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  1.  F430 Superb!


    The guy underneth summed it up perfectly. Best wheel on the market for the money, my mate has the Logitech G25 racing wheel and there aren't much differnces tbh. You miss the clutch & the six speed shifter box, but If you are into simulation racing games you don't need the clutch and box anyway, it's actually better because the pedals are further apart, that's a good becasue your feet dont touch each other.

    Amazing build quilaty, nice gear paddels & good tenchon in the brakes & throttle.

    Absolutely delighted with this wheel for half the cost of the G52 wheel.

  2.  Valve have done it again!!


    Those of you who play CSS will love this game, it plays and feels just like CSS & team fortress. The game is Very like the movie 28 days later, with zombies & monsters running at you. The game is totally hectic & unbelievably addictive. Valve defiantly has the best game engine for fps games.
    CSS is still one of the most played online games. This game has the potential to be better, please valve make a mod so we can play against other characters like CSS. Or just make CS2.

  3.  Dead Good!


    This game is unbelievably good. The graphics are superb, game play is good. Controls are a bit weird untill you get used to them been in 3rd person view. Probably would have been better in 1st person, but once you get used to it, no problem.

    I haven't played the game much, but I am really impressed, I have never played a game before that makes you think twice about entering a room, it really is that scary. The sounds, game play everything is so smooth.

    It's kind of like half-life just fight to survive with loads of new ideas. Well worth the purchase.

    What a game potentially game of the year.

  4.  Not cod4


    It's hard to assess this game; one person said you couldn't compare it to cod4? Erm what else do you compare it to? I personally think it's a good game, but cod4 has a better game engine, runs smother & the shooting seems to be more accurate.

    This game has pros and cons like every other game. The multiplayer maps are great, nice big open worlds, the sounds are not as good as cod4, game play not as good either and the one player is much better in cod4. I just feel this game seems to be more built for a consol & that they have gone a step back from cod4.

  5.  Best since 99


    I have always played UT, to be honest most of the other UT were average compared to 99, This UT is class it feels just like 99 same weapons, voice taunts etc. a few extra things like hover boards & tanks stuff like that. Graphics are very good, game play perfect, great fun over a lan or internet, great pings no problems. Loads of people seem to be complaining about it not working, if you have nvidia 7 series card there are problems, most common is avg, you might actually need to uninstall avg for it to work, also make sure you have up to date drivers. If you liked 99 you will not be let down by this.

  6.  Flawless


    When Far Cry was released in 04 it was miles ahead of its time & Crytek have done it again. Crysis is an alien invasion type game set in the year 2020 on a pacific island captured by Koreans & your special forces to investigate. You start the game & you are just blown away by the stunning graphics & effects, this is by a long way the best I've seen, Cod4, Bioshock not even close to what Crytek have achieved. This must be the first game I have played that I am looking about admiring the stunning graphics & not even caring about getting shot. The AI on this game is again miles ahead of any other shooter. I have never came across the same scenario yet, once you die & reload at a checkpoint its going to be different, this makes this game so much better, you can reach the end of the game (10 hours) & start again & of course its different thanks to some amazing AI.
    Play this on either dx9 or dx10 see its full potential on dx10 especially, be aware that you do need a tank of a pc to play this game at full graphics, but a 4.2 dual core 8800gts with 2g memory should play it on dx9 on high graphics but there is extra high & ultra. I've not really played the multiplayer yet so I can't really comment but I have been told its good. Don't waste anytime if you have a pc that can play this get it, It's the best shooter ever by along way.

  7.  Truly excelent game!


    This game is truly amazing, The graphics are stunning (best I've seen so far) & physics are superb at last you can shoot people through boxes, walls etc. this must be the start of next generation games. The only downfall is the single-player is shockingly short. If you are used to fps shooting games you will finish this game in 4 or 5 hours on the hardest level, the hardest level can be very frustrating & kind of takes the fun out of it.

    However the multiplayer more than makes up for the lack of game hours in the single-player, Play as British SAS & US Marine & enjoy the six different game types from deathmatch to the team oriented matches.

    The game play is very similar to cod2, so everyone who has played through all the call of duty games will no that this feels no different to the rest, so its easy to jump in & feel like you have been playing it for months. I must say that the game play still isn't as good as css or tf2 but well worth it if you play on-line games. If your looking to play just the single-player don't bother, buy bio shock or wait for Crysis.

    Its hard not to give this game 5/5 because its just an amazing leap forward in graphics & game play, but 4.5 hours just looses its ratings from me.

  8.  Very alike pro evo 6


    This game is just like pro evo 6 but with added extras, its still the best football game out there so if you liked the last pes you will love this, it plays similar but faster & more controllable & better AI, when you add all the small things up that they have done it just makes sense. If you don't think that's enough to justify buying it, it's worth it just to have all the right transfers for £17.99 you are getting the best football game. Excellent job Konami

  9.  Sooo much fun!!


    Well no need to talk about half life cause we all no it's the best game ever, TF2 its so much fun, ever since CSS I have been waiting for an online game that's just fun to take the seriousness away, now we have it, no matter what character you go its just great fun. Also the game play & graphics are just amazing, if you like CSS you will love TF2, finally an online game that can moves CSS to 2nd place don't miss out this package is well worth every penny.

  10.  Worth the money


    This game would have been up there with the best, but there are just too many bugs. I have an 8800gtx, at the time I bought this game I only had 1ghz of memory I have now upgraded to 2ghz & this has made the game more stable, but even still with the pc I have even on a hi resolution I expect it to run with out crashing, unfortunately this does not happen it still appears to slow down & get very poor fps in areas, this is why am giving it

    However this is still an amazing game, some of the graphics are spectacular, seeing each individual bale of grass swaying, gusts of wind that make the environment move as if you are actually there, great outdoor scenery loads of different ways to explore, gangs you can gain trust of. Even the shootouts seem very realistic, some good AI then really bad AI, eg. You can lead 10 guys into a hut, if you hide behind the door, they all look out the window, and this would not the case if people were really hunting you down with a gun. I must say if you do have a good pc this game is still worth the money £10 so don't be put of with all the bugs in this game, buy it and enjoy some stunning graphics, really good game play & loads of fun.