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  1.  good pack


    this is a good deal a 2nd controller and a top hame for 30 quid more. however if you have a hd tv spend more for a Xbox elite but this is not bad for what you will pay for it.

  2.  noveltys belong in a joke shop.


    the wii is not for a full on gamer FULL STOP. however... it is good for familys or partys but £180 for a party toy isent relly worthit. its a house hold novelty, like a dance matt or even a dvd player. if you are looking fowrd to mind blowing bioshock or halo grafix, an amazing fifa or pro evo and ofcorce grant theath auto save up for a ps3 or a Xbox 360 unless you love paper marrio. dont buy it after playing it one, it will bore you eventully. be warned

  3.  fun fast cheep


    this game is good with wepons which can change a race anyway. the traks are good and for the price its worthit, unless you want wipeout fusion

  4.  not gonna pre-order


    the demo is all right but i not as good as i feel it could be, i think this year pes has the edge over fifa but i wont pre order it yet. i want to know how good maneger mode will be this year.

  5.  not amazing


    i played the demo and it makes me think i acidently put in fifa 07. the grafix are a bit better but the controls ARRR they are trying to copy pes with the LB botton to change player, its annoying but still gonna at least rent it.

  6.  buy 12 get 1 free


    this is gr8, get a free month this works out £2.69sumin a month not bad since xbox live is so incred. and this just means 1 month more of xbox live with halo 3!

  7.  wipeout move out


    i played the demo of this game and the game play is gr8! the races are fun and courses are more entertaining as you fly up nd down aswell as side 2 side and straight, buy the demo then dicide for yourself but if your a wipeout fan, this game is for you!

  8.  never played halo?


    when i got halo 3 it was the first time i ever played a halo game and now i know why it has such an incred rep. its got a good life span and online play and if you suck at 1st person shooting games like me its still great as you can make it easy or hard. you wont put it down till the x box heats up. buy it you wont regret it.