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  1.  Fecking Fantastic Father Ted!


    What an amazing show and a brilliant DVD - a must buy for any fan of the Craggy Island inhabitants! The DVD itself is also very good, the extras being a fasinating watch, especially the clips of Comic Relief... I'd definately recommend it to anyone!

  2.  As You Wish...


    This is a brilliant film, perfect for watching on a cold sunday afternoon what with its beautiful storyline and excellent script - and amazing cast! I would definately recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good film and loves a great male lead character!

  3.  The Leon King...


    Leon really does this record proud and puts a lot of emotion into singing it - it sounds brilliant!

    I am very happy that Leon won the X Factor as I think he deserved the opportunity to go forward and show the world what he can do which he has done so far with this brilliant debut single.

    I would definately recommend it to, not just Leon fans, but anyone out there, as it really is a beautiful song made even better by Leon.

  4.  Very Entertaining!


    An excellent piece of television drama that I really enjoyed for so many reasons. A brilliant storyline and wonderful actors - who could ask for more?

    Leading the drama is the very entertaining Stephen Fry, playing the solicitor Peter Kingdom with Karl Davies as his apprentice Lyle. Playing the role of secretary, Gloria, is Celia Imrie. Also, Hermione Norris (Cold Feet) appears as Peter's sister and Tony Slattery (Whose Line is it Anyway?) plays the disgustingly dirty but very loveable Mr Snell.

    Overall this is a show well worth watching and a DVD well worth buying. Trust me, you'll love it!

  5.  Simply... wow.


    I have to say, this is absoloutly brilliant, and that is no overstatement.
    Ray's vocals are always spot-on, and he really knows how to make a song his own! Each song on the album sounds like he really means what he is singing, and can make a song sound beautiful.

    This is a must buy for all you swing fans out there, and anyone else really! A exceptional album!

  6.  Once again, very good...


    Liked James Blunt's first album? Then this is the CD for you!

    This is a great follow-up cd to the man who gave us You're Beautiful - it contains catchy and meaningful tunes, which always makes a great combination! All the songs are brilliant, but take a while to get used to - although you'll be singing along soon enough!!

    You might not like to admit to it, but you know you want to buy this really, and I would definatly recommend it!

  7.  So catchy!!


    This is, in my opinion, Robbie's best album by far.

    Every song on here is catchy and brilliant to sing along to, especially Monsoon and Hot Fudge. Also, the last song on the album, Nan's Song, really gets to the heart as you can tell Robbie means exactly what he is saying. This may be quite an old CD, but it still has a great effect on anyone listening, as its impossible to not get up and dance and sing along. I have this album and on my Ipod, and I have to say it is probably on the Most Played list!

    Overall, an excellent CD, with songs you'll never be able to fet out of your head!

  8.  All the best songs on one CD...


    ...could you ask for more?!
    This CD has all the best songs from the Robster himself including the classic Angels and a bit more recent song Misunderstood.

    It is definatly one for Robbie fans eveywhere, and at this price, its a bargain! You'll find yourself singing along in no time! A five star buy!

  9.  Brilliant singer, brilliant lyrics


    James Blunt - someone you love but won't admit to loving.

    I think this album is one of the best for a very long time as it not only includes excellent singing from Mr Blunt himself, but also has emotion running through each and every song. This gives the feeling that he means every word he says, which is great to hear, much better than some singers these days who just sing the words but don't really mean them.

    Overall, I would say this is a great CD, definatly one worth listening to.

  10. Ta-Dah


    Scissor Sisters - CD

    21 New from  £1.97  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.13

     Very catchy


    Full of catchy and very memorable tunes, this Scissor Sisters CD is a must have for anyone really! Brilliant for parties or just cheering yourself up, it has all the best songs for doing just that including I Dont Feel Like Dancing and She's My Man. Also, if you're a fan of Doctor Who and have watched the 3rd series, I suggest you listen to track 3!!