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  1.  VERY short


    if you're a mad halo supporter, I think you would be very dissapointed in this game, the campaign mode is very short, and for me not alot of hardcore battles. I also never got to fly a banshee!!!
    the graphics are truly amazing but I got really annoyed by the amount of cut scenes and slow-mo in game scenes. JUST LET ME PLAY THE GAME!!!
    Graphics = 9.5/10
    Campaign Mode = 6/10
    Cut scenes = 0/10!!

  2.  repetitive and...repetitive


    back and forth, back and forth. It's just like watching a game of tennis. Briefing of a mission is at one side of the mall and the destination is on the other. sigh...

    loads of usuable items though: nailguns, swords, even an umbrella!

    but i just wasn't pleased with this game. I was lead to believe i would be amazed. HUGE dissapointment.

    Buy it if your bored and like running around

  3.  Perfect


    For £18, you can't go wrong with Rainbow. The gameplay - especially online - is just brilliant and cannot be bettered by other First Person games.

    Single player offers a huge range of levels with a range of different numbers of enemies to kill. You are given two teammates to command, which is useful if you don't want to get into the thick of things first.

    With a range of weapons, Rainbow 6 is the ultimate in FPS and you won't go wrong with the money spent on it.

    The ONLY problems I found with the game is

    a) the grenade throwing - poor, not really life like throwing for such an otherwise good game

    b) the running - again poor, looks as if he is running in the air most of the time.

    Overall 9.5/10

  4.  Repetitive


    At the beginning, I couldn't stop playing this game. The graphics were amazing and sharp, training was fun and knocking someone out was brilliant.

    However, I felt this game was just too repetitive as I found an extremely easy way to knock out opponents in the 1st round. The game then became a 'just win the belts' feeling.

    Boxing fans - great game just to see the detail of boxers such as Ricky Hatton.

    Anyone else - I suppose it is worth the £18 just for a change of game and a quick kick