lost in this one - it felt like a mashup of many different films (including previous Bond films) rolled into one. Someone please tell me what was the point of Agent Fields... Bring back Michael Campbell indeed. Tough act to follow though after Casino Royale...
    Good start indeed but felt it petered out a bit. On to the next one...

  7.  Very good!


    Much slicker than GOW. I was surprised how long the game was in comparison to GOW. Gameplay is marginally better but I would have liked to have seen a bit more variety in game play and also level locations. New weaponry was good and being able to use the enemy as a shield but to be honest I didn't use this feature much.

    A good improvement but more variation would have been better.

  8.  Superb LCD and value for money


    Quite simply a superb tv. Did quite a bit of shopping around when it came to this tv and I am very happy with the purchase. I was concerned initally with possible sound issues as reviews I had read for other samsung lcd's seemed to illustrate a lack of quality of sound. Reading reviews for this lcd certainly helped me to make this purchase. I certainly have no complaints so far and agree with other positive comments. Picture and sound is also excellent when playing on my Xbox Elite. Great HDMI connectivity (3xHDMI) which is useful for when I make my next purchase of a Blu-ray/ HD-DVD player. Note: currently, this tv is £900 is other electrical shops! Also, thank you play.com for delivering this so quickly.