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  1.  Took me ages to choose to buy it, but i'm glad i did.


    I absolutely adore this revamp of the need for speed franchise.

    It took me ages to buy this game though because of the hugely mixed bag of reviews, but i got it cheap in the sales and i haven't looked back.

    First off, the graphics are truely remarkable, whether your car has pearlecent paint or a standard metallic sheen, the light hits them perfectly and reflects back a plethora of stunning effects. The tracks are very well detailed with the only real graphical drawback being the rather dissapointing damage system.

    Lots of people have countless opinions on the handling system, and to be honest, at first i didn't like it, but i spent 10 minutes fiddling with the driving controls, as changing how much you can steer and how quickly can vastly change your cornering, and to me, it changes the game. When i first picked it up it felt far to twitchy at high speeds yet somehow sluggish when hitting an apex, spending the time to tweak the controls (not individual cars downforce) fixed my issues and to me, has attained the second best car handling game i've played, second only to Gran Turismo.

    The game has a wide array of tracks to drive, which all have been mapped rather perfectly (i've drove alot of the tracks I.R.L.). Laguna Seca's corkscrew is as blind as it should be while sticking to paddock hill bend at Brands Hatch is superbly challenging. I honestly don't have a REAL bad point about the tracks, just that there can always be MORE.

    The new system of disorientation upon immpact is an interesting concept which is best experienced when set to sound AND visual effects. A slam will blur skew your vision all over while your ears ring with great realism. A tap will simply send a pulse of concentration to you, almost making you more aware of how close you are to an opponent, or a wall. At best, this new feature works great, but it does niggle every now and then, a tiny graze has blinded me for several seconds before, but thankfully this rarely happens.

    You may wonder why i'm giving 4 stars, and it's a simple as this: There are little niggles all over the game.

    For a start, I use the hardest difficulty and yet still find it to be quite often far too easy. I know i'm a good driver but i'm not doing it for a living so i can't be THAT good.

    On some tracks, the A.I. will launch off the grid, and turn full lock to get onto the racing line, instead of progressing straight, in a realistic way, thus leaving you to be able to pass all the opponents by the first corner.

    Applying decals to your car has been made tremendously irritating by not allowing you to have a fully controllable camera angle, this means your racing stripe down the centre will be skewed, mis aligned, or even the wrong colour, because no matter how hard you try you can't get that exact angle you need.

    Some of the paintwork options are just stupid. Manufacturers colour schemes cannot merely be switched to a different colour pair, the greatest example of which is the Bugatti Veyron. Everyone knows the iconic paint style of this car, yet, you cannot simply select your own two colour scheme for it, you'd have to fiddle endlessly with decals to get the desired effect, time i'd rather spend racing.

    All over though, this game is generally fantastic, and well worth a purchase. If like me you don't like the look of all these reviews, give it a rent to test the handling. If you end up with this game, you'll love it.

    Thanks for reading ALL of this.

  2.  Excellent for lazy people.


    The sound really is superb, however, for £1k, you can build your own set up for less, and achieve the same if not better sound. I paid for these, my buddy ended up paying £950 for his own bits and pieces for his set up, his is, admittedly better. But i'm lazy, so to all you people not so into what cable will work better with this or that, or if these speakers are better than those - This set is perfect, great sound, minimal effort.

    Getting them on the wall brackets was a wee bit too fiddly, but nothing an extra set of hands can't fix.

    For gamers - Got it all wired with my PS3 360 and Wii and they all have perfect soundreadouts with it.

  3.  Awesome - Rent it.


    I bought this today (release day) and completed it in under 3 hours. It's a great idea that has (largely) lived up to expectations. However, there are certain points of which to note:

    Every once in a while, Faith will simply not be able to do what you want, such as wallrun, turn jump fast enough. It sometimes seems a little unresponsive speedwise.
    The guns are generally not worth using, however on Hard mode, they are. Trust me.
    Faith will sometimes automatically choose where she wants to jump to, and more often than not, it's not the right place.
    A few times I glitched through the occasional fence etc. But not much on that front.
    The story is bland and predictable.

    Overall, Rent this game for the sheer thrill of leaping around a beautifully designed world, pulling off moves a ninja would be proud of and most of all, the extra dose of thrill if you run through it twice.

    That's the problem, it's a sprint game not a marathon. - Replay value is limited with no real unlockables, and online compromises only of leaderboards of fastest time trials.

    Great fun, but best to rent.

  4.  Apartments, Live on a community lot!


    Sims 2 apartment life. Pretty awesome expansion, shame it came out so late really! Ceilings, height ajustments on paintings on walls, living in apartments and witchcraft are all new features!

    I love living in the apartments, the whole idea of it was excellent, and the game works well, hire a crappy apartment, and bang on the wall of that noisy rocker neighbour to shut his crap music up!
    Every new aspect of the apartment life is great, whether it's the first days in, when you go around and introduce yourself to the fitties living next door, or if your getting yourself a new pal to come live with you. I do however feel you should have to know people you invite to be a roommate first, and only get say, one offer a day over the phone to meet the possible new roommate. You can of course ask a mate to move in as a roommate.

    Magic however, i was not so pleased with. I enjoyed making magic, but this... I don't really know. There's nothing to put my finger on, besides the fact you can't make gnomes run around your lawn or flamingos dance at your parties... It just seems alot more boring, and possibly more rushed by the development team.

    The game is still great overall, not too many new individual objects, but all the new objects there are are a great addition. Nice clothes for both genders too, even if the male adults look slightly camp, (lol)

    Buy and enjoy your new life. :D

  5.  Simply.... breathtaking...


    The most inspiring film i've watched in my short and colourful life. This film made me smile and cry at the end. Life lessons are hard learned and this is no more true than in the true story of Christopher McCandless.

    Every soul who has a soul needs to see this film, or forever lead a life of uninspired boredom.

  6.  One of the best car chases of all time


    This film is often forgotten, but not by me. This features one of the best ideas in the media world, a car chasing an elevated train. You'll of done a mission on a game where you do it, or you'll of seen it copied on another film. but this is the original. with a 15seconds or so of footage in real traffic.

    This clamps it down as one of my favourite ever films. a must see.

  7.  Broke my first set.


    I've ended up buying this box set twice as my first set got damaged due to overuse.

    3 of the best comedy films every have been rammed together in an ultracheap, ultra hilarious box set.

    Enjoy hours of brilliant gags for next to nothing. Do what I did and have a night with alcohol and friends and watch all 3.

  8.  Fool's fun


    Drebin's third chapter is again a must see.

    The humour is superbly placed, timed and it's somehow been caught on camera without every crew member being heard laughing.

    Purchase and treasure forever.

  9.  Second dosage of genius


    Lt Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) strikes again in this classic comedy film.

    Admittadely not as good as the first, 2 1/2 - Smell of Fear is still one of life's greatest hilarious movies.

    Great film that is a true must see.

  10.  Top5 ever made


    This film is honest, start to finish hilarity. Drebin (Nielssen) is such a marvellous character and it's a shame that Police Squad get's over-looked because of this film.

    I never stopped laughing and I've quoted it since I first saw it all those years back.

    "Like a midget at a urinal, I was gunna have to stay on my toes."