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  1.  Fun and Addictive€ Brawl forever!


    Every now and then, a game comes along that is entirely a must-have for every owner of the platforms it is released on. A couple of months ago GTA4 was released for PS3 and XBOX 360 and in the end of 2007 Nintendo marveled us with the release of Super Mario Galaxy. Now, less than six months later, that feat has been repeated with Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Super Smash Bros Brawl is an extremely fun game. Its simple controls and gameplay make it remarkably accessible to beginners yet still appealing to Smash Bros. veterans.

    Pick your favorite from 35 Nintendo star and knock them away! Smash Bros is addictive and challenging as it was on the N64 and GameCube. You can choose to play with four types of controllers: wii mote only, wii mote & nunchuk, classic controller, and the Gamecube controller. Although passersbys will think all four players are just banging on buttons; experienced gamers will know just how important each attack, feint and dodge really is.

    With the inclusion of mostly lag-free online play and the ability to share screenshots, custom levels, and game replays with friends, it offers an unparalleled multiplayer experience previously unseen on the Wii. All battle stages are a revival of Nintendo's most glorious games. Mix in all of the unlockable characters and the excessive number of collectible trophies and stickers to find. Brawl features an extensive quest which is packed with cutscenes. Watching Mario and your other heroes teaming up to beat back an invasion is a spectacle that just has to be see. The Subspace Emissary is an extensive single or 2 player adventure mode where players jump and brawl their way through enemy-packed side scrolling levels, watching incredible scenarios and battling gigantic bosses.

    Brawl's biggest addition is Wi-Fi Connection support. If you're brawling with friends off your Friend Code list, the experience should be generally clean and lag-free. Friends or strangers alike can be challenged online either in cooperative teams or as individual fighters. Believe me, the main problem regarding this game is that you sadly have to switch the game off at some time, so that your partner/ parents/ children would not feel miserable that you do not calculate them any more.

    Ultimately thanks to games such as this that people prefer Nintendo over Sony and Microsoft. The sights, the sounds, deep customization, breathless action, enjoyable Subspace Emissary... it's the Wii's perfect party (multiplayer) game and Nintendo's most extensive work that remind us of over 20 years of its glorious history. It's particularly impossible to find a Wii title that provides more value for money. Simply it is one of those few games (together with Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart & Zelda) that you should buy the Wii for. It is a sort of gaming experience that if its predecessors are any indication, people will be playing for years to come. Do not lose any more time reading reviews and watching game sites because everyone has the same idea... it is time to Brawl!

  2.  Stunning visuals and great action on the DS!


    Ninja Gaiden is a visual masterpiece. The graphics are one of the best ever seen on the DS. The background is 2D however the characters have 3D movement to render a visual illusion that works great. The scenarios are breathtaking but the best parts of the game are the huge boss battles.

    This game is played in bookform style like other games such as Brain Age and Hotel Dusk. Ninja Gaiden DS is played using the touch screen only and the buttons are not used at all. Slide the stylus around to make the Ninja move around the environment, similarly as in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Either by tapping or by sliding the stylus, the Ninja can perform several moves and kicks. I dare say that the touch screen control works well. However, I don't think the game makes the ultimate case for touch-screen limited control in action games. Platforming and jumping doesn't work that well with the stylus.

    The gameplot is interesting and the dialogues of the game help you to keep advancing in the game. The action is intense and almost non-stop and this is what the game is all about. For expert gamers, this game will keep you occupied for about 8 hours but there is a hard mode that will let you replay the game for a further challenge. Highly recommended!

  3. Okami


    Nintendo Wii

    6 New from  £12.99  Free delivery

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     Be like a God in this unique epic adventure


    Great story, puzzles, power-ups, collectables, weapons are waiting for you in this long enjoyable adventure on the Wii. These elements all combine into a completely engaging experience that may not be very challenging but the variety of gameplay and the stylish presentation adds depth to this game. You play as the goddess Amaterasu, a wolf who has been given the task to save the ancient Japanese world from a great evil before it consumes the peaceful landscapes before her. Okami's cel-shaded graphics that involve woodcut and colour paintings are beautiful. The story progresses through cinematic cut-scenes that effectively impersonate traditional Japanese culture.

    Amaterasu is capable of doing different things such as transforming the environment around her and make use of several weapons by using the celestial brush. The use of the Wii remote enhances the overall gaming experience. The celestial brush is controlled in a faster and more accurate way thanks to the wii mote and adds depth to battles and exploration. The celestial brush mechanics are so triumphantly implemented that these actually change the pace of the game, effectively speeding everything up and improving the gameplay over the PS2 version. It will take most expert players about 30 hours to complete Okami, though you'll probably be inclined to enjoy the experience and find all of the game's many secrets and treasures.The game can be played in 480p and 16:9 widescreen.

    Okami for Wii is the better than the PS2 version, but I did not give it a 5 star rating because of some remaining imperfections such as controlling issues. Control fails in some instances when using the nunchuk-mapped dodge move. Still, Okami's strengths on Wii far compensate any of its weaknesses. Okami is an amazingly beautiful adventure that simply must not be missed on Nintendo's console, particularly if you like Zelda type games. Personally I prefer Twilight Princess, but Okami is more than a worthy alternative. What are you waiting for? Buy this game NOW

  4.  Good fresh ideas in this RPG


    The World Ends With You is influenced by Japanese youth culture and introduces dual-screen combat to the DS. The experience is unlike anything I have ever played on the DS. This RPG boasts fast paced combat, item collecting, innovative gameplay, stylish design, great narrative and audiovisual presentation that hardly cannot impress you.

    The fresh setting presents Neku who is forced into an alternative Tokyo's fashionable Shibuya district controlled by players known as Reapers. These set you on missions with time limits. Fail to meet the requirements and you are dead. As you overcome missions you can continue to advance in the story. Its real-time combat system at first is difficult but is fresh and engaging and there are even some minor multiplayer options to boot. The depth in this RPG can be seen from luxury goods that enhance character abilities to food that can be digested for power-ups. You can enter boutiques and buy from there. Additional help can be gathered from shop assistants who can advice you on what you should upgrade or on key mission objectives.

    You can achieve special powers by collecting pin badges. These let you read minds, fire bullets, move objects and throw flames. It's up to you to choose how you assign these pins to which characters to get the best results. Both screens can be used for this game. When you get into a fight you can tap, drag and point on the lower screen with the stylus to fight enemies and move your character. While on the top screen, you input quick commands using the d-pad to do your moves.

    Once the single player story is completed, you can play any day of any chapter again and this adds extra good replay value. This allows the player to achieve pins and items they missed the first time around. The World Ends With You may get repetitive but it is truly rewarding. The dual screen combat further shows what the DS has been created for. This RPG is not only engaging, but actually brings something fresh to the genre. Note that it is Japanese style, so if you are into this genre this is a must buy. I am not a fan so that is why I did not give it a 5 star rating.

  5.  Best online and family game on the Wii!


    Mario kart Wii like it predecessors is a great family game as well as fun single player game.It is a classic Mario Kart game with some new things such as the use of motorcycles (as well as the karts), new items (thunderclouds, big mushroom etc.) and new boost techniques. In many tracks it feels like skateboarding and i assure you that it is extremely fun. The new improved arial movements and tricks thanks to the boost techniques have never been so fun!

    This game boasts a variety of controlling options because the classic controller and gamecube controller can be used to control your fav characters. Up to four players with whatever controller option(classic, GC, or wii mote) can play at the same time. Moreover a Wii wheel is included in the package which can be used extremely naturally for softer races in the 50cc mode but I prefer using the other controllers to improve direction in other difficult races such as those duirng the 150cc mode.
    There are 32 tracks to choose from, half of them brand new while the remaining half are older tracks from SNES, GBA, N64, Gamecube ann Nintendo DS. There are some new tracks such as Maple Treeway, Wario's mines and the new Rainbow road which are a joy to watch because of their splendid scenes and great graphics.

    Keep in mind that this is a cartoonish game since it brings out characters from the Mushroom kingdom and some others from the Nintendo franchise. In terms of playability and lasting appeal it reminds me of Mario Kart DS. It deserves a 5 star rating even though it may get a bit frustrating and difficult in 150cc races because you can get bombarded with shells often. However I am working my way to get a 1star rank in all tracks in the Mirror class, so I believe that it is not impossible as stated by previous reviewers. The online and offline multiplayer rocks and thats why i highly recommend this game. With Wi-Fi you can play against anyone you want either from your own continent or worldwide. Moreover, the online mode plays fine especially late at night when the server is not that busy.

    This is one of those few games that everyone will be playing for months to come because of its unlockables and addicitive online mode. A must have, and probably the best multiplayer (or family) game on the Wii to date!!

  6.  One of the best on the DS


    I strongly believe that Mario Kart is one of the best games of the DS, in competition with New Mario Bros and Zelda Phantom Hourglass.
    The main difference between Mario Kart and the others is that you would never be bored of playing it. I have been playing it for more than 16 months and everyday it is as if i am playing it for the first time.
    The game boasts wonderful tracks especially those new 16 tracks which show magnificent scenarios and landscapes. One can also choose to race in "Old" Mario Kart tracks already seen on the SNES, GBA, Nintendu 64 and Gamecube.
    THe game might be a bit easy since it is not hard to win the races but the different game modes and level difficulties might add up to this minor "problem".

    Graphics: 9.5
    Replay Value:10

    It is a must for every DS owner and it makes me proud to won a DS! Mario Kart DS is a gem in the palm of your hand

  7.  A must for all Zelda lovers and non..


    when i first started playing this game i got a bit confused. i played all the Zelda games before this and i left this one for last.
    Ocarina of Time is fantastic and there are plenty of reasons why this was rated best game of all time. Twilight Princess is very long quest, has very nice graphics and presents an adult Link. It was the best way to launch the Wii and "end" the era of the Gamecube.
    The windwaker presents a cartoonish style Zelda, but do not think that its only a kid's game. Everyone would enjoy the cell shaded Zelda and the graphics are wonderful for you get immersed in this adventure.
    THe combat system is really absorbing and some of the boss battles are really atmospheric. The game in itself is not that long, despite the enormous amount of time sailing from one place to another.
    However i think that this is an excellent RPG, you meet new people, or creatures, explore a variety of dungeons, searh for treasures and help other persons throughout this quest.

    Graphics: 8.5
    Replay value: 6

    As i have already stated, it is a must have for any Zelda fan, and for Non.